Super Smash Quest - Season 3 - Characters - Charles L. Magellean

Charles L. Magellean

aka “Locos Docos”

Unpredictable Guy/Questionable Quester/ Former Moon Resident/Military Leader Extraordinaire

(Some just say he’s “Simply Loco”)

Theme song: Surface of the Moon

First Appearance: Chapter 24: A Handy Fight

Age: 20? (Lifetime of Human-Lunarian breeds are unknown)

Rank: Maveric Quester

Money: Runs a militaristic empire; doesn’t need, or want to, keep track of a personal budget (Though keeps a stash…just in case)

Alignment:  Chaotic



OOC Status: Longtime Player/co-GM

Charles Magellean: born on the moon and raised by his parents who are human and Lunarian, who are the people of the moon that was of the planet called Earth. It was a futuristic race of peace, but not a utopia, for it had crimes, corruption, and political lawyers.  Yet all prejudices, hatreds, grudges, etc., minus one kind of group, were put aside when a certain day came where all would celebrate the realms’ harmony and that all races and individuals are one.

Yet one powerful Lunarian psychic, Zemus, saw otherwise and claiming that only he should rule.  He waged war with a few powerful allies against the Lunarians and the Earthers. Eventually, some Lunarians were forced to use a last ditch effort, thus sending everyone to go into a deep slumber that would last many a year.  Luckily, and at the same time being unfortunate, Charles was away on vacation, when he heard of the news. He rushed back only to see almost nothing but one building, being “dormant”, remaining.  He set out for a new world.

When he was young, he was able to visit Earth and be with other humans.  With them, he would dream of illusions of imaginary lands, characters, villains, and plots, including plumbers, races with pointed ears, and teams that flew through space.  But what a surprise he would receive sometime in the future.

Years after the Moon War, he had traveled space looking for a new home.  Eventually, he had decided to live upon a planet that was similar to Earth, although with less oceans.  He soon realized, one week upon his arrival, it was named “Nintendus” and had many a race, country, etc that came from the dreams he had on Earth, although they were able to interact with each other and have other troubles.  Soon, he stumbled upon the Super Smash Stadium, Wolfman the leader, and the rest.  This is when he adopted the name “Locos Docos,” for the way he was able to say unorthodox things at the wrong times, annoy his allies, especially an elf named Aribar Hunter, Mewtwo, citizens, and occasionally enemies, unintentional or otherwise.

He also had an unusual tendency to go on vacations at times.  And each time he returned there was a new threat; such as the vampiric Quester Hunters. His latest return was when Smithy (aka Kajidoh) returned and attempted to rule the Mushroom Kingdom again. Known to only Wolfman, Mewtwo, and Klumsy, he acted as a double agent, spying on Smithy who thought Locos was working with him and spying on the Questers.

During this time, his roots started to kick in and wanted to experience new activities, foods, beverages, etc.  Unfortunately this came at a price, as he drank poison that he thought was coffee.  He had no more control, and chased after Aribar and Professor Oak for no reason.  This led to a showdown between Locos and the Questers, which he believed they were bounty hunters.  Here, he revealed his true identity and a fight occurred between him, his ability to summon Machine Mades, and the good people. The skirmish caused him to run away to Saturn Valley, where the Questers found out Charles had a hold of his own Doomship.  They had later escaped after being captured, but he vowed this wouldn’t be the last that he would encounter them.

Being of Lunarian descent, he had natural skills at commanding his three armies: the Machine Mades, the Koopa Troop, and many Eggrobos, which were grouped in the base of an office-like building 99 stories tall called Magellean Tower, which was surrounded by an army field (which had fencing, bunkers and the sort).  He eventually repaired the Halberd and Egg Carrier I, and called in recruits that consisted of Meta Knight, who is now the general of the Halberd, Bowser, his advisor Ricky, and among others.

When Smithy was defeated, the poison had worn off, the Heartless had escaped to parts unknown, and the X-Zone shielding deactivated.  He had wondered what had happened to him, pondered about the future of whether to leave for the Questers and let this empire run rampant across the lands or not, and decided to stay.  Shortly after, he begin to be the center of attacks caused by a newly rebuilt Metal Sonic, the advanced Quester Hunters from very long ago, Robotnik, and a rogue Aribar, with his own forces of zombies and Eggrobos, who was controlled by the Dark Sword.

It was also at this time that the Magellean Military would begin to expand.  Smithy had been reborn, although not at full power.  At this desperate time, the remainder of the Smithy Gang had become an army of Charles, beckoning to his commands.  A few days later, Charles went joyriding and at the same time looking to place a bigger fortress.  Upon his arrival in the Realm of the Heavens, he stumbled upon Glower Tower, where he was greeted by 100 boos, and their leader, an unknown being with a bed sheet over him and a party hat on his head.  His true name a mystery, he has a serious grudge against Mario, and the power to take on the form of anyone he chooses.  Soon, “Sbu” (or Bubs backwards minus the first “b”) took on the form of a younger Aribar, which has then sworn a painful death on “Sbu” (aka “Erwin”) and Charles, and joined with the others known as the “Bootastic Boo Brigade.”  Later, the Space Pirates would want revenge on the Quester Hunters, and have allied with the military.

Charles has been through a lot, from being the last Lunarian to remain animate, to becoming a Quester, to being a leader of one session, and to meeting with someone who he has had a certain eye on since Smithy invaded.  He is also in a conundrum: being forced to lead and oversee a giant army, and being attacked for no reason, or leave and allow the military to run rampant throughout the planet and perhaps even others.

“Such is the life for Charles L. Magellean.............”