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The Only Guy In SSQ That Shows Interest In Digimon Anymore -- One Of The Few To Be Banned Twice But Has Matured (Relatively) -- Currently The Youngest Quester -- Once Called "Skyhigh Junior" For His Annoyances

Themesong: Never cared to have a personal theme.

First Appearance: Mission 17: Dreaming Nightmares

Age: 14

Rank: Standard Quester

Money: About 4,000

Alignment: Neutral Good



OOC Status: Dice holder for RPGs run by fellow SSQers, and just a standard person who's willing to comment about certain concepts that can be added to the RP.

Bio (Includes IRL Stuff)

Amongst all the Questers currently, Digi certainly has one of the more rocky histories in SSQ, if not the most rocky. He joined the RP in June 2002, less than 2 months after turning twelve years old, and not a whole lot more than that since SSQ started; quite a young age for himself to be in such a community. At first, he got along with some of his fellow Questers as friends, and even surprised SSQ by upsetting Master and Crazy Hand in "A Handy Fight" (Mission 24).

However, at some time between "Handy Fight" and the end of Season 1 was when things started to go downhill. Even though he did make appearances to be on missions most of the time, many of the Questers ridiculed him of his annoying humor, even though he never used swear words or racial slurs (Digi still has a clean mouth nowadays), but instead just took him as a person who acted too much like a royal pain in the butt, initiating his nickname "Skyhigh Junior". It was also around this time where Digi's relations with Klumsy Koopa got to be a matter of not if Digi was going to be banned, but when. He did get banned around early spring of 2003.

In the summer of '03, Digi was still active in other RPs ran by other Questers (including Metal's Meh RPG and Roy_'s Video Game RPG), but to SSQ, he was still looking at locked doors without windows, when Metal gave him a second chance, but not without Klumsy still there. At that time, Digi still didn't learn what he was doing wrong. It only took about a month to a month and a half before he got banned...again. This time, he left IRC, period. This should have been the end of the story.

However, in the middle of September, Digi would be pardoned again. In seemingly the midst of a usual day, he got an IM that was originally supposed to be sent to Gujin saying that Metal had lifted bans at SSQ (and that Klumsy had left), and theoretically, Digi was able to come back a second time, under what was the d20 system for SSQ with the Armor and Cubes and other stuff. It might be hard to believe, but so far, the third time's been the charm so far for Digi, who's now tended to be a lot more mature and serious than before, and that he hasn't tried to intentionally joke around.

But for him, he considers the great thing about coming back is that he's got reacquainted with many of his old partners in the biz, such as Metal, Gibby, and Sour, but also met up with people he hadn't seen before, like Yurie and Garrick--they've all become friends. As for the Digi from the older days, he's pretty much gone for now.