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July 27th, 2002 (Wolfman)

Due to a lost file that contains certain information, I can't pay anyone from the past week. However, whatever you guys earn this week will be doubled (make sure you remind me so I don't goof up this one). Move Combos, Story, and Char bios are updated. A new section is going to be added that explains some aspects of fighting. The Tutorial page is updated to explain the newest features just implemented in the RPG (specialized training and more organized move awards).

July 23rd, 2002 (Wolfman)

The Story is updated. All bios are properly updated now, thanks to help from Panzer and others. Also, Zenno was accidentally put on the forgotten list, but actually wasn't, so his coin total got upped to 1000 for compensation (it was about 700 or 800 before I docked it). For those concerned about the new payment plan, head to the Money section. I also gave a little insight about how HP and dodge rolls are determined in the Initiations page. There; I think I'm done. (note: a different update was here previously; the message on it was answered.)

July 10th, 2002 (Wolfman)

The Story got updated again, and this time bios are properly updated. Those "Questers" that haven't done a thing since getting here (not even showing up after initiations) got all extra pay removed and are on "The Forgotten" list until they contact me. Darken isn't there because he showed up hoping to do something when it was impossible due to the situation. The Combo list is updated...I'm waiting for more combos people. Move list updated with a recent Move Stealer success; Melee Fighters list also reflects this.

July 9th, 2002 (Wolfman)

Server crashed, so I took a little holiday. Story is updated.

July 2nd, 2002 (Wolfman)

Bios and other stuff updated...and no, Meta Knight isn't staying with us.

June 30th, 2002 (Wolfman)

Story is updated...bios need updating, for weekly pay hasn't been given yet.

June 29th, 2002 (Wolfman)

Life is harsh many times...things WILL be updated soon.

June 25th, 2002 (Wolfman)

Caught up for now...I think.

June 24th, 2002 (Wolfman)

Still trying to catch up...Story is offically caught up; bios still have to be done.

June 18th, 2002 (Wolfman)

A few seconds after midnight, and I update the works. Variables fixed; 2 chapters added; new Questers; new get the idea.

June 16th, 2002 (Wolfman)

(The sooner I understand Pride & Prejudice, the sooner I can get stuff done here.)

June 12th, 2002 (Wolfman)

Combined 101 and never-released tutorial sections into one. Story, store, and bios updated. New item coming soon. Links section coming soon.

June 10th, 2002 (Wolfman)

No, I'm not dead. Updated a bunch of stuff; I won't say all of it here.

June 7th, 2002 (Wolfman)

Story has another chapter. Everyone got paid their weekly pay (though one requested no pay). A new section is up.

June 4th, 2002 (Wolfman)

Bios receive a long awaited update. Item store is now open.

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