Super Smash Quest - Season 3 - Characters - Dr. Ivo Robotnik aka Bob

Dr. Ivo Robotnik aka "Bob"

Crazed Scientist Hologram

Themesong: E.G.G.M.A.N. (The link is a midi)

First Appearance: Chapter 65: Bob, Lord of Electric Death

Age: 30 (Estimated)

IQ: 300

Money: Ivo, being a greedy man, has about 100,000 coins in his treasury.

Alignment: Lawful Evil



OOC Status: Random Plot Person

Dr. Ivo Robotnik, more commonly referred to as 'Eggman', has always been an unusual person. He doesn't just bring in stray animals... he turns them into killer robots! Always too crazy to be accepted by the mainstream scientific community back on Saga, Robotnik strived to take over the world and show them who's the boss. His exploits include building an orbital space station of death and threatening Saga with it... though he never succeeded. This station, the 'Death Egg', was an easy target for the anthromorphic animals of Saga, and was always shot down. Later, he unleashed a great monster, known as 'Chaos.' This water-based monster was a great weapon--but too powerful to control. It is responsible for the destruction of the Egg Carrier 2, and Station Square. After Sonic cleaned that mess up, Robotnik thought he might as well try again. The insane man decided to release his Grandfather's secret weapon: Project Shadow. Unfortunately, that TOO got out of hand, and soon, he even had to HELP the good guys to save the world.

After that, everything went down hill. Metal Sonic, his own creation, locked him away and then went on to mimic Eggman. His attempt to destroy the Questers with a computer program went awry and transformed into a computer virus. It looked much like Eggman, but was a complete idiot, and for some weird reason, electrical oriented. Ivo recently has also been upstaged by not only Questers, but the Quester Hunters, his Uncle, and even Metal Sonic, yet again! His anger is incomprehensible. His genius is going to waste as all of these less intelligent beings are pushing him around. In order to get his vengeance, he helped the Questers save the world yet again. However... he then boarded the Quester Hunter satellite, and set it to fire on Quester HQ...

It was perfect... except that the Questers had destroyed the Divine Sin Cannon beforehand. While the apparent deaths of Aribar and Razor were satisfying for Robotnik, he had to have more. He had to destroy everything. And so, he went to his perfect city... Robotnikland! This crazed technological robot city was built atop the remains of Smithy's old empire. Here, he built a super-secret weapon to show all of those other villians who was the true genius! The nature and specification of this weapon is top-secret, but it won't be for long. It is powered by the 7 Stars, stolen from Star Road by Smithy, then stolen before he could use them by Quester Hunters, then given to Ivo.

Using his computers, he managed to hijack Smithy's satellite and threaten Nintendus. He blasted Toad Town to smithereens and carved his face into Death Mountain. Then, he tried to destroy the Questers... but his Aribar Armada was too weak. So, he went to destroy them himself, using his state-of-the-art mecha. ...One of the Aribars betrayed him and unleashed Metal Sonic on him. Completely defeated... he said 'Program Terminated' and dissappeared into the floor?

It turned out he was an evil hologram concocted by The Void using memories from Metal Sonic and Dr. Ivan Robotnik's memories of him. The real Ivo was elsewhere... while SIMBER deactivated the hologram, it was launched into Phendrana Ocean. It may live again in the wrong hands.

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