Super Smash Quest - Season 3 - Characters - E Li Three

E Li Three

Crazy Desert Hologram | Precursor to SIMBER


First Appearance: Chapter 76: Mental Metal Temple, Part II: Bananas of Wrath

Age: Unknown. Speculated to date back to Nintendus's creation.

Location: Dry Dry Desert - Temple of Metal

Money: He's got it all!

Alignment: Lawful Good



OOC Status: The Protector of Forbidden Items

This weirdo lives in a temple. A temple made of metal. Out in the desert. All alone. He's crazy.

Anyone he meets, he subjects them to countless tests. If they actually want something, it takes at least 10 years just to wander through his random and crazy mazes. He's also a computer virus, one that predates actual biological viruses...

While he may allow you to get items of extreme power... he usually makes you pay for it exponentially in comparison to the effort it would take to get the item yourself. Just recently, though, it has surfaced that he was an ancient program which SIMBER was patterned after. He was meant to protect SIMBER and prevent it from going evil, but was disconnected when E. Gadd hacked into the controls and loaded SIMBER without his permission. Now that SIMBER is in the right hands, he is once again vigilantly keeping it safe, 24/7.