Super Smash Quest - Season 3 - Characters - E. Gadd

E. Gadd

Elderly Scientist - SIMBER Enthusiast

Themesong: E. Gadd's Laboratory

First Appearance: Chapter 115: SIMBER Silliness

Age: 85

Inventions: 36

Money: Assumed to be wealthy.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral



OOC Status: New NPC

E. Gadd is a genius. He's been defeating otherwise invulnerable ghosts with vacuum cleaners, inventing cubes that can cause serious pain, and... well, he's done bad things too. He's widely known for selling his inventions to both good AND bad. Wherever one of those things appear, watch out! They're deadly. A single paintbrush managed to graffiti an entire island. A water cannon managed to clean it up. A vacuum cleaner basically sucked in an entirely ghastly mansion of ghosts!

His cubes appear to have lost popularity, but it is easily assured that the amazing E. Gadd will not be stopped. He probably has more inventions up his sleeve. That, and... maybe he'll sell the cubes to the enemy? One must hope they aren't, or else it could lead to bad results.

It is this person's misguided want to help SIMBER that created today's situation. By activating it, he allowed an uncontrolled A.I. with massive computation control access to Nintendus. While he's still smarting from the accidental destruction he caused and how SIMBER attacked him, he's now known as a good guy to most. Those with grudges might find him annoying, though.

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