Super Smash Quest - Season 3 - Characters - Tridus

Tridus Lazarus Theo

Fragment of the Past

Themesong: Three Black Noises (Sonic Adventure 2 Event) | In the Darkness Depths

First Appearance: Chapter 59: Monstro Town Melee

Age: 50,000

Life-Form Type: Unknown

Money: He posesses a couple coins here or there.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil



OOC Status: Metal's Lost Doubler Clone

Tridus is a brooding, dark person. His true past is a mystery. All that is known is that the being named Metal encountered, fought, and defeated this person. Much later, he accidentally revived Tridus, who 'accidentally' doomed the planet by setting off a dimensional teleporter. The truth is, he wanted to destroy everything. His own civilization was destroyed by these intruders. They came and built buildings, misused their facilities, and then destroyed them with their own dimensional teleporter. Tridus was one of the few who came back as ghosts, bent on destroying them all.

Metal saved his life... forcing Tridus to help him. He later escaped in the aftermath of the Quester Hunters' defeat. It was then, that his plan began. He would... destroy Nintendus, using the warp machines they had sacrilegiously copied from Tridus' civilization. He needed his sword back, as well as... the Heartless. He moved mercilessly, destroying all who got in his way with ancient magic of darkness. He found his sword in none other than Death Mountain.

There, he met... something else. ...The Void. A creature of infinite darkness. Undaunted by his curses and threats, Tridus ventured deep into his maze, looking for his sword. The sword that would destroy Nintendus, as he would say. ...But his current fate is unknown.

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