Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 1: The Early Days


Mario has had it all...he has defeated Bowser many times, took part in charity golf, race-kart, and party games, and even became the "Super Smasher" at the old Super Smash Stadium. He was enjoying a nice vacation, when Parakarry came.

Mario remembered Parakarry from his Paper Mario days. The mail carrier helped out by carrying Mario over wide pits. "What-a brings you-a over here to-a my pad?" Mario asked.

"I have a letter for you," replied Parakarry. "Please take it."

Mario took the letter, and started reading it. It read as follows:

So, you have managed to beat me last time. Well Mario, that is just history. A new Stadium was just made; one that you can not win in! For that matter, Bowser, your arch-nemesis, has just become the "Melee Smasher" as it were in the Adventures Tournament. Since your title was only for the old Stadium, myself and my--pardon the pun--left handed hand are the current champs on the Classics Tournament. If you want to see if you can beat us again, follow this map. (Map not available at present time)

Good luck, Mario! You'll need it! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!


Master Hand

Mario started to look a little bit steamed. He always considered himself the star, and the best there was. "I'm going to reply by a personal appearance, if you don't mind," Mario told Parakarry.

"Don't worry; I have more letters to deliver. I think more were invited to this 'Melee Stadium' as you call it."

Both went their separate ways at that point. Parakarry went to deliver more letters. Mario went to pack his bags, for he knew this would take awhile. Putting on his best overalls (which ones ARE the best, anyway?) and packing the others away, he set off for the Melee Stadium.