Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 10: The Need for Greed



"I'm bored."

"Me too."

"Me three."

Aribar, Demon, and Sword Blade were in R&R, bored. With some of the Melee Fighters already gone, they didn't know how to use the rest of their day, this June 3rd. Wolfman just happened to come in at that time.

"As you know, some of the fighters might want you Questers to join them. How about proving yourselves against each other?"

"Like a spar?" Aribar asked.

Mewtwo came in at that time. "Yes. However, to make things a little more interesting, I will allow a form of...what is it...gambling."

That got the Questers' attention.

"Basically, you must risk something. If it's coins, it's coins. If it's moves, I don't care if it's Baby Bash vs Gerudo Punch. However, it must be equal value."

The stage was set for a three-way match. Farore's Wind, Sing, and Megavitamins were all on the line. Aribar was ignored quickly as Demon and Sword Blade were throwing counter after counter. Aribar went out first, then Demon. Sword Blade gained the moves.

June 4th arrived quickly. The new item store opened up, and Klumsy was mad that nothing could be bought. Aribar wanted the transformer item and challenged Sky High, the latest recruit, to a match. Each fighter put in 100 coins in the pot, making the total 200. Sky was so focused and so accurate, he managed to land TWO critical hits! That helped Sky win over Aribar. Even Mewtwo had to acknowledge a new reward, "Critical Quester", for landing those critical hits.

It came to the evening time, when Klumsy, Panzer, and others were bored. Wolfman was present and had to announce that there should be no troublemaking. Klumsy caused trouble with Panzer. What that is this book can not say for fear of being ripped out, but Mewtwo had to come in and temporarily set him outside Melee Stadium.

Klumsy came back and wanted to know what the big deal was. Mewtwo told him that he ignored the warning and would be punished. After mass confusion as to what it would be, it came down to this. Klumsy would have to fight Panzer and Sky in a handicapp match. Klumsy would use four moves that Mewtwo would assign. If Klumsy wins, he will be in good graces again. If he loses, the four moves he used in that match would be divided amongst the two winners.

Klumsy wanted stuff to happen...but now probably regrets it.