Super Smash Quest - Season 3 - Characters - Garrick Fy'arr

Garrick Fy'aar

Special Ops Unit: Black Falcon Commander, Expert Shot, Combat Specialist

Themesong: Garrick is an Eskimo? | Metal Gear Part 2 | Metal Gear Part 1

First Appearance: Chapter 61: Chaos Unleashed Part II: Smithy's Invasion

Age: 28

Rank: Veteran Quester

Money: 1100

Alignment: Lawful Good



OOC Status: That guy over there who does stuff.


Garrick Fy`aar is most likely the most normal looking person of the Questers. Whereas some are one-armed magicians or marshmellow knights, Garrick is as normal a person can be. Standing a 6'2, 215 lbs, Garrick has shortly chopped dark brown hair, blue eyes, and usually a face full of day old stubble. He is usually seen in black combat boots, long and slightly tattered fatique style pants, a black t-shirt, and a rather worn bombers jacket. A pair of tarnished metal dogtags hang around his neck.

Garrick usually keeps to himself unless he's addressed. No one knows much about him thanks to the simple fact that no one has asked him. He just showed up one day, asked to join, and was immedately given membership. While many of the other Questers think that Garrick is pretty much a crazy man that likes to fight, Garrick's personality is much deeper. It's just that no one has taken the time to talk to him.

Editor's note (Dec 2017): It's safe to say after 10+ years of attempting to find that deeper personality, none was ever found during his time in SSQ.


Garrick just came along and joined. End of story.

Editor's note (Dec 2017): Ah, if only it was that simple... when I make a proper accounting for his history I'll link it here.

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