Super Smash Quest: Infinity - Characters - Panzer


Key Stats
Move Rate3 TP
Resist Points5


-Panzer is a medium-sized Reploid, of the animalistic persuasion. Standing at five foot, four inches she doesn't look to be the worst thing on the block, then again, her aim is to not be seen at all. She is one of the few reploids that has fur, though it is synthetically made, it looks to be decently enough done. It is short and grey, a good neutral color. Her eyes are no more than white, glass-like balls with green-hued optics set into them, with a long, narrow black pupil. The green is dull, almost like paint on a wall. It doesn't' even reflect light. The rest of her has an overall similar sort of quality. Not many could put a finger on it, those that did usually found her to simply look 'Unfinished.' Her fur had no sheen, it was matte, she carried black claws on her hands, which she had to continually upkeep because they were never properly finished off so they would keep an edge on their own. By no means was she a mess, though. Some thought the look simply worked for her. She usually walked around with black tanker boots, a white tank top, and a pair of urban style camouflaged pants that were about three sizes too big. She also seemed to have a constant scowl on her face, at that. Her tail was long and slender, also covered in matte gray fur, ended off by a black band about an inch wide, with a small tuft of white fur scattering outwards.

Service Armor-

The typical, every-day sort of armor. Heavy in weight to keep the user strong, it doesn't seem to offer the best protection. It is basic in style, made to cater more to the female body, but it does not hug by any means. It carries broad shoulder guards, the fronts of both have symbols. The left side carries an old, faded RepliForce logo, the right has a crimson cross-hair with the Greek character for Omega behind it. The overall color of the armor is a forest green camouflage pattern. There isn't much special about it at all, but it does seem to be ancient.

Battle Armor-

This armor is slightly more blocky in appearance, and offers better protection. It is heavier than the Service armor, and not the best looking in appearance. It is painted in an urban camouflage pattern to match any environment to some extent. There are fewer unguarded parts exposed in this armor, they were the thighs, upper arms, the neck, and the mid-torso. The helmet of this armor is a bit more unique, it having two short antannae set into the sides of it for better radio capabilities.

Dress Armor-

Few know the appearance of this specialized armor, it having only been worn a few times in her long life. It is that designed for a Unit CO of the RepliForce and it has a knightly appearance. The armor is Reploid-styled plate, in black. Running up the front of the boots are thick, in-laid golden striping running up the legs and body, fanning out on the breastplate after meeting similar lines from the arms, to make for some intricate patterns. This armor carries a very sleek, shiny appearance and is kept in mint condition. On the shoulders rest coveted brass chords, among them rest a crimson metal chord and a silver metal chord, denoting awards of some kind. In the center of the breastplate is a more stylized version of the RepliForce symbol. On the back of this armor, one would see a cape, crimson on the inside and jet black with silver patterns on the back. This armor is topped with a helmet which covers the wearer's face with a metal visor, a technique in the making of it must have made it see-though. The helmet carried on it a row of spikes down to the back where the helmet ends at the neck, similar to that of a centurion. The armor carried on it, also, a place for a ceremonial sword to be hung on the left hip.


Panzer was created by a team of scientists about 300 years ago, to be a prototype to a proposed new line of sniper reploids, capable of functioning far from their bases for months at a time. During the initial test phases, she proved to have disdain for the simple tasks they put to her. She passed them, excelling in a few, but, with her very set capabilities, she had a tendency to be short-sighted and impatient. This would not suffice. They continued to work on her, but the programming stuck. She had to be junked. As they started from scratch, the one person she seemed to get along with came to her aide, prying open her chamber and reactivating her. It was the mechanic that had had the biggest hand in her raw-build stage of design. He managed to get her a few things together, and to finish off what was left to complete her as best he could, getting her to eighty three percent, after which he sent her on her way, suggesting that she join one of the factions that seemed to be popular. With only the junkyard to be missed, she left what was considered her hometown with little regret and sought to go and prove she was worthy of the subtle honor she considered herself to have, the honor of being a prototype.

Not implemented yet
Old, rarely used weapons
Repliforce Rifle (Original)
Level 2 Accuracy-based Weapon
+2 to Accuracy, +1 to damage
Module 1: Extra range; can hit targets outside of battle range.
Info: A high powered war rifle favored by the pre-Final Weapon incident Repliforce. It appears to have been calibrated by an expert rifle user.

Magnetic Rail-cannon Rifle
Level 2 Module-based Weapon
+1 to damage.
Modules 1: Overpower (+10 damage for each success above enemy's DV)
Module 2: Explosion (Threatens all in range)
Info: None, actually. It trades the ability to use finesse for raw damage and power.

Karabiner 98k (Sniper rifle)
Level 1 Module-based weapon:
Module 1: Accuracy Charge (Each time point spent beyond this move's normal duration adds +1 to accuracy for the move.)

Level 2 Damage-based weapon.
+5 to damage.
New stuff
Kill Annoying People
Insta-hits, 28 damage, 8 TP.
Panzer takes aim and uses her entire turn to ensure she hits the target, no matter what.
8 TP, 7x Tech damage, Homing.

Sniper Shot
q11, 40 damage, 8 TP.
Panzer takes aim and concentrates on damaging the target to the best of her ability.
8 TP, Ranged Accuracy + 4, 10x Tech damage.

Machinegun Shot
q5, 16 damage, 2 TP.
Panzer fires off a quick shot, meant to destroy weaker foes.
2 TP, Ranged Accuracy-2, 4x Tech damage.

Reploid Regeneration
Self-only, recovers 44 HP, 8 TP.
Panzer concentrates on regenerating as much damage as she can, so as to remain standing.
8 TP, Self-only, 11x Tech healing.

Weapon - AR-16 Evil Wolfman Edition
Overpower, Piercing, +1 to-hit.

New Armor Stuff
Evil Wolfman "Royal Attire"
The ancient golden crown of the Vhallans, warped so that the various spikes atop are barbed and vicious sharp, with eerie glowing purple skulls instead of gems.
Consists of pointy-tipped boots of black with purple laces, black metal-armored pants embroidered with the images of feral tigers with razor sharp claws, and a chestplate with medium-sized shoulderplates that jut out just a bit. The chestplate is made of interlocking horizontal plates of some sort of strange black alloy, with seams of purple. It has an upraised, razor sharp collar that would go up to Panzer's chin and accentuate her face. It comes with a black cape, which has on the back of it a purple, glowing Repliforce Logo, that looks sort of corrupted/sinister. The arms have grooves in them, for which a sniper rifle can be comfortably held and steadied far easier than usual.
+2 to dodge, +10 to max HP.
Special Ability: Reality Distortion. Spend 1 SP to reroll any dodge or attack--and take the higher roll of the two!
Special Ability 2: Sniper-Enhancement. Can add +2 to all sniper rolls for a turn in exchange for taking 10 damage and dodge being decreased by 2 until your next turn.

Old Stuff

Unique Ability stuff
Sniping: When at a distance of more than 20 feet, using a sniper rifle, and having enough time/presence of mind to set up a shot, the description used to do a shot can add accuracy, up to +3. No roll can exceed q10, not that that will happen any time. In any case, a +1 would be for a not very useful plan of action. A +2 would be for an on the target, intelligent shot. A +3 for if you wind up figuring out their weakness. This ability can only be used for one shot per turn.

Heavyweight: Panzer weighs more than other people, and perhaps even than some other reploids. As a result, she can smash through walls and materials of lesser strength with an Athletics check. There are four classes of things to smash through.
0: Weak/pathetic - Chain link fencing, paper walls, plywood. Even humans could walk through some of these. No roll required.
1: Moderately difficult - Stone walls, brick walls, masonry, thick wood walls. Requires a 1 or higher.
2: Tough - Reinforced steel, bulkheads, barriers, force fields made to block matter. Requires a 2 or higher to move through.
3: Impossible - Alien/nanotech walls, self-healing walls, magical/telekinetic/magnetic barriers. There's almost no chance of breaking through this. 5 successes may dent or damage the wall.
With these four classes, there is also the issue of thickness. A check must be made for every 3 feet of thickness; hence, you might easily walk through a paper thin wall, but a massive foot-thick barrier, even if made of normal wood, would present an issue.
A final niche portion of this is the ability to remove portions of the weight-causing armor. If thrown, they act as projectiles which do 20 damage apiece, but if more than two pieces are removed the ability to smash through things is lost until they are put on again, or if they are lost, until next mission.