Super Smash Quest: Infinity - Characters - Kit Orbel

Kit Orbel

Key Stats
Move Rate4 TP
Resist Points4


Kit's taller now, closer to 5'4". She's learned to manage the tangled mess of curly hair that used to be an afro, and is now a set of tight chocolate brown curls that fall to her shoulders. Her eye color has changed a tad, to a deep redish-brown. Now she's got freckles from exposure to the sun, as well as the four star birthmark under her left eye.

Her clothing, fashion sense, and mood tends to change near daily. However, her typical outfit isn't important in a fighting RPG... So we'll skip it.


The Kit is back, and now this little marble weilding demon is fourteen years old. Still fast talking and clever to a fault in the face of danger. Kit has learned some new tricks. Mainly, how to shoot someone in an orfice with a marble and then set it off, resulting in a violent death. She's hardened herself since her old days into a bit of a child warrior, after her "mother" Panzer, and her father Deloth.

Not implemented yet
Bag o' Hyrulian Crystal Marbles of Various Colors
Level 1 Accuracy weapon. +1 to accuracy, Elemental, Ricochet (Up to 2 bounces)

Gun Modified to Shoot Marbles
Level 2 Accuracy weapon. +2 to accuracy, +1 to damage, elemental thing.

Sentimental Value Gun Given by Panzer
Level 2 Accuracy weapon, +1 damage, Overpower.

"Binding" Bandana
-1 to will, -1 to ranged. But if you wear it all session, +1 to the EXP you get for said session.

Roll a d8

1 Water
2 Air
3 Fire
4 Earth
5 Electric
6 Light
7 Dark
8 Ice
Marble Attack (Basic Throw a Marble)
Ranged -2 Accuracy, Will * 4 damage, 2 TP.

Marblesplosion (Use more than one Marble in an amazing attack)
Ranged accuracy, Will * 6 damage, 5 TP, Threatens two enemies at once.

Cry for Help (Demonic Howl)
Ranged accuracy, Will * 2, 3 TP, Stuns target (-1 to their Agility)

Marble Absorb (Two turn, block-absorb)
Ranged, Will * 12 damage, Defense attack, takes 2 TP to set up, then 6 TP to unleash during their next turn.