Super Smash Quest - Season 3 - Characters - Wolfman


Former Leader of the Questers

Themesong: Ancient Legends

First Appearance: Chapter 2: The Twenty-Five

Age: ???

Rank: Ex-President

Money: Quoting a previous bio... 'Lots and lots of it.'

Alignment: Lawful Good



OOC Status: Original Player MIA - Being GM controlled

After a long time of being mind-controlled by the one named 'Sha'fol', he has finally been released. And it appears madness and confusion have been unable to change him. He is still trustworthy, tough, and armed with all of the melee moves. Wolfman has always been the quirky type, but is put to shame by Metal's all-out weirdness. He also enjoys testing out the latest electronic devices... but is secretly dismayed that they aren't as weird as they used to be.

Wolfman's career is long and simple. He created the Questers in order to defend his Melee Stadium from invaders. He created the fighter remote, which gives ordinary people from across the universe fighting powers. He defended the stadium against many foes, with the help of the Questers. Then, after a bout with Slytock, and the defeat of the Quester Hunters, he was posessed by Sha'fol. While posessed, he made up that he had gone Maverick and that the Questers were just a reality show. Then, he ran off, and began his plans... only to be freed by Razor, who handed him the remote. From then on, Wolfman pledged to protect the stadium. What will the future hold?