Super Smash Quest - Season 3 - Characters - Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic

Officer of the System

Themesong: What I'm Made of... (Sonic Heroes Soundtrack) | Metallic Madness: Past

First Appearance: Chapter 77: Razor vs. Metal Sonic

Age: 10

SIMBER Rank: Security Officer

Money: He uses SIMBER-related funds.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral



OOC Status: Repositioned Plot Thing.

Metal Sonic is a threat to everything. In his first appearance, he completely defeated Razor, the strongest Quester. Later, he clashed with the Questers in Robotnik's tower. After that, he was rebuilt and reprogrammed by a great scientist... Ivan Robotnik. Unlike his younger relative, Ivan was more about making machines that acted like living beings. It was thus that a new, even more deadly Metal Sonic was deployed to destroy the Melee Moves and take the emeralds.

Unfortunately, he was superceded as Locos gave emeralds to this Ivan. Immediately, he and his 14 companions were ordered destroyed. However, there was a chance to escape... he broke into Quester HQ and warped himself to Saga, where he would be free of Ivan's commands. There, he planned to intercept the Questers.

He succeeded in finding them, with the help of the late Orlando Florida. They both hid in a newly teleported temple, high above Saga's surface. There, they would use ancient magics to trap the Questers. The Region Ship the Questers were on was easily caught, but it wasn't without a fight.

The Questers blew away all defenses on this temple, rapidly proceeding through traps and locked doors alike. Once they got to the top, they met Orlando. After a short fight, Orlando was almost dead. But, then, Metal Sonic came. On Orlando's order, he emprisoned Yurie in an electric prison, zapped her dead, and took the staff. The now empowered Orlando began charging his ultimate attack: Megamagic. Meanwhile, Metal Sonic blew up parts of the temple. However, Yurie went into Trance mode. Ironically, Yurie didn't do much damage until Razor had softened up Metal Sonic. Even then, Metal Sonic fought back, using deadly lightning and cheap tricks. However, an all-powerful No-Moment reduced him to 1%. With his last energy, he became one with the Megamagic, making it ultimately powerful.

Orlando threw the attack, but it went terribly wrong. Orlando was immolated by a pillar of flame. Metal Sonic, beyond all chances of repair, dissappeared...

Only to reappear later. He went around copying people. The first time was when he defeated Locos with his own body. The second time, he copied Zero, but got beaten up. He also has Ivo Robotnik's true form copied. However, he is now good. He serves SIMBER, the system which he was sent to the world of Nintendus to protect and server. He and his clones are authorized to terminate anyone who violates the system's safety. He is now rather helpful, but still somewhat mysterious.

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