REVOLUTION - Story - The Void

Random Data

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Element: Chaos
Weight: NaN
Height: Ranges from 7 feet to 15 feet tall
Number of Planets Destroyed: Over 7
Number of Stars Destroyed: Over 3
Number of Fake Deaths: Too Many
Annoyingness: 6.6666666/10
Theme Song: CPacaud's "Battle on a New Continent"
Battle Song: DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu - ]-[_-34(#! (True Final Boss) (Or similar--anything really heavy/glitchy like that)
Power Ranking: Interdimensional Threat


The Void has no definite appearance, only multiple forms.

He started out as an Eggman Doppelganger named Bob, Lord of Electric Death. From there he gained power until he eventually found a better form;

He possessed Tridus, a being Metal Man accidentally created using a Doubler and his time device. That body wasn't good enough, so eventually the Void took on the shape of a gigantic floating shadow-person/boogeyman.

This form is what he remained in for the rest of his time, sans a moment or two where he possessed other people, or the time he merged with a portal to become even stronger.

His last appearance (according to his longer lifespan in the original history) was as a possessed garbage cloud. He had become too weak to do much, having split himself too thin and used too much energy manipulating the Time Cops into doing his whims. He was readily thrown back in time by Deloth at this point.


A hammy, wall-chewing 4th-wall breaking psychotic maniac who cares nothing for anyone. He would rather do the opposite of what people expect, if it would mean causing more chaos. He dislikes all order, including the order of people's atoms that allow them to be alive and sentient. He would rather live in a chaotic void which only occasionally makes sense. He will team up with people solely to give him a better angle to backstab them from--especially if it also kills one of his foes.

Few things are as certain as the death of anyone who gets on his 'list', and he ensures this happens any way possible. Some major candidates on this list included Yurie, Kuja, Locos Docos, and in general everyone on the group that pseudo-beat him in Season 3. (He succeeded in destroying most of them, if indirectly.)

Battle Data

The Void is one of too many guises here. Sometimes he throws nothing but status effects around, other times he just fires big honking bolts of chaos. He is often invincible to the main form of attack his enemy uses, and often cannot be destroyed without some special plot weapon or aid from outside forces.

He is prone to fighting for a very long time and taking many lives, and of casually destroying lesser characters who try to claim his domain. Others he corrupts. He likes to summon those he corrupted to aid him in battle. He also likes to abruptly change his strategy if it begins failing. In any case, it's best to stock up on status prevention tools and to focus on unorthodox attack types--going in with brute force is an easy way to die by The Void's wrath.

The Void gains power from weirdness that makes no sense, so it is advised to stay away from chaos-oriented attacks or weaponry while in his presence.


(Events listed in rough order--time travel is everywhere in this mess)
1. He was originally a hologram Metal Man programmed, name Dr. Robotnik. He was in the holo-room before a Dr. Robotnik had ever visited SSQ. All was fine, until the Questers found a hole in the program, leading for him to rename himself "Bob, Lord of Electric Death" and escape the simulation!
2. The rogue simulation grew in power, feeding off of Metal Man's dimensional device. As Metal Man helped engineer illogical things like the 'Reality TV Show Farce', he became less and less like Ivo Robotnik, or even Bob. As of Season 3, he appeared in the midst of a great number of mind-melting holes in reality, and proudly announced how he corrupted machines.
3. The Void came into being for real at the end of Season 3. There he was at his greatest power; for he had actually experienced time backwards in that aspect, so he had all the accrued power from late SSQ^2 until now. His plan now was to irreversibly corrupt Nintendus into a glitchy mess and perhaps destroy it. What happened next... varies.

=Original (SSQ 1) History=
4. The Questers 'defeated' the Void. He was not actually defeated; he split into millions of pieces and infected all of Nintendus. Ivan Robotnik came into being as his new avatar--after all, he already had the info on Ivo Robotnik to use by this point. Nintendus became corroded (Queue Season 4) until Kuja got a chance to take it over.
5. Kuja took over Nintendus; The Void was split some more, as one half helped corrode Kales Brando with immense power, and the other half masqueraded as Gerald Robotnik and 'worked' under Kuja. He was actually just setting up a plan to oust him.
6. Questers return and reap The Void's rewards. Kuja is defeated. Then The Void decides to destroy the world and take it over as he always planned. Questers overpower him and the world returns sans him or Kuja.
7. While The Void is down and out, Ael discovers him, and plots to use him to wreak vengeance on Metal Man and Kuja. He revives The Void, and uses him to destroy some other dimensions which 'just bug him.' The Arbiter traps him inside the 'Arbiter's device' between attacks, only to eventually re-release The Void into SSQ 1's world so as to deal with Metal Man once and for all.
8. The Void returns to power around Season 10. He now has an inter-dimensional world destruction cred to back up his nasty demeanor. He blows up the entire universe (at least planet-wise) and then challenges the Questers to the ultimate battle for supremacy. Needless to say, he is one heck of a boss fight. The Questers struggled endlessly before they finally wore him out. The Void disintegrated... alongside the Smash Emblems.
9. Ael and the Time Cops shrug. They don't consider the Questers a threat, nor do they really take notes on why this happened. They didn't even bother to re-collect The Void at this time.
10. No one knew that the Void was not dead, yet again. The Void wrought vengeance on the Questers by summoning yet more lies, such as Dr. Proctor, to ruin the world. He destroyed Eisnaught with an evil minion he created, and faked his death to keep anyone from suspecting him. The Questers fell for it hook, line, and sinker.
9. The Book appears. Corroded into insanity by The Void, Kuja, and Metal Man's time device, the Book enacts what The Void always wanted--destroying the world. SSQ 1's dimension is annihilated; The Void has won.
10. The Void remains 'destroyed'; in reality he is just celebrating his victory. A piece of him remains in the Book, which corrodes Metal Man, but it fails to control him, especially when Red Text intervenes.
11. The Void tries a different tactic, which succeeds: he is re-collected by Ael, but in the process begins to drive the Arbiter insane.
12. The Arbiter goes insane and tries to destroy Alsa, so as to continue The Void's wrath.
13. The Arbiter dies, as The Void didn't anticipate Jack.
14. The Void continues to try and pull strings. They all fail, as even Judge Dredd cannot take on Alsa. The Time Cops are obliterated almost entirely from the equation, and Deloth manages to trap the weakened shell of The Void in a never-ending warp back in time. (This is later discovered to be why The Void experiences time backwards--going from the weakened shell to the unstoppable super-being at the end of Season 3.)

=Altered (SSQ^2/SSQ:I) History=
4. Questers from the far future (SSQ^2) appear and intercept the original Questers who fought him, annihilating them. They then also fight The Void--he tries to defeat them with all his forms across time itself (for he is the strongest here) but... it is in vain.
5. The Void realizes that every time he wins, the Questers get stronger. The only way to remove them from the picture... is to destroy himself. So he does that. The Questers themselves tried to 'fill him in' earlier, but were not powerful enough, so it is The Void who determines his fate... to the end.
6. With his utter deletion from existence, everything he created (Ivan Robotnik, the corrupted crazy Charles, etc) vanishes from reality. Nintendus is forever safe against him and his insanity. A side-effect of this is that Kuja is deleted (The X-zone takes him with it), and planets like Turion and Ferran never come into existence. Saga is rudely overwritten with Alsa, removing the last overtones of glitched out insanity. People like Matek (who were just The Void's lackeys) never exist, as The Void generally ripped them into shape by damaging reality itself.
7. This Void never experiences time backwards; rather he is destroyed before he can even finish being created.


SSQ 1 Seasons 2 (as Bob, Lord of Electric Death), 3-4 and 6 (Original Void), 11 (Time cop Weapon Void), SSQ^2 Cycle 1 (Possessing Metal Man), Cycle 7/whatever it is (In the Arbiter's Device + Trash Cloud Form)


The Void is dead. He will not be returning, for while he is very complete as a character, he was also a crutch used to explain away bad writing. He could be considered the mascot of the screwups in SSQ 1's story--and also a symbol of the untapped creative potential I had bottled up back then. He will remain available for those who wish to relive his evil insanity via the holo room, but few sane people would want to experience that. And yes, he won't escape the holo room--he could, but his holograms would not dare disobey their true selve's demands, lest they be obliterated by him when their presence causes him to return.