Super Smash Quest: Infinity - Characters - Katelyn Lowry

Katelyn Lowry

Key Stats
Move Rate4 TP
Resist Points2

Appearance (general outfit)

At thirty-one years old, Katelyn stands at about five-foot-five inches in height, curvy and fairly slender with moderately light complexion and youthful appearance, bright blue eyes and golden blonde hair that hangs above her eyes and falls down to her hips, usually tied back in a bow with a red ribbon. She typically sports a shawl and ribbon necktie, collared long-sleeve shirt, a white vest with her home-grown band logo on the back, skirt, and a pair of brown boots. She carries and wears an assortment of jewelry - golden earrings, homemade friendship bracelets and a silver moonstone ring, She rarely seen without a guitar case of some sort slung over her shoulder, and barring that she typically carries a back with scribbled in notebooks.

Despite her age, Katie carries the same sense of energy and youth, making her act as she used to in her teenage days. She is soft-hearted and caring, bearing little ill-will towards others, though is not afraid to stand her ground when need be. When her guitar is in-hand and the music runs through her, she tends to act differently, variably goofing off or growing serious at the whim of the beat she follows in her head and on her fingers.


Not implemented yet
S16 Bass Guitar (Weapon)
Katelyn's purple-bodied, black-plated 1987 Fender Jazz Bass given to her by her best friends on her 16th birthday. Includes portable belt-side amp!
-+1 Accuracy
-Higher Range

Vest (Armor)
-+1 Agi
Aural Burst | Accuracy: (3) 4
Damage: Tech * 6 -- Accuracy: Ranged -- TP Cost: 4
Damage 2x

| Accuracy: 3 (4)
Damage: Wind * 4 Wind -- Accuracy: Ranged -- TP Cost: 4
Inflict: Knockback

Inspire | Accuracy: Homing (Two targets)
Damage: Tech * 1 Sound Element -- Accuracy: Ranged -- TP Cost: 5
Inflict: Targeting, Nega Stupefy/Unstable
Uses: 3/3

Overdrive | Accuracy: 5 (6)
Damage: Tech * (4 + charge * 3) -- Accuracy: Ranged + 2 -- TP Cost: 5
Inflict: Stun x2
Flavor: Wacky
Flaw: Enemy Counterattack
Uses: 3/3