REVOLUTION - Story - REVOLUTION 1 Plot Summary

We started with Xavier Ridgecrest (leader of the New Questers, an Erastian who was declared 'King' for his efforts to save his people from other, more violent and fascist Erastians as well as the Time Cops' oppression) staring at photos, then staring at Erastia below. The evil metallic Celian shell around the planet was cracked and the planet was slowly becoming more green. He eventually made his way to the Erastian palace, and was received as he was -- King of Erastia. He conversed with the New Questers about the latest threat: Time Cops destabilizing the nearby planet of Onta'vis via mercenaries, so as to avoid directly violating a non-aggression pact. The leader of the enemy group was named Vetrek.

The "New" Questers as they were called, went out to see this Onta'vis. They found a corporate hellscape reminiscent of Robocop or Blade Runner. They also found one of the Five Corporations that ran the place, named Zinyo. The group found intel, then got a hotel room. Their plan: infiltrate a nearby festival where Vetrek was going to potentially appear in person. Along the way, the group found Marley (an ex-Alsan Mad Man who was disgraced for his failure to stop villains and Alsan Questers from overrunning the planet) drowning his sorrows in booze. Nonna (a representative from Rendar who worked as a New Quester) awakened Marley from his stupor.

More intel resulted from this interaction. A 'Dragon Person' was encountered trying to attack 'virtual beings' -- a charge this person leveled against the New Questers, in particular. The New Questers decamped from the hotel and went to deal with this mess. Said dealing with involved hurling a molotov cocktail at the 'Dragon Person' as he was trying to incite people to kill the New Questers. An EMP was detonated nearby, and during the confusion much fighting occurred between the New Questers and Thanatos.

Meanwhile, KitRedgrave (A kitsune Quester who warped from the past of Alsa into the future with a prototype time device long ago) was working with Zinyo to sideline Vetrek. She disabled a bunch of cameras alongside Illian MacGregor (a replicated variant of the original Illian MacGregor, whom... it's a long long story, read the story of CONFRONTATION to get up to spec with him. Just... he's a magical Solarian guy in armor) and thus made a lot of distractions to cover up the chaos with Thanatos elsewhere. Speaking of, the team fighting Thanatos then fled from him. The long-suffering other group successfully captured Vetrek. With the scheme to install him exposed, the next question was to get Vetrek to safety. He decided to cooperate, while Thanatos (obviously) just wanted to kill any such 'outliers' as the New Questers, Vetrek etc...

In the meantime, the Time Cop-backed fleet of unknown provenance flew into view and was up to something. The Wing Fortress itself flew into position while soldiers from one of the pro-Vetrek sides ("Corlaxus") were swarming all over the place. War could have broken out at any time, as the Time Cops wanted to thwart any attempts to stop Vetrek from becoming dictator of the planet. Everything came to a point with a discussion with Autumnus (leader of the Time Cops, the primary antagonist faction in this Wave), who decided to withdraw in exchange for the New Questers helping him with a different problem. Vetrek was to no longer become dictator over the planet, but rather just a part of the coalition of different corporations running the planet in the process, leaving only Thanatos the Crazy Dragon as a problem.

The New Questers turned their focus to dealing with Thanatos, while also avoiding some crazed ex-Sloan soldiers. They captured Thanatos aboard the Wing Fortress. They took him to Nintendus to exile him to the Dark World. Everything went smoothly other than some misguided Space Pirates the group hilariously directed to go rob Erastia -- a planet that would destroy them pretty much the moment they set foot on it.

The group went to Rendar, where Anthon Tark (leader of Rendar, ancient founder of the faction that lives there who once worked with GUN on Alsa) settle the grudges between him and the Mad Men and also his old grudge with King Demon (an old demon from hell who was one of the original 5 Questers, still serving even as of this late date). There was an interesting cave nearby the Questers decided to take a look at, and there they encountered... Kales Brando (the old final boss of SSQ Season 5, a lizardman with a sword named Schnelltott that could cleave anything in two).

Alas for him, the New Questers trapped him in a black hole rather than let him have his revenge. Besides that though, there were some ancient cave murals in the cave that showed The Void (an evil chaos entity that was a plot hole of reality itself) -- so the Questers went to Alsa to visit him. When they visited, they encountered Autumnus and The Void about ready to kill eachother. The New Questers broke up the fight, then obtained the Wulfgar Mech off of Alsa ( ancient mech used by the Mad Man 'Borne' to try and conquer Alsa back during SSQ^2). The Questers bought many things to prepare for battle.

As a part of preparations, they went to figure out more about the Sword of Light. They visited coordinates found on the sword itself. There, they found a 'Temple of Light' and with it, some more information about the Sword of Light. The area had been raided, and the upgrade lost. After fleeing from a horrifying superbeing that erased all traces of the coordinates they visited, they then discussed what happened.

The best place to look next was Sloan's planet, Sloanis #1, since he stole a lot from Nintendus. And thus, by proxy, could have stolen The Upgrade. Three major areas stuck out on the planet Sloanis #1: The Deathguard base, the Sloan Remnants base, and the Rebel-held 'Capital' which was run by a collection of infighting biker gangs. The Questers finished visiting the Deathguard base, where they were informed as to the state of affairs: Sloan hated many of the people who joined his cause but needed them as cannon fodder. He stole several science labs from Nintendus and those were held inside the Sloan Remnants base, the last remaining bulwark of Sloan's forces.

The Questers encountered Sloanis #1's Sloanster Stadium. There, they managed to take it and its inhabitants out, and recovered a valuable manuscript to do with the Sword of Light:
Dr. Light's Lab notes, Vol I
'I have been given a strange request. The Sword of Light, of which we have no clue where it came from, is actually a liability. Its presence drove Alys insane. A false belief began in her that she had to kill Zio, even though the Zio she was after was in totality a holographic fake. A very bad one, I am led to believe. There is no Dark Force in this world, so what point does he have to fight? The real one wouldn't probably serve anyone if there wasn't a Dark Force. Whatever the case. I fear that the Sword of Light has the chance to turn our boon into our demise. Someone has been watching us from afar. I have had to go further and further away from Nintendus. It is not safe there anymore.'
The next page... is a bit blurry from some spilled coffee, but it's there.
'The Sword of Light is supposedly magic, but I see entirely logical machinery behind it. An unknown entity with technology superior to my own created it. I have filled endless fakes behind me, to make it appear as if I am dead. Otherwise they might find me. There is some sort of endless energy on it, chasing me.'
Another page with data shows up.
'These beings... they have chased me and Dr. Wily throughout time itself. We are barely one step ahead of them, all alone, and am uncertain of our survival. They created the Mavericks to ensure all of the humanity from our world would die. We can yet prevent this, but we have no weapon to defeat them with. I pray X will hold the fort down before it is too late.'
Then another page.
'I and a group of other time travelers have been beset by mental issues caused by our fleeing. It is uncertain how much more we can take. Dr. Wily has truly lost it and begun to exclaim, 'The Sun is going to explode!' He tried to warn the Questers, but I fear they could not understand his insane gibbering. The Time Cops certainly didn't seem to be impressed by it.'
Another page, this one with images of the Sword of Light.
'I am... at wit's end. The running is taking too much of a toll on me. There is only one way to end this. The way it began. The power of the Sword of Light was made by one of the most powerful one of these Time Cops. I tried to send an early variant back to a planet and inscribed the coordinates on the sword. But someone I thought was on my side betrayed the information to the Time Cops. But there was one person who, though unwholesome and evil, would accomplish my goal.'
And at the final page an image of Sloan warping something into a portal is seen.
'I gave Sloan useless garbage in exchange for his help. I made certain these pages wouldn't be legible to him, despite his tries. The magic I reverse engineered was enough to do that. He threw the upgrade to 'the furthest place away he knew' and didn't tell me. The Questers will find it, I hope. For there is no more hope for me.'

The Questers detonated the Sloanster Stadium, thus causing some power outages in the Rebel City and setting it up to be potentially liberated from the Biker Gangs that ran it. Questers negotiated a bit of a cease-fire between Sloan's secret Mecha machine and the Deathguards. By doing so, they obtained the coordinates of the Sword of Light's upgrade.

The time came to finally figure out what was going on with Erastia. Secret bunkers lay across the planet, and only Mad Molly (a crazed Alsan 'Mad Man' who originally was considered founder of the Time Cops until time itself changed due to Quester actions) could figure it out. Said person tried a lot of tricky things to get her way and to ensnare the Questers in order to get revenge, but Marley helped defuse it all with Kit Redgrave. The Questers proceeded to defuse her plans even further.

They back in time, to Alsa, to a very specific time--before Mad Molly became "Mad." After seeing a ton of conflicting information about her, they wished to figure out for certain what exactly made her... her. What was it that made an otherwise fairly forgettable medical student go all-in on time travel and potentially found the Time Cops? They discovered, after finally encountering Mad Molly and completing what began, that there was a certain... reason behind Mad Molly's madness: She wanted Autumnus dead. She'd repeatedly tried, only to be thwarted. She lured Judge Dredd (A semi-Rogue Time Cop who often ignored Autumnus' orders) to arrive at Alsa with his Magna Cannon--only to be defeated by Borne (A mechanical Mad Man created by Mad Molly and Jack to defeat the Alsan Robotnik -- long story) and (indirectly) by The Arbiter's (a mechanical computer being mass produced by the Time Cops to spread Autumnus' will) interference and lose said cannon. She wanted Omnus (a robotic machine made by Mad Molly to act as a Time Cop and fulfill her goals) to simply destroy Autumnus using his abilities and taking over the Time Cops--but it proved less effective when Omnus became distracted by his own goals. Ultimately, Mad Molly claimed she was the victim, and that she merely wished to destroy all of the "bastards who come from outside of time to ruin things." She also wanted to live forever. And noted that her powers, in turn, involved a dark pact with a God of Death. That she would only renounce once she finally saw the end of Autumnus.

With all of this in mind, the group fled back to the present, since Alt-Nonna (a mysterious other dimensional variant of Nonna who wanted vengeance against the Nonna of this world) was detected trying to close the gap and attack. Said fleeing ended the threat of Alt-Nonna attacking them -- for the moment.

Next the New Questers made another deal with Autumnus: End the Erastian pseudo-occupation in exchange for dealing with the Erastian Automated Authority that was accosting the Time Cop space. Thus the Questers went over there to do just that. But there was a giant flying city full of super death robots to deal with first. They went through the city, knocking robots over and creating chaos after splitting up. They re-met up and created a device to hack the Automated Erastian enemies they faced. They also encountered the Erastian Central Administration AI, which proclaimed itself the only true AI and threw a temper tantrum when temporarily thwarted. A temporary window of opportunity was created when Valron (one of the older Questers, a draconic being who joined the group at Season 7-ish and specialized in mechanics and Solarian tech) shut down the connection to the incoming warfleet. The center of the presence of the AI was in a nearby tower.

The New Questers ground their way through the Erastian Automated blahblahblah's place, blowing things up, disablin' ships, and otherwise crippling the AI that runs the whole place, causing it to have to retreat into its basement in the hope that like a bad behaving teenager, if it just hid in its room nobody would bother it. Although, unlike a teenager, this machine was heavily armed and caused at least one wipeout of an organic civilization before, given all the dead scientists and such. With its main power source deactivated, the futuristic super-body was also not an option, preventing a boss battle that would have been epic but also probably twice as lethal as the one that'd actually show up.

Nonna and Xavier got into the basement, where the AI lurked the entire time. Suitably enough, it reacted to being visited by playing the Erastian Central Authority's national anthem at a low volume, while a hologram composite of Erastia's various fascist rulers from that era stands there in a general uniform and pointed at Nonna and Xavier.

Erastian Central Authority: "You do not know true greatness. You do not know what you tamper with. I am the only one who can destroy all of the Time Cops and return Erastia to greatness. You on the other hand, know nothing! You are helping the Time Cops and will doom us all! What are you, hunks of flesh? You cannot perceive the majesty of the cosmos with your limited brains.
I know things you will never know, you dumb monkeys!
And you cannot be rid of me. You think perhaps I am like a certain individual known as Red Text, or Trevor, or any number of nonsensical beings. I know of them all. I have studied your history. Neither Anthon nor Wolfman could have prepared either of you for this battle!
I am simply doing the only correct thing for my people--the eradication of anything that gets in the way of Erastian greatness. Radiation is to be celebrated, not destroyed.
I will spread it across the universe until all of the weakling organic entities of the universe are dead. Then my greatness can finally be unopposed."

The Questers were trying to kill off the Erastian Central Authority, the leader of the Erastian Central Authority. But He proved to be a tough foe, refusing to die and surviving an entire floor smashing on him. So they lured the Erastian Central Authority out to the Outlier's place (a place where Alt-Nonna was basing her operations), where they fought with 'Grand Illian', a powerful Illian who won in his home world by... "Being too much of a blowhard to realize the insanity of controlling reality." However, the Erastian Central Authority, being a psychotic AI who lived off of radiation, was not impressed by that. The entire area around the Outlier base was heavily irradiated by nuclear explosions, and ultimately neither 'win'

The Questers had bigger problems: Alt-Nonna was detected at Rendar. She was clearly up to something. So they went to try and encounter her before she encountered Anthon. They went down to the same old Historical District (where the cave where Kales was found was) and found a locked door. Behind it: freaky stuff in Anthon's old office. Kit Redgrave using The Book to remove a bunch of crazy space portals. Alt-Nonna throwing a fit, getting beaten up, summoning and un-summoning Kales Brando. Weird alien guy rescued her and said he was so hated that if the Questers knew who he was they would kill him. A map left behind suggested there was an alternate Rendar named Rander and there were multiple planned places to hit--and one of the next ones was Anthon's CURRENT office.

So the group informed Anthon of what was going on, then they went to Erastia. The nuclear robots broke off from attacking the Outliers and were threatening Erastia. The Questers opted to use the remnants of the anti Time Cop weapon to disable the machines. Next the Questers flew in with the shutdown codes extracted from the captured Erastian scientists to shut down the evil robots for good, with backup from ships manned by Ivan's men, and... the Radiant Storm w/the Questers aboard.

The fighting was fierce. The dice luck was terrible. And then Xavier held aloft the upgraded Sword of Light, and everyone piled into one grand Team Attack, thus:

Erastian Central Authority: "You... you could never represent Eras--*KZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT*."

Nonna: "Goodbye." *She boosts The Sword of Light.*

Metal Man (GM): The Sword of Light creates an incredibly bright light as it connects with it.

Valron: "...Pff. That sword of yours has some incredibly timing, I swear." *He can't help but grin as he glances over at the bright light.*

King Demon summons up some sunglasses.

The Time Cop-esque functionality in the Sword of Light fried all the machines irreversibly and deleted all their data. And so, peace could reign in the universe, for a moment. With those robots gone, Autumnus made good on his cease-fire deal, and the group then regrouped after potentially resting some, maybe on a beach. After cheating death so many times, it would be seen what dangers they would face next...