Super Smash Quest - Season 3 - Characters - Razor


Chaotic Quester

Themesong: Mercenaries Mecharok | Air Force One Crash Site (Midi Background)

First Appearance: Chapter 61: The Iron Conqueror Returns

Age: Unknown, appears to be in mid-twenties

Rank: Maverick Quester - High Rank, allowed to roam

Money: Not much left, because he blew it all upgrading his combat potential.

Alignment: Chaotic Good



OOC Status: Part-time GM, Idea-giver, System-hole Finder, Owner of Roll, Player, and Hobo

Razor's History

Razor doesn't talk much about his past. He's done a lot of things he's not proud of. In his home realm, he was the result of a supersoldier experiment. The corporation that created him never survived to see him awaken, as they were destroyed by the very alien race they had cooperated with in his creation. He would come to surpass the wildest dreams of both sides.

His awakening was brutal. He was thrust right into combat. The society had degenerated to such a point that arena combat and bloody deathmatches were considered wholesome entertainment. Anyone could join, and they often fought at 'real-world' locations. They just so happened to have picked the condemned labs of the destroyed corporation. The ones in which he slept. He did all he knew how to do upon awakening: fight. He wiped out the competition and quickly became a favorite in the arenas...but this wasn't enough for him.

He'd later leave the arena to become a mercenary, a soldier of fortune. He amassed a great deal of wealth, but he still wasn't satisfied. His true rest could only come when he uncovered his past. The journey would be long and perilous, and in his search for a past, he returned to the homeworld of that same alien race which had destroyed his creators. Here, he discovered the Stone of Chaos, one of the Three Stones, ancient relics of this race said to mark their wielders as Gods. The God of Light, the God of Darkness, and the God of Chaos. These three created the Triumvirate.

This planet, long ago, had been nearly destroyed during a great civil war when a desperate Emperor Kerng activated a superweapon of great power, only to have it backfire. The planet was doomed, and would soon shake itself apart. The people turned to Razor and his 'brother,' the God of Light, Sinim, to save the planet from certain annihilation. Legends foretold that when the Stone of Chaos, the Gem of Light, and the Crystal of Darkness were placed in an altar in the Temple of the Three Suns, the world would be reborn. One person stood in their way...Razor's other 'brother,' Daishi, the God of Darkness. He took the three stones into himself, transforming into a massive demonic creature, but after a long and grueling battle, the brothers defeated him and reclaimed the stones.

However...the journey was not over. Upon placing the three stones in the altar, their power opened up a tear in timespace, which sent the two hurtling back into the distant past...and the purpose would soon become obvious. The two had to prevent Kerng from ever activating that superweapon in the first place. They became embroiled in the Civil War and became legendary figures in the history of the world. They defeated Kerng and destroyed his superweapon...which was fueled by the old versions of the Three Stones. To do this, however, they had to destroy the Fourth Stone, the Pearl of Order. The destruction of this created massive rips in the fabric of space, and Razor and his brother Sinim were separated.

Razor has since been dumped out on Nintendus during his travels through time and space. He lost the Stone of Chaos during this jump, and during his search to recover it, came upon the Questers. Ever-ready to fight for righteousness...and make a few extra bucks...the 'God of Chaos' joined them. His great speed and agility, power, and flight capabilities made him an invaluable addition to the team. After the defeat of the machines, however, Razor disappeared without a trace. He was only to return later to save Aribar from the wrath of Metal Sonic, once more in posession of the Stone of Chaos and Chaoverge, the Chaos Blade. He returned with the reluctant Wizard to Quester HQ, only to find the other Questers away. So, when duty called, it was up to the two maverick Questers to step up...

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