Super Smash Quest - Season 3 - Characters - Professor Oak

Professor Oak

Pokèmon Expert.

Themesong: Oak's Theme

First Appearance: Chapter 3: The New Generation

Age: 60

Job: Pokèmon Expert, Inventor.

Money: He's doing pretty well off of what's left of the trillion coins.

Alignment: Lawful Good



OOC Status: Supporting Player

Professor Oak was one of the more interesting choices for the stadium staff. He was hired based upon a relatively high IQ, enthusiasm for building new machines, and his ability to handle pokèmon. Once he was hired, he and Wolfman created the fighter remote. This super-weapon still packs a punch today, and it is rumored to be almost ready to be used again.

A little bit later, he researched the rare and powerful melee move necklaces that Ganondorf and Bowser had been using to dominate the people who attacked them. He discovered their ability to 'give' moves, and reverse engineered it so that he could acquire new melee moves from new fighters any time. This new weapon, the 'Move Giver', was only used about five times. With it, the moves of Poo, Geno, Mack, Simon, and Vulcan Joe were obtained. After that, it was sealed away; melee moves had gone out of fasion.

Oak continued his research, and realized the power of the Quester's newest weapon: cubes. They were made by E. Gadd, who lived always in remote and dangerous areas. By examining these cubes, Oak found a strange sub-ability implanted in them. If you could regulate the output of power precisely, and then concentrate it through a diamond, you would have a weapon of awesome power.

Coincidentally, Aribar loaned Oak a rather... valuable cube. The Professor quickly ran to sell it, knowing the Questers wouldn't understand until much later... like with the rest of his inventions. He sold the cube, and built his machine. Metal Sonic was coming towards headquarters, about to kill everyone. This was go time. Oak quickly got out, handed the machine to Aribar, and watched Aribar blast the machine into a million pieces.

Unfortunately, cubes also went out of style. Oak is currently working on a special device that allows for three different types of attacks: The old Melee Moves, Cubes, and self-developed Melee Moves! His invention, however, will take some time. Synthesizing the fighter remote with cubes and the individual parts of melee moves will take work. But, the unstoppable Professor Oak will continue his research until it is ready.

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