Super Smash Quest: Infinity - Characters - Drakell Monster

Drakell Monster

Key Stats
Move Rate4 TP
Resist Points2


At first glance, Drakell appears to be some sort grim monster from a faerie tale. While humanoid in shape, dark blue scales cover his body and a draconic head with a rigid brow and sharp, bony lines. He has reptilian, yellow eyes and a lined series of horn-like protrusions running from his forehead down to the back of his neck. The well-muscled warrior is impressively built and stands nearly seven feet tall and wears scale mail made of some bronze-colored material over his torso. Light plate armor covers his arms and legs, but nothing covers his clawed hands.

Drakell often has a stoic expression on his face and only amusement or disappointment breaks his neutral demeanor. He carries himself proudly and is almost always vigilant and ready for some sort of action. In combat the Whallerian is fierce and terrifying foe. Drakell uses his immense strength to overpower his opponents, especially when wielding the massive great swords which he favors. In addition to his physical prowess, he can call upon icy magic to give himself a cold edge in combat, along with summoning other arcane powers.


The Trulander, one who hails from the continent of Truland on the world known as Whaller, offers little about his past. He used to be a Quester, but that was long ago. He worked as a Protector of Whaller and served someone known as King Erwin, but the specifics don't seem to be known to many outside of Whaller. The warrior has worked together with the Quester known as Aribar Hunter for a very long time, but it appears as if the two of them have had a falling out.

A few days after the Questers defeated Ael on Nintendus, Drakell showed up at the stadium with just the armor on his back and his own great sword. Apparently intent on rejoining the Questers, he was displeased to learn what had happened to them. However, learning about the Brawlers and the upcoming tournaments, this mighty warrior decided to stick around to sate his need for combat.

Not implemented yet
Racualk (Extra, L1)
Requirements: Melee 2
Extra: Charge

Gigas Mail (Impermeability, L1)
Requirements: Will 2
Soak: 5%

Inventory Slots: 3
Coins (1125)
Eggman Sandwich (3)
Restores half of the user's max health (60).
Gigas Slash (5 TP)
Target: One Close
Accuracy: Melee + 2 [5]
Damage: Melee * 6 [18, 19 Racualk]
+More Accurate 1
+More Damage

Blizzard Crash (3 TP)
Target: One Close
Accuracy: Melee [3]
Damage: Will * 2 [6, 7 Racualk] Ice
Effect: User moves up one position category. If used while already flanking or behind the target, it leaves the user's back exposed.
=Element, Ice
-Less Damage 1

Shadow's Rage (3 TP)
Target: One Close
Effect: User gains 1 Melee for 1 round.
+Status Effect, Nega-Status
+Status Effect, Unstable 1
-Less Damage 2

White Air (4 TP)
Target: One Close
Accuracy: Melee [3]
Damage: Will * 2 [6] Ice
Effect: Target starts with 1 less TP on their next turn and suffers -1 to all their attack rolls for one round.
=Element, Ice
-Less Damage 1