This is the website of Super Smash Quest (And its MANY campaigns), which were all Science-fiction-esque IRC pen-and-paper RPGs hosted in #supersmashrpg.

Contained on these pages are the data of the current game and its predecessors.


October 25th, 2021

New Data: Chapter 13: The Cave of Warriors (REVOLUTION Logs)

October 24th, 2021

New Data: Chapter 12: Meeting of the Mad Men (REVOLUTION Logs)

October 11th, 2021

Cleaned up some bugginess on the Cast page. I am also thinking of probably moving towards Gaiden as a default, after I tweak one or two properties so it looks right.

Of course then just as soon as I have done that, I'll need to finish out the pieces for Crystallix. I may wish to try and condense some of the layout for era selection also; e.g. the first three games are all just SSQ (1|Squared|Infinity), and Confrontation through Revolution are more or less a trilogy also.

October 10th, 2021

New Data: Chapter 11: What The Old Questers Left Behind (REVOLUTION Logs) Added Gaiden as a new era. There is also to be added the Crystallix one, once I'm comfortable with what is in Gaiden. I might eventually have a 'preferred mode' cookie or option for people to select, since it doesn't particularly matter which is 'newest' anymore. Cleaning up this site in general also, it's a bit outdated in spots and needs the work. Getting a lot closer to where it should be now though.

October 3rd, 2021

New Data: Chapter 10: Dragon Orb Melee (REVOLUTION Logs)

October 2nd, 2021

New Data: Chapter 9: Planning Against The Gods (REVOLUTION Logs)

September 20th, 2021

New Data: Chapter 8: A Chat With Vetrek (REVOLUTION Logs)

September 11th, 2021

Updated the site some more. The Story Page now has an updated OOC Timeline. I also cleaned up some messy old log stuff in late SSQ 1, and optimized rendering of the 'all Seasons' view. Oh, and Crystallix is basically over, so naturally you will see some stuff put up for it sooner or later. With all this behind the scenes cleanup, it becomes easier to do things anyways.

July 5th, 2021

New Data: Chapter 7: Hack the Signs (REVOLUTION Logs)

June 14th, 2021

I updated the behind the scenes stuff a bit on the site. This should make things a little bit more organized on the story page, and make it easier to modify the site going forward. It's not precisely ~exciting~ but you know, when you have a website that's dynamic that's also old, cruft starts to appear at the edges and data becomes really hard to find or organize properly.

June 6th, 2021

New Data: Chapter 6: Assassins in the Park? (REVOLUTION Logs)

May 24th, 2021

On this day I note the 19th anniversary of SSQ starting. Most people from then aren't here, and those who are probably weren't around for all of it. As one of the few that was there for almost all of it, I have this to say: It has certainly been a crazy ride, with all sorts of ups and downs. Even though the core SSQ experience is slowly coming to a conclusion (because after all, doing the same thing for all eternity doesn't have that much appeal to it), it has to be said that it is quite amazing it lasted this long. People told me it was going to die back in 2004, back 15 years ago, with the utmost certainty. Others told me that IRC was going to fade away and I had to move to whatever the recent (and most likely dead by now) chat services were popular at the time. In fact, I was told this no less than 3-4 different times, for 3-4 different chat services, across the years.

But in the end it goes to show what persistence and interest in something can yield. All I can say is I hope whatever comes next can be as successful... but even if it is not, this already has been completed far beyond the wildest thoughts of its original creators, anyways. Of course, I will do what I can to carry on for another year... '20 years of SSQ' certainly has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

May 20th, 2021

New Data: Chapter 5: Covert Counter-Conspiracy Combat (REVOLUTION Logs)

May 18th, 2021

New Data: Chapter 4: Discussions of the Past (REVOLUTION Logs)

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