Super Smash Quest - Season 3 - Characters - Metal Man

Metal Man

Head of the Questers

Themesong: DevilsLab Acid

First Appearance: Chapter 24: A Handy Fight

Age: 43 (Approximate)

Rank: President

Money: Constantly broke, never keeps a penny he earns for long.

Alignment: Chaotic Good



OOC Status: Longtime Player/GM

Hailing from a far-off planet and far away dimension, Metal has never had any others remotely similar to him on Nintendus. Known for telling tales of the old days and fighting enemies with strange attacks, he's a jack of all trades. His metal armor makes him especially resillient, and he is rarely defeated in combat. A hand-picked leader, back in the day he had almost no competitors for the esteemed role as president. His true history is... very strange. He was a native of a planet named 'Neo-Earth' in the year 2600. The original Earth had been destroyed by a comet, and the human race had fled to Alpha Centauri. It was all the rage to add cybernetic enhancements, back then. Metal was no stranger to them. Metal had worked for an group of environmental scientists, who sought to discover why this 'Neo-Earth' they had found had perfect living conditions, but no native life.

It was easily discovered after venturing to a volcano. A being named Tridus ambushed the party, killing all but Metal with a blade of unbelievable power. Metal, known as Kain back then, fought back, using his dual silver pistols. However, the silver bullets were no match for this blade made of 'Technomian.' He managed to give the bizarre being a scar, nothing else. After valiantly fighting the beast, Metal was cornered on the brim around the volcano. Tridus was about to destroy him with the strongest fire attack ever seen. It had instantly incinerated his comrades. However, Metal had thought of a crazy escape. He ran straight into the attack, then grabbed Tridus, and flung him into the volcano.

It worked. Despite seriously burning and damaging most of Metal's body, Tridus had been killed upon hitting the magma. That cursed sword sunk to the depths, never to be seen again... however, Metal's body was heavily damaged. He blacked out, only to awake three months later. His spine had been broken, and a lot of his muscles had been burnt. However, thanks to miraculous cybernetics, he came back from the dead swinging. His reflexes, agility, and even mind was empowered to levels beyond normal human intelligence.

This would become a problem as time advanced. He studied Tridus, based upon his own eye witness account. Tridus was known as one of the 'Faarlo', ancient ghosts of a lost civilization. They roamed Neo-Earth, destroying scientific research teams. Something was being held secret... and he just had to find out exactly what it was. He got some equipment, and headed out to the volcano.

It was there he found an ancient door, locked by a spell stronger than most technology. However... Metal simply blasted a hole next to it. So much for that. Inside was a low-ceiling and a stone walkway. It was an unseen entrance to the volcano. Upon entering, he saw a machine, floating over the magma. Geothermal energy powered it. Many signs written in the runes told him to turn back... but he couldn't read them. He ran towards it, dodging spike traps, poison darts, flamethrowers, spike pits, land mines, and even 100 ton tiles falling out of the ceiling!

He had reached the machine. He began to furiously take notes, and even open it up a little. He had learned a lot from those scientists. Thinking about them made him sad... but he did this in their memory. He found a control panel, and began fiddling with it. Then.. he dropped a pencil on it by accident. Several buttons were triggered. The machine began to fill with energy...

And suddenly, Tridus reappeared, looking dazed. He fell flat on his face after being warped back into existance. His eyes were heavy from his death, and he could still taste the brimstone. He got up, and the first thing he saw was... Metal. His killer. An intruder. Even worse, he had violated the ancient laws, proclaiming that the Teleboxes were evil and must be banned. But there he was, completely violated...

Metal offered his hand. "Uhhh... nice to see you again." Tridus took it, and then realized his killer had changed. A lot. His face was hidden by an ominous mask of... Technomian? Impossible!

Tridus got up, outraged. "You have intruded a sacred temple! Even worse, you've triggered our forbidden telebox! Begone!"

Metal shook his head, and then said "But I saved your life... aren't you thankful?"

Tridus punched the mask, even though it did nothing but hurt his hand. "Are you a fool? That box could have killed us all! One wrong button... and this planet would have become a huge black hole!" Tridus then leaned back... hitting the buttons. The area shook, and an ancient alarm went off.

Something yelled a strange message in an unlistenable language.

Metal, eyes wide, pointed at Tridus. "What have you done? We're all going to die!"

Tridus facepalmed, then turned to the machine. He frantically typed at the console... but the lead from the pencil had jammed one button. "It figures... the planet will be warped to an unknown dimension. It is likely everything will be destroyed. We only have enough time to save ourselves!" The box came alive again. "I have no time to set the coordinates... we won't even appear in the same dimension... but it's all we got!"

Metal sollemnly nodded, as energy overflowed from the volcano, and the ground shook. Tridus ran into the teleporter. Metal then shook his head. "What have I done?" He walked into the teleporter, leaving both his enemy and his planet behind. Where they went has not been found.

Metal, both confused and changed subtly by the teleporter, landed through the ceiling of a strange building. He got up, and saw a fierce Wolf cyborg facing him He got up, brushed some glass off, then said "Pardon my landing." Metal realized something was different... he felt as if this place was always his home, and even the destruction of his present life was not a problem. The Wolf-cyborg stood up, rather dazed by Metal's sudden appearance.

Wolfman, he was called. He said "Welcome to the headquarters of the Questers. I am Wolfman, their leader. I welcome you to our organization..." Wolfman trailed on about saving the stadium, and about the payment. Metal, desperate for something to take his mind off of his past, joined up quickly. He was initiated using the legendary fighter remote, and gained some moves that today have no consequence. Little did he know what would happen soon after that. He had a move desirable to a Red Boba-Fett clone named Skyhigh. This person was known for doing bad deeds and being mischevious, but Metal did not care. They traded the moves with little problem... especially since Skyhgh had taken some aspirin to reduce the pain of being shocked. Then, everything went wrong. Sky didn't learn the new move, because the aspirin blocked it.. and thus, they had to go to Saturn Valley and make it right. A mission made essentially to torture Skyhigh followed; Metal wandered away from the party after defeating a Farmer Zombie.

It was here he found Smithy... not knowing his evil, he accepted a deal in which he would report everything that happened to him after the end of each mission. In exchange, Smithy would make sure Metal would not die during missions.

This deal worked very well. Metal didn't die once, despite many hazards in the next mission. Many battles with monsters in the arctic, and even an evil pizzaman couldn't kill Metal. After a short vacation, Metal helped the Questers investigate the Dark World of Dome city... and also ate part of a Dry Bones for no good reason. Of course, he would later have trouble with Giga Bowser and Ganon, who managed to kill him TWICE. Thus giving him a game over. While he recovered, Smithy went behind his back and allied with Phantom, who then killed off an entire city worth of civillians. For some weird reason, this city is STILL empty to this day. The Questers destroyed Phantom, but Smithy continued on in the background. Anyway, after that, Metal redoubled his effort, and he became one of the strongest Questers.

In the future, Metal would be reunited with Tridus, through a transformer. However, both transformer and Tridus dissappeared in the explosive aftermath of the Quester Hunter's headquarters explosion. ...With this went Metal's original moves.

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