Super Smash Quest - Season 3 - Characters - Yurie


Captain of the Questers

Themesong: Eres Des Points

First Appearance: Chapter 61: The Iron Conqueror Returns

Age: 27

Rank: Captain / Field Officer

Money: Plenty. Yurie likes to save her coins.

Alignment: Neutral Good



OOC Status: GM/Player/Creative Assistant

The only female Quester in the group, Yurie Ginsei d'Rakateur originally hailed from the planet of Saga, which Smithy invaded prior to his arrival to Nintendus. Intending to defeat Smithy and save her planet, Yurie followed the mechanical madman to Nintendus and, incidentally, joined up with the Questers. She soon became the de facto field leader of the Questers when on missions, due to her intellect and her quick thinking, in comparison to some of the others lack of the above.

In Chapter 80, her efforts came full circle as the Questers finally defeated Smithy. However, Nintendus was still in danger from Robotniks doomsday machine, which was hidden inside the X-Zone. Believeing she had little to lose, Yurie lept into the X-Zone and allowed the others to get clear. She managed to destroy the machine and its power source, the Master Emerald, with what is now known as a Meteor Finale, the Exaclibur Legacy. However, the ensuing distruction blinded one of her eyes as she was blown free from the X-Zone.

Now with one eye and an eye patch, Yurie continues to lead the Questers, especcially now that they've crossed over to Saga.

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