REVOLUTION - Story - Season 10 Commentary

Many years later... I bring to you, Season 10. This was the peak of my GMing pre-SSQ^2. It's still flawed, and hardly 'perfect', but it's about as good as old me gets. It's also one HECK of a long thing, so it's going to take a bit of doing to, uh, finish commentating on. Still, I'll try my best, even though it has been a bit since I commentated a season/cycle...

This is, of course, one of the last mainstream SSQ seasons. The one after it was the end of the 'original' SSQ style, and the ones before it were a bit short...

Plot Summary

The Questers are not in the Big Room, nor will they ever be. They have a new ship: the Q.S. Seeker! This ship, made by Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Dr. Light, and others, has been built in top secret to ferry the Questers to a distant planet named Genetia, in the Arloft system. Metal Man plans to take a break, and has Mewtwo replace him as the 'leader' for this mission. Their mission is to destroy the MM2, which has fled onto this planet. Also, Garrick's mechanic role has been replaced with Glyph Phoenix. Glyph is a plucky young mechanic Metal Man picked up... who knows where.

The Questers settle into their new digs. Garrick becomes infuriated, but Mewtwo distracts him by having him investigate a shiny cube. The cube just so happens to rip a hole into the X-Zone as the Q.S. Seeker is on its way to Genetia. The Questers investigate, much to Garrick's annoyance. Since it was supposed to be Garrick's job, not the Questers' job!

The Questers get inside and see some weird business about the past going on. Apparently, Wolfman needed the Fighter Remote but Oak couldn't make it right... until a ghost of Kuja warped in and gave him the chips he needed! Then, Sardis Mongul warned the Questers about the dangers of this area--followed by another Kuja, projected by a gem of some sort, appearing.

This 'X-Kuja' tells the Questers the ins and outs of this 'true' X-zone, then fights them. The Questers realize they can't use magic attacks, but deal with it by pummeling X-Kuja the old fashioned way. X-Kuja rewards them the gem and the Questers leave. The gem allows Questers to use magic in the X-zone--but X-Kuja warns against using artifacts in the X-zone. Mewtwo identifies the stone as being part of Aran's staff, the staff Kales used in Season 5--making it very dangerous!

The ship lands on Genetia rather chaotically. The Questers get up and leave, to visit Genetia. They put on breath masks (as they do every mission from this one out) and investigate the nearby miles of wreckage. In the wreckage they find a city of sorts... and its Prince, Armon. The Texan-robot hybrid describes how Smithy vanished and how he is next in line to the throne. Then he explains how the MM2 is there and how Ricky, their leader, is destined to rule Genetia. He then promises to pay a million coins to the Questers, if they do succeed in killing Ricky.

Glyph and Garrick explore the cube and discover it has something to do with conflict... and not much else. The portal repeated its fancy past-event show for them, too.

The next day, the Questers decide on their next mission: to investigate a monument. Aetos is ticked off, because he wants to kill the MM2 immediately instead. The monument was a burnt tower of steel near the ruins of 'Station Square.' It was a monument which the Questers climbed up. After dodging some flying robot-led vehicles and some toll booth guards, they encountered Erzez.

Erzez was the evil troglodyte cousin of Armon who considered human and machine alike to exist only for him to disintegrate. The Questers ran away, while Aetos kept nearly-suicidng. However, the others dragged him away, and then Aetos claimed he had no plan to suicide himself, even though he had earlier wandered through the ruined 'Station Square' and nearly killed himself going "I... am a SCIENTIST MUAHAHAHHAHA." Long story short, Aetos was an idiot. And then Erzez let the Questers flee...

Aetos and Julian violently fought over what Charles was. In the end, it was determined Charles was a lunatic who had gone far beyond his original plans, and that Aetos was a delusional nitwit. Again, Aetos was an idiot.

The Questers continued wandering aimlessly. This time they entered yet another ruined wasteland: Wakatu, population 300,000 0. The Japanese wasteland was populated with skeletons, evil energy, and a weird bartender fellow with a pentagram engraved on him, who told the Questers how Tridus had killed everybody in the town. The Questers went to check out the nifty sword Tridus had stabbed into a plaza and left behind, but they couldn't move it.

Then they found the submerged castle of Wakatu and broke in... and found an invitation to a fetch quest. Naturally, they didn't listen to it, and went back to the Seeker in disgust.

After this, the Questers, er, Digi and Aetos, wandered into a dimensional disturbance that took them to 'Atlantis.' It was revealed to be another X-zone illusion, but Aetos took it seriously. Bonecrusher joined in and the trio collected fragments of a weird smashed crystal, while testing out a weird zero-G flying room and reading "The Art of Battle" by Shanis Zu, an ancient Atlantean. Yet another quest-giving hologram told Aetos and the Questers to 'assemble the crystal, unlock the evil within, then destroy it', which was promptly ignored.

They wandered some more and found a library, and then some steps up. Up to a place haunted by some 'Shadar' being, who was what cursed these Atlanteans. The Shadar were a race of shadow beings that craved technology. The glove the Questers got while here was wanted by the Shadar, but Aetos wouldn't give it. A weird confrontation later, and Dragoshi used the glove to escape--but at the cost of not assembling the crystal. The Questers returned to HQ, still empty-handed, as that glove had vanished.

Having wasted enough time wandering around aimlessly, the Questers FINALLY got to some real work: looking for parts. Metal Man had earlier claimed that Genetia was covered in useful parts--unfortunately, he was wrong. The surface parts were junk. So they went into an old lab... Dr. Ivo Robotnik's old lab. Inside they found... lots of USEFUL parts... and the Master Egg MK3, under construction?

The Questers searched further, until they encountered the Eggman himself. Eggman told them to release the machine quarries beneath his lab, so that he could finish the Master Egg MK3. The Questers agreed... and wound up renting them from the ex-Smithy machines instead. It worked out just as well, however--Eggman gave them more missions, too. Missions to find more parts, and to possibly help on their way... or at least pay them a lot of coins.

Of course, Aetos continued acting like a moron. He tried to batter down Garrick's door to get at the creepy X-zone cube inside. Then he cheated by turning into air to dodge Garrick's wrath. Mewtwo got on the scene and ridiculed Aetos for his idiotic behavior... but Aetos still didn't get it. Once again, therefore, Aetos was an idiot.

The next mission was simple enough: Ivo Robotnik found a warp engine in the mountains, guarded by evil machines. Finding it would aid him in making the Master Egg MK3... and enrich the Questers. The Questers warped in, only to be stymied by... two jerkish cyborgs and a big pit. After getting past those, the Questers found the mountains were jamming their comms, and... the corpses of ancient soldiers from the Three Powers War era were thrown about. Up ahead was a ship they were fighting over--the USS Alberta.

After double-taking from the 80-starred US flag, the Questers broke into the smaller ship, and found that behind it was a gigantic castle made out of an even BIGGER ship's wreckage. Evil machines in suits showed up to block the Questers this time, calling themselves the 'Dread Lords.' They hid behind a bizarre force field, and spoke in broken proverbs, while telling the Questers 'The Man' ruled this part of the wasteland.

The Questers exchanged witty banter with the two Dread Lords, and then eventually got through the field by poking through it with pointy objects. After killing the Dread Lords, they went to enter the castle proper. Inside was a bunch of doors and computers, and booby traps... and 'The Man', himself. Most importantly, the way into the 'Engineering' part of this ship was passworded, and the engine inside had been set to overheat and explode.

The engine was the warp drive the Questers wanted, so they struggled to cool it down. The Man continually taunted the Questers through the comms as they slowly figured out to cool off the Engine. Then Nova managed to warp the engine out once it cooled down--but The Man wasn't done with the Questers yet. He sent his soldier... Solidus Snake, president of the Three Powers???

Solidus thought the Questers were Maricians (relatives of the Robotniks) and fought them. The Questers killed him... only for The Man to revive him again, like nothing happened. Solidus, however, became wise to how he was being used. He threw his P-90 to Garrick and set the immense wrecked ship-castle to self destruct, thinking he could kill The Man--but seemingly, The Man escaped, and so Cyber Solidus killed only himself...

After recovering from that, the next mission had to be decided on. Ruin Miasma was one of the choices--marked URGENT, but ignored for the moment. Instead, Aetos tried to annoy Garrick, but Garrick had learned not to pay attention to him. Once again, Aetos was an idiot. And a troll. Then the Questers went to investigate some ruins.

Another delightful mess. Much like the monument near 'Station Square' had been, this 'Cerrinia' was cursed. All people in it were sent to a dark world to die, except for a single soldier who was just hanging around outside of it. The soldier also informed the Questers that the MM2 had been marching around Genetia, burning down towns. The Questers thanked the soldier by sending him somewhere safe, then went to this 'dark world': New New York, in the 'real' X-zone.

In this nightmarish future New York, the Questers found a newspaper noting that Solarians were threatening the remnants of the Three Powers with their secret weapon. The date was February 2nd, 2420, 100 years to the day since Gerald and the Maricians destroyed the original Three Powers government. And to 'this day', were fighting Solarians. Gerald, however, had his own weapon of mass destruction, and apparently the activation of the Solarian machine had thrown New New York into this nightmarish twilight world.

To complete this nightmare land was one of its inhabitants, Cornelius Monk XVI. Apparently the rich people of the area had built a gated community, and survived the apocalypse. The Questers asked many questions, but Cornelius Monk had few answers. The main thing was that this realm generated the monsters who warped out and attacked parts of Genetia. Also, Aetos wanted to master X-Zone manipulation, but Cornelius Monk was smarter than to offer that. Aetos was just placing his needs ahead of everyone else once again, so... Aetos was an idiot, yet again.

But it got better. The Questers confronted the monsters--former Three Powers Soldiers--and the Soldiers offered everyone the power of X-Zone manipulation. Aetos gave in and became irreversibly corrupted (down to the soul), while everyone else with brains rejected it. The Eldoirs (the X-zone name of these 'soldier' monsters) then fought the Questers, and died. Behind them was a portal to where all of these monsters came from--an immense, evil temple.

Sticking to formula, the end of the X-Zone romp came with an X-Kales--Kales himself, or a ghost thereof. He told the Questers how Aran's staff could not be controlled and how the Questers' infighting would get them all destroyed. Then he fought them and promptly lost. The Questers warped back, and Garrick saved Aetos. Too bad, because that earlier nonsense was Aetos being an idiot... AGAIN.

Next mission, the Questers go to see that 'Capital City' they kept hearing about. Surprise surprise: it's a pile of rubble. A different surprise waited near a bunch of skeletons. There, in the crater-filled rubble, was the remains of a super-robot, one that was '2000 years ahead of Quester technology', even!

Another soldier walked up to the Questers; this one was of the Capital City guard. He informed the Questers of how that robot had taken the might of a powerful Master Egg replica just to defeat. Also, apparently, thousands of years ago, these super robots had flooded Genetia--explaining why the ruins seemed to be not just from the present, but eons ago. The soldier from the Cerrinia mission also chimed in, speaking of more recent events.

Apparently, Smithy had ravaged Genetia. Then Armon took the lead when Smithy died. That was why the current area was such a mess. They only stopped when the Questers showed up. The Questers then entered the prime minister of Genetia's building, and saw the Prime Minister himself: George Robotnik.

He and his rag-tag team of 50's attire scientists and mages were all that remained of Genetia's human-run government. The mages believed an 'Ultimate Emerald' would solve all their problems, while the scientists wanted to blow up their problems with an antimatter gun. The Questers had an even crazier idea: use the Ultimate Emerald to generate Antimatter to kill all their problems!

The problem was, no one lived who could control the Emerald. Zio and Lashiec had died, and... according to George Robotnik... these were the Zio and Lashiec who were sent to Nintendus. (Dubious at best, given neither really mentioned Genetia.) In any case, they claimed their ring (which looked like a Stargate) had been used to send criminals to Nintendus as punishment. Additionally that Nintendus had been moved, and now all it did was send people to the X-Zone.

More bickering went on, and a new plan was made by Garrick: get Ivo Robotnik's help, and the Ultimate Emerald. Garrick continued to work his plan, and then George Robotnik dropped the bombshell: the MM2 was also here. Led by Ricky, the MM2 goons threatened to 'erase' Genetia's Capital if they didn't evacuate it in a month. They also threatened all who did not work in the name of Smithy.
The Questers grumbled, then continued their plan. George Robotnik told them how to get to this 'Ultimate' Emerald: go to the South Sea and to Devil Island. There, Gerald's lab and the Emerald sat, unused.

Charles menacingly landed on Genetia in the background as the next day dawned. Apparently, Glyph was ill, and a new supply ship was coming to restock the Questers in a little while. Scott was also ill--Julian had also been ill, a few days ago, and hadn't been seen much, if at all. He returned again to announce he still had that cold, while Glyph threatened everyone into voting for a mission irrelevant to the price of tea in China: Obtain Ruin Miasma.

Why did he want it so badly? Who knew. Nobody else really agreed with him, but he threatened everyone with... random threats. However, before he could act on them, another enemy came in: a man, clad in armor. Golbez...

Golbez revealed that Glyph had blackmailed his way onto the ship initially, and also babbled incoherently about 'reactivating the crystals' so he could 'finally take over Earth!' After acting a bit like a cross between Zemus and Rita Repulsa, he was interrupted by Glyph threatening everyone with a Time Bomb, which he had apparently planted. But Golbez had come to warn the Questers it, saving the Questers from exploding. Zuh???

Glyph decided to tell the truth after that happened. His name was Leviathan Aruhime, and he was apparently more important than the main plot. Er, I mean, tried to tell the Questers he was a God, only to be mocked by SIMBER playing holograms of The Void and Kuja having said the same thing. In the end though, multiple time bombs were still in place, and the Questers had to get the stupid Ruin Miasma for him anyway.

*Furiously stabs Glyph with a hot poker*

In the old timey town of 'Not A Hole', Traon rang an annoying bell inside a Western Saloon. Aetos acted like an idiot again, and then Julian began robbing the sheriff's office of its precious books. Garrick then did the smart thing, and actually scanned for the miasma--finding it in the bank. The Questers opened the vault, and found... Tails the Fox inside, looking through the safes?

Tails spoke of how he was one of the Freedom Fighters, and thought the Questers were looters. Tails also mentioned how the evil robots had chased off Eggman himself a while ago. The Questers told Tails of their time bomb problem, and Tails figured out that an EMP pulse would destroy the bombs, fixing the problem without having to give Glyph any Miasma.

The Questers also mentioned the Ultimate Emerald. Well, Tails said, "That was Gerald's personal weapon", and he "summoned a demon named Zylcon with it." (For those who don't know, Zylcon was a previous season's final boss.) So, naturally, the Ultimate Wea--Emerald was deadly.

The Questers snuck back onto the ship, with the Miasma. Glyph thought his little plan was going to work, until suddenly EMP took out his bombs. Then Golbez trapped him in a cube. While Mewtwo taunted him with the miasma. So much for that!

Aetos, however, had to get in his own idiocy, so he whined about the Second Moon as Golbez walked off, not even getting why Aetos cared about it turning blood red.

The next day, Metal Man finally called back in. He explained that Glyph had blackmailed him, and so Metal Man responded by sending Golbez to mess Glyph up. Then he basically told the Questers to keep on going after the Ultimate Emerald. The Questers went to the Devil Island and onto Gerald's evil lab. Inside was an evil journal of Gerald's that went on about how he had evily become immortal, avoided his execution, became The Void's slave, and then became master of the Maricians, who went on to do the destruction noted in that New New York mission.

Meanwhile, Garrick shared tips on how to keep Aetos in line (set him on fire), while Julian told Alexia to kill Traon because Traon had said something about Blood Demons. Garrick tried to reason with his teammates, but his teammates chose instead to attack one another like idiots. After the Questers stopped being idiots, they then discovered Gerald had made multiple energy sources, and also had warped through time and recorded his meddling with history.

Finally, after more nonsense, the Questers reached the Ultimate Emerald: A huge, white gem. Traon decided to pull an Aetos and stupidly touched it. It corrupted Traon immediately. Then it destroyed Aetos' hair. Then Julian beat up Traon. Then a bunch of people got zapped, and it finally calmed down when Garrick told other people to stop fighting.

The Emerald demanded the Questers stop killing people at random, then told them to find the 'chosen one' so its power could be used for order. The Questers agreed, then went back to HQ. Garrick told Julian to stop beating people up senselessly, but Julian ignored him. Then Mewtwo punished Alexia, Julian, and Leo for being jerks and Traon for being an idiot, taking coins from them. Julian continued to ignore what they said, until SIMBER butted in and said he was replaceable, and WOULD be replaced if he kept his behavior up.

Julian continued to be unrepetent, unknowing that he would, yes, be replaced... just many seasons from now.

Finally, the Questers had to set about destroying the MM2. There was a base on this planet, and it was heavily guarded. Mewtwo, naturally, sent the Questers to try and undermine it. The Questers used a rubbery tree to break the field, then Darkdata summoned a mud monster to distract the security guarding the base. All was fine until the Questers found a series of doors blocking their way further in. They took too long, and soon Ricky Koopa himself was there, pointing rockets and missiles at them with his mecha. The Questers fled back to HQ, having failed to fully infiltrate the base.

Mewtwo's next mission involved finding parts to rebuild one of the ancient 'superrobots' that terrorized Genetia. This robot could then monitor Glyph, ensuring that he wouldn't do any more harm, for his containment cube was weakening. The Questers appeared in some sort of factory, then... bickered stupidly over their inability to socialize like human beings.

They eventually lured an evil robot out of a water-filled crater near the factory. The robot killed Bonecrusher, then went back under the water--and then the Questers left it alone. For a moment. They eventually froze the pond it was in, then went to the factory proper. There, they got the chips and the blueprint to make the robot, then warped back and had some more senseless drama over the fact Bonecrusher had no brain and would attack anything that moved towards him that wasn't a Quester.

Next, Garrick, Nova, and SIMBER slooowly assembled the parts to the Quantum Robot. The robot then proceeded to let Glyph loose from his cube, torture him into acting like a mechanic again, and basically render the 'villain' helpless. Mewtwo then read Glyph's... minds... and discovered that he had multiple personalities. But we don't care about those, now do we?

Of course, the Questers decided that one Quantum thing wasn't enough. They decided to go looking for a 'Quantum Mind Control Device', so as to REALLY end the Glyph problem. This mission took place atop a mountain, filled with guess what... ruins. The Questers found a deep shaft, so they climbed down it and began grabbing all the parts found inside it, and smashing doors. They then found a crazy man with the Quantum Mind Control on his head--the Quantum Robot had been right in saying the device was on this mountain, but hadn't specified it'd be attached to someone.

The crazy man wanted the Questers to 'destroy the robot blocking the exit.' The Questers went to do that, and wound up in the X-Zone instead--on the bridge of the MMS, apparently, in the Dark Ages, with Metal Man. The Questers lived the infamous '10 Wise Men' and 'Indalaceo' battle aboard the MMS. Only this time, the Questers were so powerful, they beat Indalaceo down. Of course, Indalaceo wasn't Indalaceo here--but rather, a Shadar. The Shadar babbled about the Questers' doom, then disintegrated along with the man in the real world who was wearing the helmet--thus the Questers acquired the Quantum Mind Control helmet.

Or did they? The Man appeared all of a sudden, revealing HE had been blocking the door. Why? He'd been the one containing the Shadar--and the Shadar had given the Questers the helmet, in order to destroy them. Apparently the Shadar were like mini-Zylcons (making them like The Void) and thus to accept their gifts was to go mad and die. The Questers ignored him, so he explained further--that the helmet did not work. So Dragoshi put a sticky note 'WARNING: Do not put on!' onto the helmet and all was solved.

Too bad they forgot that they had wanted to use it on Glyph all along! ...Oh well.

Then the mission where the Questers attacked the MM2 came back to bite their face off, as the MM2 was hoppin' mad and out to destroy the Q.S. Seeker. The Seeker, being a piece of junk, couldn't really defend itself either. It didn't have enough power left, apparently. The Questers debated their options, but most of them turned out to be a bad idea. So they decided to try to get the Ultimate Emerald AND an Antimatter cannon going... at the same time... like they had suggested earlier to the Genetian President.

Aetos and Alexia went to the Emerald, and it sent Aetos to grab the 'chosen one.' While that went on, the other Questers got to hear Ivo Robotnik wondering what the big deal was. After all, the Questers could just live in HIS base!

The Questers eventually convinced him that having an Antimatter Cannon that worked was a better idea. Even better yet, Traon just pulled out the Crest of Annihilation the Questers had stolen from the fake Indalaceo last mission. All they needed was an emerald to control the reaction...

Meanwhile, Aetos searched and found E Li Three, the 'chosen' one, since Charles himself had become mindlessly evil and therefore, no longer worthy of the balance he himself had once sought.

The Questers brought Tails to their ship after it became clear they couldn't tell him the whole truth without him walking off on them. However, the Seeker was a piece of junk, so Tails deemed its weapons mostly destroyed and too weak to make much of a difference. Glyph then told Tails what they were hiding from him... and Tails laughed at the Questers for falling for Eggman's trick. Then the Quantum robot served hot chocolate to the still ailing Julian. WTF?

Tails revealed that Eggman/Ivo had been overlooking something: the surface of Genetia was highly unstable. A few bombs would make an impassable chasm, and Ricky's troops couldn't fly. *BOOM* With one big explosion, they forced Ricky's troops to stand back. But Ricky would not have this! Instead... he stationed his troops around the chasm, and prepared to besiege the Q.S. Seeker!

The Questers decided they had no choice left, and went to fight Ricky's mech in person. Aetos and Alexia, meanwhile, managed somehow to get E Li Three to 'activate' the emerald, after a series of ludicrous gibberings. Aetos and Alexia then rejoined the Questers. Alexia, wearing a vase on her head and covered in green dye, scared away the MM2 soldiers. Then, as E Li Three caused it to inexplicably hail, the Questers began beating up Ricky's mech.

Ricky, however, had a trick up his sleeve: High Exaltation. Essentially, he had some cheap superpower that revived his mech and made him more powerful. It was going to stop the Questers, too, had E Li Three not used the power of the Ultimate Emerald to cancel it out entirely. The Questers then violently destroyed Ricky's mech, by hurling it over the horizon with the strength of a summoned ice elemental. Thus they were saved from Ricky's wrath... for now...

Next, the Questers went to the Blue Moon of Turion, so as to get Eggman... yet more ingredients for the Master Egg MK3. (On the side, the old MK2 was recalled to be used as parts, too.) The Questers had a Big Lipped Blue AI moment involving a past SIMBER/Trevor AI taunting them and giving them data on Ricky before flying into the X-Zone, but that didn't really change much.

The Questers made their way onto the moon of Turion, and then passed some tests. Then they encountered Rathos Lell, the Solarian made of Phazon. *sigh* He wanted to see if the Questers were truly worthy of the blue crystals on the planet; so the Questers had Fizban, resident Wizard, take care of that problem. He failed, naturally, because the problem was a 'Demon Crystal' the Questers had on their persons--probably the X-Zone crystal X-Kuja gave them earlier or something. Anyway, Rathos Lell took it away from them and the Questers were then allowed to pass.

Long story short, the Questers got the blue alloy, then went back to HQ and discovered 'Charles Magellean' had landed on Genetia and was opposing the MM2... and them!

After that, the Questers went to get an Antimatter cannon for Eggman's Master Egg MK3. They wound up fighting Doopliss and Team Rocket for it on a Three Powers satellite, but they eventually brought the schematics for it back to base--but not to Robotnik, since according to Tails, Robotnik was evil.

Next, an unknown figure blew up Armon offscreen over the Smithy Project's data. The Questers went to get some data from Gerald's lab; while they were there, Metal Man returned, bearing good news: the supply ship had arrived on Genetia. The Questers proceeded to go into the bowels of Gerald's evil laboratory. After trading a weird Kuja robot one of their smash dexes for access to the data they wanted, they were accosted by Shadow, who was working with the MM2 now. And also quite sure that the staff the Questers wanted to assemble would kill everyone. As would the information Gerald had.

Metal Man wanted to smash Shadow, but the Questers took the non-aggressive path. Thus they won the test of the Ultimate Emerald, and in turn, got a means to destroy the MM2's unstoppable (? Didn't they break them with a rubber tree once?) Force fields and continue their plans.

Their plans being to bicker endlessly over whether Ivo Robotnik is friend or foe, then ignore it all and decide to find Ruin Miasma instead. They went into an evil palace that had Arabic-style domes on it, found Death, made a deal to find and destroy some contract of evil with an evil king that kept some souls from being harvested, fought a bunch of stuff, and then provided the distraction that let Death harvest the souls. Unfortunately for Death, the 'King' (who was also the guy who attacked Armon earlier) escaped. Still, the Questers got their Ruin Miasma from Death for doing him this service, ending the mission.

Next up, the Questers investigated why a Wario & Waluigi branch bank had been set up on Genetia. Apparently Retz, Julian's second in command, had run them off of Nintendus. Julian apologized for the problem by... buying into the Wario & Waluigi bank. Meanwhile, the Questers acted completely wacky all the way back to HQ.

The Questers then chose to confront 'Charles', who had landed on Genetia and built his tower there. He rambled on about how the Questers were immoral killers, then fought them in an attempt to end their 'Bounty Hunting.' After he was beaten up, though, his AI, Fayth, accidentally summoned The Void. Then the REAL Charles Magellean, who was a Zemus-possessed Golbez wannabe, warped in and extolled the virtues of his dimension and brutally killing Solarian children. The fake Charles dueled him, but lost, and Maester left after threatening everyone. The fake Charles revealed himself to be Trevor, the AI from previous seasons--ostensibly the one which escaped from that ship which was randomly thrown into the sun earlier?

Next up, Robotnik was under attack by the MM2. The Questers went to assist. Eggman had figured out how to create the Antimatter cannon without the Questers' help, so all the Questers had to do was raid the MM2's flagship. Well, it wasn't so easy. The Questers got past a bunch of doors, sure, but then McDermid, the supposedly dead MM2 General, accosted them. The Questers were forced to surrender because of a Destiny Bond spell McDermid used--if they killed him, then they, too, would die permanently. Bob, the Robotnik hologram that aided the MM2, then ensured the Questers could NOT get away by chaining them up and hanging them off the bottom of the ship! It looked quite bad for the Questers this time...

Thanks to Traon's blood blade power, though, the Questers cut their way out of the handcuffs and went to settle Ricky's hash. But Ricky had other plans. As did Bob, Lord of Electric Death. Bob took Dragoshi's own weaponry and fought the Questers with it. After the weaponless Questers got their stuff back, they saw, to their horror, Ricky's ship defeating Eggman. Without the data on how to make the Antimatter Cannon from Gerald... Robotnik hadn't been able to make his Master Egg MK3 powerful enough to take on the MM2.

Therefore he fled, using the Light Engine the Questers got earlier. Then Ricky went to destroy the Q.S. Seeker, but was rudely interrupted by the Questers attacking him. No matter; he managed to nearly kill them all with his Klumsy Koopa-based powers... then let them live and warped them back to the Seeker, since apparently it was dishonorable to use all three lives to kill people. His ship flew off, the bridge of it being too heavily damaged to effectively launch a Seeker-shattering attack. So the Questers survived again... barely.

Next, Mewtwo reminded the Questers that the Seeker was still basically helpless. He sent the Questers to raid an ancient, deadly Three Powers era golden ship in the mountains. The parts in it, supposedly, would fix the Seeker. Instead, the Questers wound up trapped in a bizarre inter-dimensional time warp with the ship's sentient computer. And Zio, who fooled them into reviving him so he could 'save' them. Alexia's body was stolen as well. She had to have a new one 'cloned.' The Questers eventually fled after Zio messed up the ship and the ship's sentient computer told them how the Questers were continually revived by some facility controlled by Master and Crazy Hand. That head trip over, the Questers fled home, partless. Since the very parts they came for... were incompatible with their ship anyway! *Failure horn.*

Next, the Questers went to choose a mission, and their console on the Seeker blew up, summoning a portal to the X-Zone. The real one. Inside, The Void awaited. He told the Questers how that OTHER Void (mentioned in all the previous lines here) was actually Aran, the evil being from inside the super staff (which the Questers were told to collect earlier) and how the Questers REALLY had to collect that staff now, otherwise Aran would eventually figure out a way to destroy everything. The Void then sent the Questers on a quest through the X-zone to find one of the ten items needed to rebuild the staff and re-seal Aran. The Questers slowly fought their way through a fridge to get it, after beating it out of the hands of the treasure chest monster that once ate Hydro. The item, a ring, was safe in hand, so the Questers went back to HQ.

The next problem was Erzez. Namely, he was working on that whole 'erase Genetia's Capital' thing, disintegrating entire caravans of supplies. The Questers got the help of George Robotnik's advisor Jude, who led them through a zipline, down a cliff, across a river, across a boiling lake, and through a cursed door to Erzez himself. The Questers could not overpower Erzez's disintegrator, so they instead reflected its own power into it, causing the disintegrator to self-disintegrate. They then barely defeated Erzez by accidentally destroying his mega-cube-arm with Gerald's evil nanites, then C-4 blasting all of Erzez's extra bodies. Thus saving the world from more of Erzez's evil behavior.

The MM2 went to strike again, having repaired their damage from the previous missions. The MM2 went to make good on their threat to destroy Genetia. Naturally, the Questers had to stop this. And so they did, with the help of an old friend: Moody Mandy, the crazy Lizardman shopkeep from Turion. Along the way, they activated ancient force field generators which Moody's ancestors had built under the surface of Genetia. Shadow tried to stop the Questers, but Mandy got in his way. Then, the mysterious shadowy figure who had been haunting the Questers appeared out of the shadows... it was The Man, yet again!

The Man fought the Questers with a Metal Gear X, but it was futile--the Questers overpowered it, and Genetia's Capital was saved. Eggman even managed to get in a few shots at Ricky while Ricky's ship was fleeing!

Of course, Ricky didn't take that defeat sitting down. Instead, he rallied the remaining forces he had on the planet. He then renamed the MM2 to The Imperial Collective--as a ploy to move beyond the failed 'Charles Magellean Empire 2' gimmick and to a more authoritative Kuja-based one. Then his massed forces went to destroy the sitting-duck Questers on the Seeker. The Questers fled in their vehicles while the Seeker stayed behind as a decoy (it was a pretty worthless ship, anyway). The Questers soon reached the only safe place on the planet--Genetia's Capital, which they had managed to force field previously.

George Robotnik reported that Metal Man had been sent back to Nintendus to get help, and that the only way to defeat The Imperial Collection (aka TIC) was to raise the Smithy Gang remnants to fight them. The only way, naturally, was to go to Armon's capital through a series of cursed tunnels that had once been used by those ancient Lizardmen called Originators. The Questers went through the tunnels and eventually found a weird knight who claimed to serve the King of Wakatu--but after hitting him a few times, it was determined he had a mind control chip stuck to him. He was actually Conrad, one of Wakatu's last knights--and he gladly assisted the Questers in finding their way...

...He also spoke of the Ultimate Emerald, which apparently was a 'gift' from the Originators/Mobians to Gerald. In any case, the Questers got to Armon's palace, where bits of Armon lay around. Apparently, "The King" (the shadowy man with red eyes, who may or may not also be 'The Man') blew him up (as noted in an earlier log). However, since he was a machine, his head still functioned. Armon's head then dictated to the Questers to use Smithy's dangerous laser satellites against the TIC. The satellites were activated... but their batteries were low and the TIC responded by blowing away their control satellite. All the satellites did was provide a temporary distraction.

No problem, though--Sir Donocle/Conrad had himself a Region Ship, from the Saga days (since Genetia was once Saga) to ferry the Questers to safety with. The Questers were then taken to Elendo by James Prower and Conrad. Apparently this town was the only Saga leftover still alive; it had been enchanted to become invisible to all except those who were on the side of Saga. Armon slowly rebuilt his robo-Texan self, while the Questers got info from the leader of Elendo: the GUN Commander. Apparently Gerald Robotnik's ARK was still in orbit, and was the last hope remaining for Genetia. The Questers were to go there, on the Region Ship. So they went there, and fought a bunch of evil robots, met Sonic, and secured the place.

Meanwhile, the Seeker was in ruins after having crashed into some mountains. Mewtwo slowly rebuilt it while Glyph, no longer important to anyone, uselessly told the sky he was useful.

The Questers continued their work from the ARK; based on Sonic's info, they went to find Tails, back at the old Western Town from earlier--Knothole. The Questers, naturally, bungled the mission. They wound up stealing Tails' old biplane and randomly encountering Iggy Koopa, who was Ricky Koopa's rival and one of Bowser's more loyal sons. And had a flying fortress. Iggy helped blow up some of Ricky's troops, while Julian did all the actual work of finding Tails. And in the mix, a weird shapeshifter named Blade popped in... but that was neither here nor there. The Questers returned to the ARK, their mission to find Tails completed.

Next, the Questers went to retrieve Shadow and get him to join Sonic and Tails on the ARK. They warped to an occupied Military Academy. The TIC (Imperial Collective/Ricky) place was collectively afraid of Shadow--and for good reason, as his temper and his chaos powers blew up anything which tried to talk to him--even the Questers. The Questers lurked around the Academy for answers as to why this was, but instead got an extended ice burn from an idealistic radio operator, who called them out on killing everyone they faced. Then Ricky trolled the Questers and Shadow to the extent Shadow turned on everyone and blew up the academy. The Questers fled, empty-handed.

Meanwhile, E Li Three found the ruins of the Seeker and released Glyph's evil side, and fed him Ruin Miasma... and then teamed up with him? Uh-oh.

The Questers went to investigate the Seeker, and, they met Metal Man, who aided them. Metal Man disputed the angsty dialog from earlier and decided that it was his fault for hiring two contractors (Glyph and Garrick) he 'couldn't trust.' So he helped the Questers find Mewtwo and get the data off the Seeker. Then the Questers found the errant Glyph and... beat him up. They then took him and E Li Three back to the Seeker and prepared for their next mission...

The Questers then went back underground to look for allies; they found two: Vector the Crocodile and... Grodus and the X-Nauts? McDermid showed up again to try and stop them, but he had apparently lost his unbeatable allies due to professing his belief in Charles Magellean. McDermid used his Lunarian? powers and... failed miserably, dying for good. The Questers also read a mysterious prophecy via Moody Mandy's help, which said 'The King shall return to take his land and kill all who are against him. The orb shall become pitch black before becoming clear again. Time shall be undone by the mistake of past heroes. A single piece can determine everything.' In any case, it was a fairly noncontroversial success for the Questers in that mission.

Next, some Questers stayed behind in the Originator City and tried to bust up some of Ricky's men. They got a nasty surprise when an armadillo in a mech came to blow them up and relieve them of multiple lives. Eventually Julian warped in and took out the mech, but the armadillo got the last laugh. He blew up the tunnel that the Questers wanted to go through. So the Questers returned to the ARK.

After more bickering, Metal Man determined the Questers needed to obtain the 'Good Emeralds' using a strange portal on the ARK. Using these emeralds, the MM2/TIC's weapons could be deleted from existence, defeating them. The Questers went into the weird portal, where they were then advised by the wise and... nice Void? The Void set them on their path to get the 7 Good Emeralds from the Evil Locos Docos. After facing such perilous foes as the 1-hit-wonder Jimmy Saucer and Doopliss selling tasty, health-restoring Lemonade, the Questers fought the EEEVIL Locos Docos.

However, the evil Locos Docos did not do much, other than drink a strange concoction and then change his name to Veejast Radshroom. The Questers then went to Smithy for help, but Smithy, being a flower-planting hippie, wasn't much help either.

A confusing mess happened afterwards, in which the Questers figured out a strange prophecy, tricked Veejast Radshroom into destroying a Sword of Darkness, then fought The Void (who had been fooling them earlier) for the Good Emeralds. After a series of screwed up events, the Questers got a final Good Emerald and then fled the mayhem that was the Opposite World.

The Questers returned to... not-so good news. Ricky and others were fighting over the entire planet of Genetia. Even The Void nearly got in on the action. But Metal Man had a plan--get the Ultimate Emerald to amplify the power of the Good Emerald and disarm most of The Imperial Collective. So it was written, so it was done. Then the Questers bought several of Iggy Koopa's super-bombs, and blew up The Imperial Collective's home base using the Seeker, which had been rebuilt by the Freedom Fighters while the Questers were in the alternate world. At long last, the MM2/TIC was defeated, and Metal Man had saved the day--no thanks to his idiotic first attempt back when, thinking that sending the Questers without a proper leader would do the job.

With Ricky dealt with, the Questers had to deal with the remaining threat--The Man and... The Armor? That's right, there was not one but TWO mysterious guys who had been wandering around, busting Armon's body, reviving Cyber Solidus, etc. Of course they did know of the button that could revive the planet, and also The King, but first, someone had to fall for their obvious trap-deal. Aetos signed up first thing, proving he was, once again, an idiot. Then The Armor and The Man made peace with the Questers, and Metal Man called it a wrap, preparing to go to some other planet to save it as the Freedom Fighters departed...

But the battle was not over. A weird ship sent out a garbled distress call. The Questers visited it, only to find.. a Quantum Robot factory inside! They shut down the nefarious, recently-activated factory, but that just caused the resident of the place to come to life---Kairah Mardeneigh, the crazed 'King' of Genetia. Kairah had been waiting all his life (and cryo-life) to find 'jerks who thought they were heroes' so he could kill them. Apparently he'd been backstabbed by his best friend and worse back thousands of years ago, and so decided to come to Genetia, then after his little Quantum Robot plans failed to please the local inhabitants, he ragequit living out of malice and waited for something 'more interesting' to kill.

Which was, apparently, Julian. Kairah chased Julian with a one-track mind, blowing up buildings and wrecking one of his banks. Julian, meanwhile, acted like this was a mere joke and tried to talk with his acting CEO, Retz, about how to fix the situation. Retz, naturally, had no idea, since the insurance didn't cover 'Mysterious Super-MadMan Blowing Up The Building.' Along the way, Glyph joined forces with Kairah, because why not?

The two (ironically) did not destroy Toad Town, realizing something was off when the people there did not fear exploding. Then they continued on their way, only to be interrupted by the Questers. The Questers had gotten a gun to disable Kairah's armor with, and so they fought Kairah. It was a bloody mess, complete with the Questers stealing Kairah's super-power enabling drugs, then blasting him in the face with the EMP pistol disabler thing. Kairah fell face down, then got up and ran away, while the Questers threatened Glyph into following them again.

Kairah went to Genetia, and revealed he had been mind-controlled by the armor he wore--but was interrupted by The Man and The Armor, who would stop at nothing to prevent Kairah from reviving Genetia. The Questers went on the case and went to stop them, in turn, but The Man was apparently an actual Master of Saga... possessed by Dark Force. Dark Force used Ricky's recently-destroyed body to help take form, then fought the Questers until he was blown up by a combination of the healed, non-insane, non-mind-controlled Kairah and... Aran/The Fake Void punching him through the face.

After that, Kairah spoke on how he would leave for his home realm, and how The Man had fooled him, long ago; and how he had been behind the Quantum Robot massacre of the Three Powers soldiers, eons ago. And how before that, the Originators/Mobians had cities on the surface. In any case, even Julian's bank problems were settled, when Kairah declared Julian's bank the official bank of Genetia.

Then some extra stuff happened with Julian making deals with Eggman and Armon, and Genetia finished getting cleaned up, and Canti was now Eggman's foremost robo-general. Metal Man revealed the next destination: Ferran. The Questers then left Saga... while Maester Magellean/that guy in the suit killed imaginary Solarian Children in some fake alternate realm.

Plot Analysis

...What. You're still reading this? Well. I hope you skipped down here. That summary was one of the longest ones I made (possibly ever made), taking multiple days and more. So let's boil it down even further, so sane people can understand. Sure, I'll lose a lot of details, but, this is just some old season... a decent one, but not the best thing ever.

Metal Man sent the Questers to Genetia to clean stuff up, but made a horrible mistake by not having them be led by anyone, so they killed the wrong people. The bad guys (Ricky's goons) took over Genetia until the Questers had an angst-based BSOD and eventually figured out how to get help and defeat Ricky once and for all. Then they uncovered Genetia's own home-grown villain, Dark Force, whom they also had to kill because he was apparently bent on keeping Genetia a gigantic wasteland forever.

The Season... well, it was good. The plot, that is. It got a little too complex at times, and in others it became a bit too slow, but it worked out in the end. I'd dare say this was one of my few good SSQ 1 seasons, post-Season 6. Now that's not a high bar to hit, but what was really tricky was how this season had CONTINUITY.

Look at Seasons 11-13. They can't hold their *bleep* together for more than a few sessions before becoming completely off-tangent. Meanwhile, Season 10 stays on course, occasionally taking a detour, but never falling apart. For that, and the way it beats the Questers over the head for being stupid psycho-killing maniacs, I have to give it props.

But the Questers in this season sucked. Well, not all of them. But here's a short list of the worst ones. There were others who contributed, but... I'm going to be nice and only list the most annoying ones.

Aetos: Annoying idiot. He should have been banned, or killed, or something. He added nothing but annoying stupidity to the plot. He, as another person said, basically didn't care about what was the smart thing t odo, and instead did the stupid thing in order to annoy/insult everyone else. Horrible. 10/10 on the suckiness scale.

Maester Magellean: Story-derailing jerk. Had no place in this season. His side-world antics were nothing short of godmodding cheapness. Of course, now I know things I didn't back then, but that's no excuse for the player not having cooperated with the story. A very annoying, but thankfully off-to-the-side person. Still, I can never forgive him for the child-killing. Even if it wasn't entirely Magellean's fault ICly, the player should have known better than to put that in SSQ. Not cool. 7/10 on the suckiness scale.

Glyph: Secondary Story-derailing jerk. I inserted him in without vetting his backstory, so he pulled a classic switcheroo and gave me a villain where I wanted a helper. Then he kept derailing the missions in favor of his own. Ironically, despite being second banana next to his Maestery PlotDeraileryness, he managed to cause far more damage by continually messing things up. The fact he would continue doing so into the next season is only more salt on the wound. 9/10 on the suckiness scale.

Bonecrusher: Idiotic murderer masquerading as a Quester. He wasn't a Quester. He didn't follow their rules. He had no IQ. His player came back, years later, just to apologize for how stupidly annoying this character was. This character also claimed to be related to Daisy due to some ungodly backstory that's not worth glorifying in print. The only saving grace is he had no godmoddy life powers and rarely got a chance to derail anything. 4/10 on the suckiness scale.

Alex Hunter: Tertiary Story-derailing jerk. He was inserted in when Aetos was getting too dumb for anyone to tolerate. But since he had the same player as Aetos, he had to insist he was related to Aribar and Alexia, making him the most obnoxious and stupid way to try and force a shipping couple on an RPG I have ever seen. He also had no common sense, just like Aetos. 7/10 on the suckiness scale.

Julian Sawyer: Organized Crime Mob Boss masquerading as a Quester. He wasn't a Quester either. He didn't really seem to get that beating up other Questers was not how Questerly problems were solved. Killing was the only way that worked, short of de-initiating and 'banning' them. Beating them up just made them act MORE annoying. He also spent most of his time making shady deals with other criminals and caring only about himself. When it came to the Stadium or the Seeker, he didn't give a *Bleep*. He just looked out for number one: himself. He wasn't stupid, but his neverending violence and unQuesterly 'screw this planet' behavior places him as an ideal candidate to round out this list. 5/10 on the suckiness scale.

These people, and some others who were less annoying/appeared less, basically existed to annoy whoever was around them. They had their own self-centered plots, and they didn't care much about the ACTUAL plot of the season. I don't ask for much, but, these people were cold-blooded plot derailers, who worked more for themselves and the plots their players made up than anything to do with SSQ. Now, it has been 3ish years, so I don't really hold a grudge against them now, but I have to say--don't play in SSQ or my subsequent RPGs if you want to play plot-ignoring a-holes. It's boring, both in the logs and to have to GM for in-person.

So, anyway, down to the themes of this Season. There were a number of those, but they were simple. First, 'The Questers aren't always right.' Genetia wasn't Nintendus--and the Questers were foolish to think their ideas were always correct anyway. Next, 'Violence doesn't solve everything.' This is SSQ, so it does solve a lot--but thinking with one's fists doesn't fix issues that involve misunderstandings, distrust, or ignorance. Then there's 'Metal Man isn't as good as he says he is.' Basically, Metal Man as a leader was crummy. He made these poorly done plans and sent other people off to die for his mistakes. Too bad nobody caught on to it...

And a few others. 'Petty grudges are stupid.' Duh, hating people over what happened millions of years ago is bad--and so is declaring anyone who disagrees with you worthy of death, and so on. And also, 'Shiny artifacts aren't always good.' A good one, as earlier they had been represented as solving everyone's problems. Not interesting in the least. This was a nice change. There's more, but if you spent all your time reading this, you should understand them by now. They're simple.

It's funny what a little continuity can do for quality. The season after this one started out with the same stuff this one ended with, but you can see me spitting nails at Season 11's wackiness, while Season 10 is just cool with me. Ahhh... if only ALL of SSQ could have been so filled with continuity as Season 10...

Word Map (Made by Wordle)

This is another big'un. Let's see. Julian's big on this map--even though he was 'ill' for large portions of SSQ Season 10. There's a smaller Dragoshi in the corner--he didn't become the session-maniac until later on. I like that corner--it shows the connected threads of Charles, Hop/Leviathan (parts of Glyph), hell, and evil.

Garrick, Mewtwo, and... a hand? pop up as well. They were the only sane men, so naturally they almost never popped up in sessions past the early part. A shame. Ricky's another big one, since he was the main villain most of the time. Ships, power, Metal Man... Darkdata, just, right, warp... planet, Aetos, Hands... basically it's a season about space ships, energy, warping, and a handful of frequently appearing villains/heroes butting heads. Pretty simple, for one of these, really.

Cast (In order of Appearance)

I'm using my magical cast-finding PHP device. I may not get everyone as neatly as before, but... this season is monstrously huge. I'm not THAT obsessed.

Dragoshi - Quester - Angry Kleptomaniac
Digifanatic - Quester - The Quiet Techno Guy
Leo Crayson/Trigger - Quester - Maker of Facepalm-worthy Lines
Dr. Light - Stadium Staff - Phoned in his Performance
Julian Sawyer - Quester - Violent Problem Un-Solver
Serena Gibson - Quester - Scott's Feminine Side
Garrick Fy'aar - Quester - Furious Voice of Reason
Metal Man - Quester Leader - Oblivious Madman
John - Quester - Not Dead, But Not Present!
Mewtwo - Stadium Staff - Vaguely Ineffectual Disciplinarian
Dr. Ivo Robotnik - Stadium... Staff??? - Vaguely Traitorous Megalomaniac
Professor Oak - Stadium Staff - Master of Nonsense Science
Fizban - Quester - That Wizard Guy
Glyph - Traitorous Mole/Stadium Staff - Master of Useless Items
Aetos - Quester - The Idiotic Annoyance
SIMBER - Stadium Staff - Voice of Slapping People
Nova - Garrick's AI - Voice of Ship Schematics
Smash Dex - Quester Tool - Data Gathering Thingy
Alexia - Quester - Master of the Annoying Backstory
Past Wolfman - X-Zone Hallucination - Impatient Worrywort
Past Kuja - X-Zone Hallucination - Time-Traveling Conspiracy God
Past Ganondorf - X-Zone Hallucination - Wolfman Heckler
Sardis Mongul - ??? - Nobody Knows
X-Kuja - X-Zone Hallucination - Hostile Guide

Armon - Smithy Gang Prince - Rootin' Tootin' Robo-Texan
Recording of Charles - Recording - Generic Soundboard Thing
Recording of Smithy - Recording - Ditto

Skullbot 1 - Smithy Gang Guard - Don't Touch The Bridge
Guardbot 1 - Smithy Gang Guard - A Smidgen Above The Rest
Minimech - Dragoshi's Tool - WTF It Talks?!?!
Guardbot 2 - Smithy Gang Guard - Thinks You Are Hopeless
Skullbot 2 - Smithy Gang Guard - Also, Outnumbered
Erzez - Smithy Gang Troglodyte - Disintegrated In Your Life

Bonecrusher - Quester - Incredibly Idiotic Ignorant Imbecile Interactive Orc
??? #1 - Dead Saga Barman - The Only Peaceful Undead
??? #2 - Weird Image - Tridus' Curse

??? #3 - Cursed Atlantean - Another Victim
Shadar - Evil X-Zone Hallucination - Gerald's Little Playthings
Atlantean - Cursed Atlantean - Door Blocker

Scott Gibson - Quester - Tragic Guitar Player
Computer - Eggman Computer - Outdated Thing
??? #4 - Smithy Gang Quarry Keeper - Dunno What Else He Did
Roxy - Scott's Motorized Scooter Thing - Attracted to Organics

Guardian1 - Smithy Gang Guard - Annoying Pit Blocker
Guardian2 - Smithy Gang Guard - Ditto

Traon - Quester - Bloodthirsty Blood-Controller
Dreadlord1 - Smithy Gang Dread Lord - Fights Like a Rock
Dreadlord2 - Smithy Gang Dread Lord - Sight Blocker
Computer - Three Powers Computer - INVALID PASSWORD
The Man - Dark Force/Possessed Saga Master's Corpse/WTF - Always Oppressin' The People

Cyber Solidus - Three Powers President Revenant - The Man's Puppet... Temporarily

Soldier - Genetian Soldier - Last one from Cerrinia
Newspaper - Neo-Earth Newspaper - Post-Teller of Doom
Cornelius Monk XVI - Rich Neo-Earthian - Disrespectful Richy Rich
Kales Brando - X-Zone Hallucination - Failed Quester Controller
Other Soldier - Genetian Soldier - Capital City Soldier
George Robotnik - Genetian President - Not-so Brave, Unoriginal Leader
Mage 1, 2, 3, 4 - Genetia Mage Council Member - Ultimate Emerald Lovers
Scientists 1, 2, 3 - Genetia Science Council Member - Antimatter First!
Ricky Koopa - MM2/TIC Leader - Violent, Exalted Klumsy Wannabe

Darkdata - Quester - Crazy Magic Manipulator
Golbez/Maester Magellean - Zemus' Slave - Genocidal Child-Killing Nutcase
Miles "Tails" Prower - Sonic Hero - Hesitant Helper

Gerald's Journal - Journal - Prelude to Madness
Ultimate Emerald - Originator Gem - Bipolar Power Source

Quantum Robot #1 - The King's Robots - Bonecrusher Crusher

Canti - Stadium/Eggman Staff - Glyph Crusher
Computer #2 - Quester Computer - Mission Viewer
??? #5 - Crazy Test Subject - Shadar Illusion
Wise Men 1-9 - X-Zone Hallucinations - Look At Those Lower Order Beings
X-Indalaceo - Shadar in Disguise - Nasty Jerk

Screen - Quester Screen - Info-Shower
Soldier #2 - MM2 Soldier - Planning Something?
Soldier #3 - MM2 Soldier - Pushed off a Cliff
MM2 Soldiers - MM2 Soldiers - MM2 Soldiers
Alys - Former Quester - I Don't Even Want To Guess
E Li Three - Wandering Maniac - STILL More Sane Than Aetos!

Dr. Wily - Time-Traveling Villain - Running Gag Gone Amuck
Soldier2 - MM2 Soldier - Afraid of Vases
Soldier3 - MM2 Soldier - Afraid of Dyeing

Pilot1 - MM2 Pilot - Annoying Taunter
Pilot2 - MM2 Pilot - Will Smoke You
Trevor - Evil AI - Delusional Supercomputer
Sign - Mysterious Testing Thing - What Goes Up?
Knight - Guardian of Some Element - Defeat Me if You Can
Rathos Lell - Phazonic Solarian - Computer Code Controlling Phazon
Azure - Quester - The Only Sane Man Besides Garrick And Some Others
Harnit Barute - Quester - Aribar Reincarnation Rabira???

Soldier #4 - MM2 Soldier - Idiotic Chip Grabber
??? #6 - Soul Taking Thing - I Dunno
Sonic the Hedgehog - Sonic Hero - Burnt Out Plane Surfer
James - Team Rocket - Prepare for WTF Are They Doing Here?
Jesse - Team Rocket - OOF!
Doopliss - Team Rocket? - Cut-rate Mercenary

Kuja Message - Kuja Message - Some Old Thing
The Armor - The King's Men - The Man's Partner In Crime
Dragoshi's Tarantula - Dragoshi's Tarantula - WTF, It Talks Too?
Robotic Kuja - Gerald-Made Robot - Freakish Abomination
Gerald Robotnik Message - Time Travelling Maniac's Message - I WILL SCREAM AT YOU
The Fake Void - World-Destroying Chaotic Monster - Conflicted Conflicter
Infantrymen - Ultimate Emerald's Puzzle - Annoying Liar/Truth Teller Thing
Shadow the Hedgehog - MM2/TIC/Nobody's Enforcer - Psychopathic Killer
Metal Sonic - Overused SSQ Plot Device - Warped In At Random
Alex Hunter - Quester - Stupid Thing Used To Try And Make Someone's Shipping Real

Sign #2 - The King's Sign - ENTER HERE NO MORYE
Death - Personification of a Natural Force - Wants Maester's Evil Soul

ALAN - The King's Computer - Automated Library Assistance Network
Dark Commander - The King's Commander - Skeletal Patton Wannabe
Soldier1 Through 3 - The King's Men - Evil Skeletal Soldier Guys
Rifle Soldier - The King's Men - Just doin' His Job
Bazooka Soldier - The King's Men - Doesn't Blink
Legion - The King's Demon - Easily Fooled
Contract - The King's Evil Soul-Binding Contract - Nasty Business, That

Music - Eggman's Music - Has The Master Plan
Teller - Wario-Waluigi Bank Teller - Afraid of Crashing
Waluigi - Wario-Waluigi Bank Owner - Not The Tables!
Wario - Wario-Waluigi Bank Owner - Insurance Forger
Computer #3 - Metal Man's Limo Computer - Safety Compliance Machine
Dr. Mario - Stadium Staff - Coin-itis Curer

Charles Magellean? - Old Tyrant - Trevor in Disguise
Fayth? - Old Computer - SIMBER1.0 in disguise
Sumner - Thing-Announcer - METAL MAN NEEDS SLEEP BADLY
Arx Semallion - Quester - Confusing Pokemon Trainer
SIMBER 1.0 - Old Computer - Trevor's Helper

Guard1 - MM2 Guard - Dummy
Guard2 - MM2 Guard - Thinks Everything is a Test
Armorguard1 - MM2 Armored Guard - Kill Them!
Armorguard2 - MM2 Armored Guard - Ditto
Soldier #5 - MM2 Soldier - Taste the Wrath!
Soldier2 #2 - MM2 Soldier - Military Grade Lasers Are Failing!
Bob, Lord of Electric Death - MM2 Vice President - Slippery Mastermind
Controlguy 1 - MM2 Control Guy - Quester Locator
McDermid - MM2 Fall Guy - Weakling
Soldier1 #2 - MM2 Soldier - Quester Cuffer

Sign #3 - Bob's MM2 Sign - ANOTHER one of these?

Zio - Dark Force's Ever-Enduring Mage - Never Gonna Give It Up
Alexia? - Freakish Three Powers Ship Thing - Annoying Half-Enemy

The Void - Chaotic World Corruptor - Aran Hater
Face - X-Zone Hallucination - Nuh-uh-uh!
Green & Red - X-Zone Hallucinations - Everything Sucks
Dan - X-Zone Hallucination - I ete u
Groog - X-Zone Chest Monster - Hydro Eater

Jude - Genetian Advisor - Hey, Whoever This Guy Is

Moody Mandy - Crazy Turion Shopkeer - Originator Advisor

Flier - TIC Flier - Annoying Ego Announcement
Old Report - Genetian News - Announcement of Doom
Sir Donocle/Conrad - Sagaian Knight - Last of His Kind

Computer #4 - Smithy Gang Satellite Controller - ZEEKY BOOOOOM
James Prower - Saga Region Ship Pilot - Goin' As Fast As He Can
GUN Commander - Sagaian Commander - Must Unite The Settlement
Robot - Gerald Robotnik-Controlled Robot - EMP Shielder
IDS - Gerald Robotnik's Security Machine - Quantum Lying Detector

Iggy Koopa - Bowser's Son - Conflicted Helper?
Fighter1 - TIC Fighter - SURRENDERRR
Blade - Quester - Tiger-Morphing Innuendo Dragon WTF
Sparkfire - Arx's Flaming Horse - It Kicks People

Soldier1 #3 - TIC Soldier - Scared Kid
Soldier2 #3 - TIC Soldier - Doesn't Know Why
Drill Sergeant - TIC Sergeant - Oddly Helpful
One-Eyed Larry - TIC Soldier - Made the Mistake of Talking to Shadow
Commander - TIC Commander - Afraid for his life, Too
Comms Officer - TIC Comms Officer - Quester Disbeliever
Quartermaster - TIC Quartermaster - Zzzz...

Screen #2 - Gerald's Screen - Apocalypse Shower

Grodus - X-Naut Leader - Timely Assistant
Fountain - Originator Device - Speaks of Prophecies
??? #7 - Originator Priest Hologram - Also, Speaks of Prophecies
Vector - Sonic Hero/Chaotix - Knows That computer Room

Armadillo - TIC-Hired Mercenary - Mysterious Anti-Quester Force
Phantom1 - The Void's Assistant - Opposite World Servant
Phantom2 - The Void's Assistant - Ditto
Mewtwo? - The Void's Assistant - Gets a Quester-Headache
Puppeter - The Void's Assistant - Strangely Not Insane
Marshmallow - The Void's Assistant - Weirdo With A Sword
Gerald Robotnik? - The Void's Assistant - Loser
Skyhigh? - The Void's Assistant - Opposite The True One
Jimmy Saucer - Fake Quester - Julian's Doppelganger
Doopliss? - Opposite World Being - Not Evil???
Underkill - Opposite World Being - Weakling
Locos Docos AKA Veejast Radshroom - Opposite Wolf Being - Parody of Maester
Smithy? - Opposite World Being - Ironic Hippie

VCR - Opposite World Being - Kinda like VG, but more Recording Involved

Contract - The Man's Contract - Gonna Tie You Down, Make You Weaker

Message - The King's Distress Message - Gibberish
QRobot - The King's Robots - Ancient Servant
UNITO - Ancient Three Powers Mainframe - Self-Deleting
Kairah Mardeneigh - The King of Genetia - Bitter, Insane Thing-Destroying Trimate-Abusing Maniac
Docent - Julian Bank Docent - Victim of Violence
Retz - Julian Bank Acting CEO - Violent Advisor

Dark Force Plavius - Immortal Force of Evil - The Man's True Form!
Aran - Annoying inter-Season Plot Thing - The Fake Void's True Form

Eggrobo - Eggman Robot - Coffee Seller
EggLawyer - Eggman Robot - Contract Flinger

Cream? - Maester's Evil Servant - Stupid Jerk
Flat-Naut - Maester's Evil Servant - Mindless Slave

Final Notes

Well, that wasn't too hard. It just took multiple days to summarize this MASSIVE season. I hope you at least partially read/enjoyed this, but even if you didn't, it'll be nifty reference material for me to have.

Also, no offense to those people's players whose characters I slammed. They just sucked in this season, seriously. Everyone has their ups and downs, and this was a horrid season as far as player character quality was concerned. Hopefully nothing like that will happen again, especially not when I'm actually GMing properly.

Anyway, that's it, see you next commentary/log!