Super Smash Quest: Infinity - Characters - Ian Hoffman AKA Digifanatic

Ian Hoffman AKA Digifanatic

Key Stats
Move Rate3 TP
Resist Points4


Nicknames: Digi(fanatic), Didge

Our old friend Ian is currently 28 years old, standing at about 6 feet with brown hair almost down to his shoulders. Despite all of the pain and tribulations he's had to endure as a Quester, he's still well-kept in his appearance. He likes to wear a lot of casual clothes, such as golf shirts and cargo pants, reflecting the fact that Questership aside, he is still a normal, friendly human that likes to keep in good relations with others. In fact, his casualness is enough such that one saw him on a street, they might not immediately think of him as a Quester (concealable main weapon, human form, and so on).


Ian originally grew up in the Northeast United States and became fascinated with modern technology, especially computers, during his grade school years. One day while he and a classmate (Danny Johanson) were working on a school project, his family's computer started acting bizarrely, the fringe effects of a virus named Diablomon (dub name Diaboromon), a malicious Digimon. Trying to cure their own situation, the two stumbled upon the fight between the virus and the eventual winner, Omegamon (Omnimon) (see the animated feature "Our War Game"). Here his interest in Digimon took off and the two often held ambitions of wanting to have partners of his own, Ian to a much more drastic extent. Another friend who was aware of this interest (Abby Taylor) jokingly referred to him as a fanatic. When he joined the Questers, he attached the prefix himself to make a nickname out of it, one that has mostly stuck as in inside reference among his fellow Questers, past and present.

At age 12, he was granted a Digivice that should have commenced a tour of duty in the Digital World. However, he declined entering the realm immediately knowing his family would be concerned if he vanished into the portal without warning them of the task at hand. At home later that night, an anonymous third party representative from the SSQ1 planet discovered his situation and persuaded him towards Questerhood, especially upon the discovery that many of those on the SSQ1 planet were fictitious characters in video games that Ian and his peers were aware of at the time. This factor, combined with Ian's young age, naivete, and overall interest in Nintendus turned him away from the duty he shoud have served in the Digital World.

His first tenure was very rough; it is not sure whether or not he resigned or was discharged due to his behavior. He returned to his Earth to find out all crises in the Digital World were ridden. (He hasn't found the digital partner he could have had but doesn't consider it a significant concern at this point in his life.) He later spent a few years trying to forget about his tumultous past and look at a peaceful future.

After shifts of power and lapses of time, he was persuaded to rejoin the Questers at around the age of 16, and granted a second chance by Metal Man. Despite being concerned as to whether or not others would accept his return, he returned to the organization, with much long-term success. He hung around through most of the rest of SSQ1, despite periods of dormancy which led up to his mid-20s years.

Nowadays, he is not controversially immature Quester he used to be. Often taking his outgoing, fighting spirit through the known territories of Alsa hoping that he and his fellow fighters can continue the success they've had before. However, he definately doesn't take bonehead actions as a positive answer. When just hanging around, he's talkative, but in an optimistic light, usually speaking to answer questions, helping other Questers and Brawlers, or on other occasions, talking about his past life.

Not implemented yet
NameDescEXP Cost
Elemental WillAs seen on the site--it allows him to add, remove, or replace an element 3x/session.10

Digivice (Digimon Adventure 02 model):

If you've seen said second season of the Digimon anime, then you'll know what this looks like. It's the egg-shaped model with a stripe of maroon trim across one of the ends. It almost looks like a cell phone with only a few buttons.

This is what he uses for Light Ray and as a medium for his Cure spell. He also occasionally hooks it up with an item that allows him to jack into computer systems and examine them from the inside. The Digivice is such a small, lightweight item that there's practically no burden in using and pocketing it. Other basic for it uses include a clock, music player, camera, and 8/16-bit video game emulator.

Unupgradeable weapon, see Light Ray for attack details

Digital Energy Sword:

A medium-length grey sword with an attachment outlet by the handle. It's a somewhat inert weapon on its own, but when something is attached to the sword (for Ian, his Digivice), it can convert data relative to his Melee moves into manuevers that effectively replicate those attacks. (Example: for Fire Punch, the sword will float parallel to the ground and glow red. He can grab it and thrust it forward like a normal punch with the weapon perks.)

+5 damage
+1 accuracy
Fire Punch
Melee attack, Fire element, Charge, Less Damage
Accuracy: Melee
Damage: Melee * (2+(charge * 3))
TP: 3

Light Ray
"Legendary Weapon" (Unupgradeable) (uses Digivice), Ranged attack, Light element
Accuracy: Ranged + 2
Damage: Technology * 4
TP: 4

Icy Kick
Melee attack, Ice element, More Accurate, Less Damage
Accuracy: Melee + 2
Damage: Melee * 2
TP: 3

Aerial Takedown
Melee attack, Shared Damage, Movement, Stunned
Accuracy: Melee
Damage: Melee * 4 (Melee * 2 self damage per hit)
TP: 4

Spells Acquired:
Minor Heal