Super Smash Quest - Season 3 - Characters - Ragamuffin

Gerard "Ragamuffin" Angorn

Mysterious Bandit

Themesong: Behind the Rising Moon

First Appearance: N/A (Needs to be introed)

Age: 26

Rank: Normal Quester

Money: 1600

Alignment: Chaotic Good



OOC Status: Needs to be intro'd.

Born in Hyrule castle, Gerard Angorn was, at an early age, put in the care of one of the knights of hyrule castle (as a squire). By age 17, he was a full fledged member of the Royal Guard, but was demoted after an intruder (Link) was allowed to sneak into into the royal quarters. After that incident, he lost standing in the eyes of his commander, and was later (falsely) accused of theft of a large amount of the Royal treasury. After a short trial, he was exiled from the castle (fortunately, since it was taken over by Ganondorf shortly after that). Being without a home, Gerard resorted to banditry (by need, not by choice) and has gathered a large amount of noteriety in Hyrule. However, this does not mean that he is below helping those who are themselves in need. Gerard Was last sighted in the Lost Woods, where he fell into a mysterious portal...

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