Super Smash Quest: Infinity - Characters - Kobayashi Seiichi

Kobayashi Seiichi

Key Stats
Move Rate3 TP
Resist Points1


Anthropomorphic Fox. Red with white on the chest, stomach, throat, and bottom of the muzzle.
Somewhat tall (5'11"), very slender, usually dressed in a ragged brown kimono and a battered straw kasa (conical hat), which has holes in it for his triangular ears. His feet are digitigrade and almost always bare. His face is slightly broad but otherwise unremarkable, save that his right eye is perpetually shut and bares a scar across it, though said scar is only barely visible through Seiichi's fur. He appears to have only one tail at the moment.


Kobayashi was 6 years old when the world ended; as of now the precise circumstances of the event that has come to be called The Cataclysm are not well known, save that it brought back into the spotlight a number of supernatural things that were long regarded as legends.
Without home or family, Seiichi wandered the charred remains of what was once his homeland of Japan. Unable to properly care for himself, it wasn't long before he collapsed from exhaustion and dehydration.
He would have died, but for a chance encounter with one of the beings recently freed by the Cataclysm. He was found by a Kitsune who, having lost her own children to the events of the Cataclysm, took pity upon Seiichi a fragment of her power. The two travelled together for a time; however, in giving Seiichi another chance at life, the Kitsune had drastically cut her own short, and as a result she died shortly after Seiichi turned 18.
Using the things his rescuer taught him, Seiichi continued to wander the wastelands of Japan, seeking purpose and only finding it when defending the few survivors from the demons spawned by the Cataclysm or, more often, each other.

Not implemented yet
Yawarakai-Te (Guan Dao)
Lvl 1 Melee +0 Accuracy +1 Damage

Armor: Ashigaru Plate
Lvl 2 Agile +2 to dodge
1 TP
Pay 1 SP to increase Seiichi's Agility by 1 until the end of the next turn.

5 TP
Chain Strike 3, -2x Damage

Shinku Senpuken
3 TP
Chain Strike 4, -2x Damage, -1 SP

Blinding Strike
4 TP
Blinds Target