Super Smash Quest - Season 3 - Characters - Aribar

Aribar Hunter

One-armed Jentainian Wizard - Protector of Whaller - Weilder of the unholy Sword of Darkness - Sworn Enemy of Locos

Themesong: Irwin on Reflection

First Appearance: Chapter 8: The Necklace

Age: 15

Rank: Maveric Quester (High-Level, allowed to roam)

Money: 4,770

Alignment: Chaotic Evil (Due to Sword of Darkness)



OOC Status: Longtime Player/Room Moderator

Moonlight's History

This elven blade has been in the elves of Whaller's treasure vaults for years. It was once a common weapon used among all in their military as a bane to their foes. An elven commander used to wield the blade against an assult of drow that plauged his countrymens' lands. Before the end of the war, however, the drow slew the user of the blade and their leader took the blade for his own.

Many years later Aribar and his fellow Protectors of Whaller helped a camp of elves that were under attack by the same group of drow that took the sword so long ago. During the fierce battle Aribar was seperated from his brother and tried to destroy his opponents with his weak magic. The small boy, barely ten at the time, soon ran out of the stamina needed to work the arcane abilities needed to keep him alive in this combat. His luck only turned worse when the boy encountered an extremly dangerous opponent; the leader of this group of drow. Aribar was losing ground every second but was able to block all the drow's attacks. Unfortunatly the acidic touch from the stolen sword the drow used eventually weakened Aribar's small sword to the point that another blow to it may break the blade.

As a desperate attempt to live to see another day the small half-elf dodged an incoming thrust and into range to finally attack his deadly foe. Aribar thrust the blade through the leather armor that the drow was wearing and right into the gut of his foe. Aribar's sword snapped as he tried to pull it out and the drow leader stumbled backwards before falling to the ground. With angry dark elves closing in Aribar grabbed the closest weapon he could; the corrosive short sword. The half-elf barely lived through that night. When he was presented to the leader of the elven camp after their victory he was allowed to keep the blade as a gift for helping them win the battle. Aribar decided that he would name the blade Moonlight and has wielded this poisonous blade since.

Aribar's History

Aribar Hunter is a half-elven wizard coming from a future world called Whaller or 'Second Earth'. When the elf was young he and his parents were kidnapped by the Venco Thieves, a division of the sinister Thieves' Guild that plauged the lands. Thanks to his brother, Zeni, and a mysterious stranger known as 'Mr. Monster' Aribar and his parents were saved. Several years later the same Mr. Monster started up a group to protect Whaller from the thieves on the same isle Aribar was kidnapped to; Venco Isle. For three years Aribar, Zeni, and Mr. Monster served as the Protectors of Whaller. Near the birthday of the Protectors of Whaller orginization Aribar was setting up a teleportation spell in his back yard. The young elf wanted to travel down to the exotic Port City to find some trinkets or some item to buy as gifts for Zeni and Mr. Monster in the city of very diverse cultures. He began to start chanting the arcane incantations to initiate the spell when Zeni appeared from the back door of the house.

"Hey, bro," the warrior began, "What are you..." Zeni never got to finish his sentance. Aribar looked up with horror clearly marked on his face as the young mage lost control of his own teleportation spell. In a bright flash of light he was torn from his own place in history through time and space. After what seemed like an enternity and a day to the elf he was thrown to the forest floor in some foreign world.

Aribar slowly got up and looked around at his surroundings. He was on the edge of a forest. Ahead of him in a vast field was a colossal building towering higher than anything was the Super Smash Stadium. The elf began to try and think of the situation he was in. He had no spell book, no weapons, and no food or water. Deciding that he wouldn't last long out in the wild Aribar began towards the stadium and hoped its occupants were friendly.

Aribar entered the great doors of the stadium and stared in awe at the statues in the lobby depicting unknown heros to him. All around him Toads, Hylians, and even some walking turtles stepped around the awe-struck elf to continue forward. Then Aribar felt a slight intrusion in his mind as, unknown to him at the time, Mewtwo attempted to communicate to this new arrival using telepathy. The phychic cat managed to guide Aribar up to the Big Room of the Stadium. Once inside Aribar was even more stunned than before at the technology in just this room. It was more than he has ever seen in his life! In front of him was Mewtwo and the legendary Wolfman, the leader of the Questers. The elf told them both how he had managed to come here and wondered if they could help him find a way home. Unfortunatly neither of them could. Wolfman and Mewtwo did offer to allow him to join the Quester team until he managed to find a way to travel back to Whaller. Aribar thanked them but then realized that he had no means of helping the team.

"I do not have my spellbook nor my sword. How can I be of use to a team of fighters when I have no way to fight?" The half-elf asked.

"Simple." Replied Wolfman. "This Fighter Remote in my hand can allow you to emulate some of our Melee Fighter's moves. You may have seen statues of them in the lobby. Are you sure you wish to become a Quester? Yes? Okay. Be prepared for a shocking experiance, Mr. Hunter." Wolfman was right. The reploid pressed a button as a beam of light zapped Aribar and caused the elf's hair to stand on end as well as make him yelp. His problems were solved by this Fighter Remote though. Aribar gained severl moves. Samus's Screw Attack, Sheik's Chain Whip, the Ice Climber's Blizzards, and Roy's Double Edged Dance. Using these abilities combined with his arcane talents he proved to be a promising Quester.

Aribar's career was a little bumpy. His curiosity of this new and strange world had him breaking into other Quester's rooms. Many of them wanted him kicked off the team. Their wishes were answered as Mewtwo kicked him out of the stadium and set up a barrier to stop him from ever coming back. The elf tried to last in this new world but couldn't make it. Deciding that the fright of not knowing when his next meal may be or where was the next place he would sleep the elf traveled back to the Super Smash Stadium. He pleaded with Mewtwo to let him back in. A council was held to determine whether or not to allow him back into the group. Just then there was trouble. Aribar was temporarily allowed back in until they came back from the mission. When they all returned the decision was made. . . . It was a tie! The Ice Climbers were divided in their decision weather or not to allow Aribar to be a Quester again. Then Mewtwo said that if Aribar agreed to be good he would be able to be allowed back on the team. The elf happily said yes to this and stayed out of everyone's way for the next few weeks so he wouldn't get into trouble.

After Aribar's temporary ban things went well for the Quester. He gained new moves, his famous being Wood Blast Barrage, and was quickly becoming one of the strongest Questers. It seemed like nothing could go wrong with his career until one horrible day. It was a normal mission just like any other. Unfortunatly they encountered Gannondorf. Before the Questers could do anything to stop him the Gerudo warlock transformed into his piggish counterpart, Gannon. Determined to stop this evil creature before it harmed the other Questers Aribar leaped into the air and yelled a battlecry as he brought his shortsword down to strike Gannon. Before the elf could even connect his sword to the beast's hide Gannon brought his dual-swords up and sliced Aribar. The half-elf few back and hit the stone wall. Aribar quickly recovered from the blow but at first didn't know the reason for the other Questers' look of horror. Aribar quickly realized the dreadful fact: Gannon cut of Aribar's right arm!

Aribar was forced to cope with the fact he was now only one-armed. If it wasn't for the fact that a deep and burning rage filled Aribar's soul and just enhanced his need for revenge he might not have survived from the pain and damage done to him. Several missions later Aribar was able to extract his revenge. In the mission that is now called Aribar's Oddysee the half-elf was much stronger than what he was when his arm was cut off not so long ago. The group of Questers fought their way to the top of the castle where they met Bowser and Gannondorf. Raged burned deep in Aribar, Lemmy, and Iggy. All three of them managed to transform themselves using the legendary Trance. Bowser and Gannondorf mimiced them by changing into their alternate forms too: Giga Bowser and Gannon. A barrier was brought up seperating the Giga Bowser and Gannon fights. Iggy and Lemmy made quick work of their father. Aribar was determined to make Gannon pay for what he did and decided to attempt to hack off Gannon's right arm as well. Unfortunatly both opponents escaped before any real damage was done to them.

A while after the epic adventure known as Aribar's Oddysee the Questers caught a cold. It wasn't a normal one either. A virus called 'Slytox' froze the stadium and sapped the Questers of their strength. The virus also slowly made the Questers forget every single melee move they learned. Before the Questers could even get some bed rest to get rid of this dreadfull illness danager struck. Dr. Wily, Bowser, and Gannondorf all decided to attack the stadium at the same time. Aribar and his fellow Questers went out to attempt to do battle and easily failed in their weakened state. They would have all surely died if it was not for the courage of one Alys Brangwin. The hunter picked up her slasher and somehow unleashed her most powerful attack towards Dr. Wily's saucer: Death! The boomerang sank into the machine and caused a huge explosion. All three foes blasted away hopefully never to be seen again.

Eventually the Questers were able to recover from the experiance and rebuilt the stadium. Season One of the Questers' story was over and Season Two was beginning. The Questers were slowly but surely gaining back their powers and--with the help of a weaponsmith who managed to find them!--buy weapons to replace those they might have lost. Soon after they rebuilt the stadium the Questers found the Sword of Darkness. It tempted quite a few Questers but none succeeded. Aribar was drawn strongest to it. The elf was drawn to its dark powers without even touching the sword once! Soon afterwards they took the Sword of Darkness to Death Mountain to destroy it with the holy fires within. Unfortunatly this feat failed to work. The Sword of Darkness was not even phased by the fires. To make it worse Zio, the Black Magician, captured the unholy blade!

For several months nothing worthy enough of being recorded happened to Aribar. All that happened in this time period was that the elf managed to upgrade his weapons and spells a bit. One day after the dawn of the new year that changed. The Questers needed to head to Zora's Domain for their fifty-fifth mission. Once there King Zora looked straight at Aribar and declared that he was the thief who stole their Spiritual Gem. This outraged Aribar! He wasn't a thief! In fact he dedicated his life back on Whaller to destroying those theiving pests! The elf wasted his breath complaining to deaf ears as they were all hauled into the Domain's dungeons. The elf's trial was held outside in Zora's Fountain. The trial proved only one fact: The king was a fact! 'King Zora' transformed into a clone of Aribar and fought the Questers only to be quickly beaten up. Before any deathblows could be thrown the clone teleported away. They still needed to find the king before going home, though. Tuna, a Zora assistant to the king, lead them underneath Zora's Domain to search for the tubby leader. After going through a short maze in the caverns they actually managed to find the King! He thanked the Questers and healed them all, but for some reason it had a funny effect on Tuna.

The zora assistant transformed into Meier Link! The evil vampire sent the Questers down a trap hole in the floor to a tiled area. Water began to come up through the cracks between the tiles. All of the Questers soon realized that all of these tiles were floating on water and. . . Some creature was coming up from beneath them! It was quickly identified as Morpha II. The battle ended quickly and Meier Link hopped down to join the Questers. Deciding to end the Questers once and for all Meier challenged them to a fight. It was their Quester's only choice. Meier Link started off by grabbing Aribar and teleporting off to a corner. Aribar tried to escape the iron hold on him but couldn't. The elf felt a sharp pain in his neck as two fangs penetrated his skin and sucked his last bit of life out of him. All of the Questers were enraged by this and begin to head towards Meier. Surprisingly the vampire threw a 1-up Shroom at Aribar who was quickly revived. All was not well, though. The elf's skin was nearly white and his hands fingers morphed into a claw-like state. Aribar picked up his fallen shortsword and hissed at the Questers showing them he had fangs! Possesed by Meier Link the pair of vampires fought the Questers but quickly lost the battle. Aribar quickly lost consiousness after the defeat of Meier Link but woke up just a few moments later. He still was a vampire! All of the Questers were at least slightly disturbed over the former-elf's new appearance and one quickly contacted Mewtwo to secure a warp out of there.

Once back at the Stadium they all wondered what to do with Aribar. He now had all of the weaknesses and strengths of a vampire. This meant he was quite weak against fire, water, sunlight, and many other things. Professor Oak managed to come up with a device that would allow Aribar to get rid of a few weaknesses at the cost of a few weeks out of commission. Choosing to rid his weaknesses of Water and Light the vampire stepped into the capsule after saying his goodbyes to the Questers. They wouldn't see him again until January 18. On that day the Questers encircled his capsule and awaited for the door to open. It soon did and Aribar stepped out looking more fiendish than before.

Aribar yawned and said, "Hey guys! Did I miss anything?" Despite his longer fangs, paler skin and hair, and evil colored eyes it was the same old Aribar. Trouble soon spawned as it always did. Zio left behind a vampiric foe at the Hylian village at the foot of Death Mountain. Being the only one impervious to a vampire bite Aribar was forced to go and save the civilians there. After beating a few Goombas and Stalfos bearing 'Quester Hunter' marks on them the vampire-elf set foot inside the Skultulla House with the help of some deadly chickens. Once inside the mage discovered the vampire who he was sent to destroy. This vampire was named Kraigan. He offered Aribar to join the Quester Hunters where Kraigan guarenteed he would not be turned upon unlike back with the Questers. This was Aribar first and probably last time he resisted from losing himself and turning away from the path of light. Kraigan quickly vanished and left another vampire with extremly weak hypnotic abilities, Marcus, to dispose of Aribar. The vampire would have succeeded if it hadn't been for the fact Aribar could suck blood from the endless waves of Goombas coming at him. After defeating his opponent the vampire-elf gained the power to weakly charm people.

After the fall of the Quester Hunters everyone was given time to relax before the next evil came to shadow the lands. During that time Aribar worked day and night to try and find a cure to his condition. Eventually Aribar found and made a potion that would completly restore him from his vampiric form. The elf was finally back to normal again and just in time for the invasion of Smithy! Unfortunatly the potion had the side effect of erasing all his knowledge of spells as well. The elf considered it a small price to pay to no longer be a vampire, though.

With Smithy's appearance Fallen Questers surfaced as well. Skyhigh, Ruvyn, Digifanatic and more reappeared to take on the Questers. Near the beginning of their appearance Sky High decided to visit the Questers. They easily beat him into submission and looted the body. Aribar managed to find a rather expensive Cube, a Dark Cube. Of course dark stuff if bad but Aribar never seems to learn. Aribar secretly smuggled the cube off of Skyhigh and nervously tried to leave the room. Unfortunatly the cube began to take over Aribar's mind and a dark aura radiated from him causing him to stab Pat, something almost everyone wants to do. Eventually the cube was seperated from Aribar and he returned to normal. Mad that the others thought he could not control this darkness Aribar snuck into Oak's lab where the cube was being held. He stole it after most, but not all, of the mind-controlling goo was scrapped off and quickly ran back to his room where he kept, but not used, it.

Later on in a city of technology several questers encountered a figure that gave them each one wish. Aribar decided that his current weapon, the Mage Masher, wasn't as strong as one legendary weapon he left behind. The elf asked for his old shortsword, Moonlight, to be teleported to him. His wishes were granted and Aribar now wields the poisoned blade. After coming home from that mission he spent several days and nights writing a new spell in his book of magic: Dancing Blades. With this spell he could temporarily animate Moonlight or any other unused weapon to attack an enemy. Aribar thought this spell would prove quite useful to himself because of his disability to only be able to wield a single weapon.

Thus Season Two of Aribar's career as a Quester came to an end. The elf's story in the next season turned even darker as an old evil tempted him with powers beyond Aribar's wildest imaginations.

Aribar and Deloth were called to duty one fine autumn day. Wolfman's brother, Shawn, seemed to have crashlanded in the Magnetic Wastelands near the top of Nintendus. Using their MTAs the two got there quickly and landed in an eerie scene. All around them were dead, twisted trees. Both of them quickly continued forward and eventually found the ship and a creature called Girderman. The huge metallic figure demanded that if they wanted to pass into the ship they would have to give him a metal object each. Aribar reluctantly gave up his Mage Masher not knowing it would soon be replaced. Once inside the ship both of them saw Ruvyn with the Sword of Darkness! Aribar, being the sneaky elf that he was, crept up behind the unsuspecting Fallen Quester and screamed a greeting in his ear. Ruvyn was startled by this but battle soon followed. Near the end of the fight an unholy aura of darkness surrounded Aribar and the unconsious Ruvyn.

The Sword of Darkness communicated with Aribar. It offered him unlimited power! To rule the world! Unlimited knowledge and power! The elf resisted at first and slashed away at the darkness but in the end he gave into darkness. After accepting the sword it disquised itself as the Sword of Light. Ruvyn, free of the hold from the Sword of Darkness, thanked the two Questers for breaking the spell and continued onwards. They eventually found Shawn and went back to the stadium were trouble followed them.

Aribar accidentally leaked the secret that he had the Sword of Darkness to Gibby. The blue kirby soon gathered some Questers and found a magical frying pan with a sticky note on the back for communication. They went to Aribar's room and tried to make him come out but in the end they had to break down his door. The Sword of Darkness darted into the sky attempting to make Aribar flee by flying to Metal Sonic's base. Yurie and Gibby caught onto Aribar's leg and pleaded with him to stop this. The elf mentally communicated with his demonic sword and asked it to allow him to talk to the other Questers. The Sword allowed it and they all dropped onto the ground. A small fight and words were exchanged and more Questers were slowly appearing and rallying against Aribar. In the end the Sword teleported Aribar to an unknown location.

After being teleported away from the threat of the Questers Aribar looked around and asked the Sword of Darkness were they were. It replied that they were in Dark World at Robotnik's base. The robotic engineer welcomed both the sword and Aribar into his base where he implanted thoughts of conquering the world into Aribar's head. Deciding that his first place to conquer would be the Kokiri Forest Robotnik ordered his Egg Robots to invade the forest and it was soon under Aribar's control. The elf now seeks to completly conquer Hyrule and then the rest of Nintendus to 'purify' it all.

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