Super Smash Quest - Season 3 - Characters - Gibby


Loved by all...especially Aribar.

Themesong: The Safety Dance

First Appearance: Chapter 45: Trouble At Home

Age: 27

Rank: Warrior

Money: Yeah, he has money.

Alignment: Questers--meaning good!



OOC Status: Active Player

Gibby first started out as a brave knight named Sir Gibbs-a-lot. He served his kingdom and his king (both of which are unknown). One day, Gibby confronted an evil sorcerer who transformed him into a Kirby version of himself. Upset at this, he killed the sorcerer, but forgot that it was only the sorcerer who could transform him back. When the king found out, he banished Sir Gibbs-a-lot from his kingdom, insulted that a marshmallow was his best knight. With nowhere to go, Gibbs-a-lot found that a group of fighters known as "Super Smash Questers" needed more people. He applied and changed his name to just "Gibby". Gibby is now fighting the forces of evil alongside the Questers, and he must find a cure that will transform him back to his former self. The question is...what will cure him?

Editor's Note (December 2017): Ironically, Gibby never wanted to be cured, so even when that was an option later on, he never took it.

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