Super Smash Quest: Infinity - Characters - Emmitt


Key Stats
Move Rate4 TP
Resist Points1


This kitsune has three tails, and yellow fur. His underbelly is a cream color, not to be confused of the pure white color of his right forearm and tail-tips. His left forearm and from the knees down on his legs is black. His right ear is completely black, and his left ear-tip is black. Like all self respecting kitsune, Emmitt wears clothes, these clothes in particular are a black tubetop with a pink rose on it, a black miniskirt with a pink trim at the bottom, and pink thigh-length fuzzy stockings with matching arm warmers.


In the world of kitsune there is a pecking order. On top are the kitsune who were born with the full standard set of nine tails, either through some sort of divine intervention or miracle. On the bottom of this social hierarchy are the kitsune who were either born with only one or a couple tails, have somehow ascended into the kitsune realm, or have been leached of their power. However, for these unlucky souls, there is a form of redemption. A kitsune can through EXPerience gain more power and with that power gain respect among the nine tailed kitsune. Emmitt is one of the aforementioned kitsune born with only one tail. He managed to gain two more tails and some power, but, him being in the kistune realm, where time does not matter, it took him a couple hundred years of traveling the realm to gain that power. He eventually started looking to other worlds, worlds that would give him EXPerience, either through battle or helping the natives. Through some sort of psychic manipulation, bait, charm, or just luck, he discovered an odd word, the main Nation being Nintendus. Emmitt gathered everything he needed: His clothes, a couple of "special" weapons, and some local herbs. Emmitt then started the transportation ritual. But little is known about the outside worlds, They can be observed through certain magic, but cannot be interacted with. The reason for this anomaly is unknown. Therefore, attempting to open a bridge between the kitsune realm and another world is forbidden. It was not unheard of for a kitsune to simply dissappear, presumably to another world, but alas, none had been heard of again. But back to our story: Emmitt was preparing the ritual, and he successfully crated a bridge between the two worlds. When he transported over, as he started getting farther away from his homeworld he started feeling faint, like the power was being sapped out of him. When he reached the other world, the bridge closed behind him, leaving him lying out in the open, gasping for breath, his power sapped to that of a newborn. His weapons experienced a similar effect: Their enchantments were drained of power, leaving them little more than mundane items.

Not implemented yet
Fuzzy pink thigh length stockings with matching leg warmers. - These is a really neat set of clothes, it grants +1 to dodge. It used to add hovering and subsonic travel capabilities, but of course, getting your enchantments sapped can have the effect of them not being there anymore.

Mind bow - This bow really does make looks kill. The ammo is forged from the user's Willpower when the user draws back the string. The forged arrows have a special "Shard" function that make the arrows explode on contact, riddling the person with shards and causing them to bleed. The more accurate the initial shot, the more damage this function will do. (Overpower+Bleeding) However, if the user can summon up nothing but fond feelings for the person the bow is aimed it, it will instead, inflict some damage and wipe clean all status effects (No-status, +5 damage). The bow used to shoot homemade pipe bombs filled with nails and hydrochloric acid. As well as firing syringes filled with Wunder FluidĀ©. The fluid basically reversed any damage whatsoever.
Lay Hands - Emmitt lays hands on someone or something, healing it. (Healing + More Damage x4) 18 HP, 8 TP

Aura of Cuteness - Emmitt lays hands on someone, but this time, prolongs the healing, making them heal ten the next round, and then the round after that. (Less Damage x2 + Negastatus + Bleeding x2) 4TP

Speedy Fox Chain - Emmitt summons up all his energy, willing people to move faster. (Less Damage x2 + Negastatus + Stunned x2 + Additional Target x2) +1 AGI for two rounds. 8TP

"Fond" Memories - Emmitt, if summoning err, a nice, "happy" thought can heal someone. (Healing) 4TP