This is the website of Super Smash Quest (And its MANY campaigns), which were all Science-fiction-esque IRC pen-and-paper RPGs hosted in #supersmashrpg.

Contained on these pages are the data of the current game and its predecessors.


August 29th, 2002 (Wolfman)

I get to breath a little sigh of relief at least...I am nearly caught up on recent events. A new fighter's moves, Mack's, will soon be available for the taking, along with a mystery person's moves. Some of the moves in the upgrade system might have to be "downgraded" for being too powerful (defense moves come to mind). There also might be extra "move powerups" that allow for extra functions on old moves--thank Trek for that idea. However, don't expect it to be up now. Everything will be updated all at once.

August 28th, 2002 (Wolfman)

I was right...the speed updates have ended. Blame my school system for having a "senior project". However, I will sum up what has happened as of late on the RPG; Alys replaces Zio as Klumsy's partner, Mack the repairman (original creation, with some thanks to Lynk) is going to be the 30th fighter, and a possible "visit" to my old workplace, the Super Smash Stadium, is being discussed right now. I also currently feel comfortable with the idea of fan submissions of arenas, items, and other things you can come up with. Email is in case you forget. As for Mack's stats, they will go up within a few days.

August 22nd, 2002 (Wolfman)

Unless I can squeeze more time than I should, this will probably be the last of my "speed updates". For those that weren't aware, Bahamut from the Maverick Hunters (the group there joint session was with) has left for the world of college. This update is merely here to signify this important event in the world of RPing. A few bio pages were updated, and the story section will soon be updated with a "summary-like" chapter that covered events from the past week. A big mission is to come soon, hopefully.

August 21st, 2002 (Wolfman)

Thanks to Excel, a table has been made in HTML format that took care of some of the work. You can see it here.

August 20th, 2002 (Wolfman)

The latest edition has been added to the game; MOVE UPGRADES! Yes, now your specials can be more powerful than ever. The Battle System page has more information. Also, everyone that had a Smash Dex is eligible for a new item, for every Quester owns one now. The latest chapter involving the Maverick Hunters was put up. All character bios are updated. To access the upgrade sheet, click on this link (or this one if you don't have Excel). If you still can't see it, then tell me what you can run and I will get on with it.

August 18th, 2002 (Wolfman)

Everything up to the end of the Forest Maze mission is uploaded. The joint session, which ended up taking place yesterday, was a reasonable success, though I felt it was a little unbalanced. Questers on the active list will be receiving either 300, 400, or 500 coins "lump sum" payment due to conflicts with my record keeping; the specific amount is yet to be determined. A possible move upgrade system might be coming; take a look at what it looks like here. Senior Project is killer...updates won't be as fast, or as effecient, as they were this weekend.

August 17th, 2002 (Wolfman)

Site is back up...almost done with updates.

August 15th, 2002 (Wolfman)

School has started; 'nuff said. Payments are suspended. Everything up to the Mount Moon mission is fully updated; a part of that chapter is up for me to remember to finish. More Questers join, and more will keep on joining. The Mavhunt--SuperSmashRPG Joint Session is still on the agenda; I predict Friday or Saturday. There is a possibility of the moves receiving an the form of an upgrade system. Think upgraded spells and you get the idea, only with the possibility that some of the current moves available might end up at a "higher" level than the starting one. One more thing; some of you have been trying to get in ASKING for certain moves in advance. That is not allowed.

August 8th, 2002 (Wolfman)

I've recovered from a stat crash thanks to mIRC's logging functions, but payment this week might be different. Some Questers got moved to the Forgotten due to inactivity; others joined in to replace them. Right now there are fourty active Questers in my count. Money section is "complete" enough, while the store has a new item. Poo has also joined because he considered most of the Questers "weak." The latest mystery section, the Battle System, is partially uploaded. That's it for this update.

August 6th, 2002 (Wolfman)

I'm starting school next week, so I still have a good deal of work offline...sessions aren't guarenteed, but I might be in #mavhunt (same server) due to talks about a possible joint session later down the road. Also, a java applet might soon be available so that downloading mIRC isn't required.

August 4th, 2002 (Wolfman)

Char pages updated. Story received minor update (forgot something).

August 2nd, 2002 (Wolfman)

Story and Store updated...char pages coming soon.

July 31st, 2002 (Wolfman)

Life is taking a minor's possible that there won't be any more missions this week.

July 28th, 2002 (Wolfman)

Yes, I can update two days in a row. Story, Char pages, and Combo page updated.

July 27th, 2002 (Wolfman)

Due to a lost file that contains certain information, I can't pay anyone from the past week. However, whatever you guys earn this week will be doubled (make sure you remind me so I don't goof up this one). Move Combos, Story, and Char bios are updated. A new section is going to be added that explains some aspects of fighting. The Tutorial page is updated to explain the newest features just implemented in the RPG (specialized training and more organized move awards).

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