Super Smash Quest: Infinity - Characters - Jason Berlitz

Jason Berlitz

Key Stats
Move Rate4 TP
Resist Points3


Currently 30 years old, his build is medium-thin and is about six feet tall with dark brown (almost black) hair and gold eyes (the Coolian trademark gene). Dress is very inconspicous, jeans and a T-shirt (which is typically plain or some album or band he listens to). Knowing that at least one fellow Coolian, Scott Gibson, has been a Quester before, Jason's not afraid to pass his identity/race off like it's a minor detail, and indeed hasn't been questioned about it since he started showing up as a Brawler.

In terms of his attitude, Jason is typically easygoing. Having been a policeman for a few years and then entering a group like the Brawlers, he admits to being confident in his actions, perhaps a bit overconfident, especially considering the caretaking inside of the medical bay and knowing that any severe damage can be healed. He takes challenges optimistically and has a knack to not back down if the situation isn't severe. A cooler head sometimes prevails in a more drastic case, though.


Jason is the third representative of an FLCL continuity to show up as either a Quester or a Brawler, his predecessors being Scott Gibson and Alex Fender (albeit those two came from different dimensions of the continuity--Jason comes from Scott's). A general thrillseeker, he made the occasional dollar in his teenage years as a snowboarder before finding a niche in his planet's main industry: music. He got into the GSPB (Galactic Space Police Brotherhood) Academy in his low 20s, and graduated at 25 where he eventually got put into a small corps with other characters from the (currently dormant on IRC) FLCL RPG (GM'd by Scott's roleplayer). Unlike Scott and Alex, who mained in guitars, Jason found keyboards as his instrument of choice, influenced by his upbringings in both rock and classical music. These days, the GSPB is still the organization to which he works his day job.

After some years of duty in the police, Jason found an invitation to join the stadium as a Brawler and now shows up during his off hours as a separate hobby. While he has no problems helping manage the smaller tasks around the HQ that the Questers don't take up, it was the interest in dueling with the other Brawlers and meeting some new friends that caught his attention the most. (Having a common link in Scotty between himself and some of the Questers/Brawlers never hurts either.)

Not implemented yet
2 Mushrooms

GSPB Synthesizer
Painted blue and comes with a 5 octave keyboard in addition to other knobs and wheels typically seen on regular instruments, as well as a safeguard so he can play it in his own time without accidentally unleashing any damaging energies from it. Having spent a few years perfecting the art of musical weaponry in the academy, most of his offensive input relies on this as his source.

+5 damage (primary stat)
+1 accuracy
Higher Range (reflected by the generally high speed of soundwaves)
Can target up to three enemies at once

Sweep Kick:
A low-height move used as a backup in case something goes wrong with his weapon.
Fists Only
Accuracy = Melee + 1
Damage = Melee * 7
TP: 4



Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (J.S. Bach):
Notorious for its use in scary sequences, organ riffing envelopes the target in a dark aura.
Dark element
More Damage
Accuracy = Ranged + 1
Damage = (Technology * 6) + 1
TP: 4

Sonic Slingshot:
A note is held, creating a ball of energy. The ball is pushed backwards by dropping the pitch of the note (a larger drop equals a bigger charge) through a bend wheel and other "bells and whistles". He quickly resets the note back to its original pitch, where a burst of energy is flung at the target.
Enemy Counterattack
Accuracy = Ranged + 1
Damage = (Technology * (4 + (charge * 3)) + 1
TP: 3 (base level)

Echoes (Pink Floyd):
Jason radiates a piano-esque ping based on the opening of this piece, which buffs an ally of his choosing--or he can use it on himself if he has to.
+1 to Will, Technology and overall accuracy for 1 round
Accuracy = Ranged (only needs to be rolled if accuracy statistics are penalized)
Damage = none
TP: 4