Super Smash Quest - Season 3 - Characters - Dr. Ivan Robotnik

Ivan Robotnik

Mysterious Scientist - Creator of SIMBER

Themesong: Mystery

First Appearance: Chapter 100: Masters of Madness

Age: 63

IQ: 450

Money: Unknown

Alignment: Lawful Uknown



OOC Status: Mysterious Guy

Dr. Ivan Robotnik, Uncle of Dr. Ivo robotnik and son of Dr. Gerald Robotnik, is highly mysterious. He has been hiding his face from the world for years, and is highly intelligent. Dr. Ivo has taken credit for some of his inventions, including Metal Sonic and the Modular Transport and Attack Vehicle (MTAV). This person hides under a variety of pretenses, including 'Master'. He is responsible for many of the artificial replica lands that mirror those on Saga. It is unknown what purpose they serve in his plan. He was, earlier, trying to open the temple of Order with the help of Wolfman, but it was soon discovered that opening the temples would let loose some ancient demon.

He created the SIMBER system, which was meant to do what the temple did, only without ancient demon problems. Unfortunately, all he did was create his own ancient demon. He shut it down, but E. Gadd turned it on while he wasn't paying attention. With his creation out of control, he just hid while it caused havoc. However, now that it is good again, he seems to be acting strange... several people claim that he is helping the Void!

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