Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 11: Onnet's Troubles



Mario, Donkey Kong, and Link had already left to try to find this "N-Team" that Link had mentioned. The Ice Climbers went to check out their land; same with Kirby. Yoshi stayed behind to help with the kitchen duties; Dr. Mario and Peach for assistance duties. The others were doing various things. And as usual, Mewtwo was in the Big Room, making sure that everything was working and giving Wolfman a hard time this June 5th.

"You are too much of a softie, you know," Mewtwo commented. "You would rather forgive a foe than destroy him."

"You don't know me that well Mewtwo," Wolfman retorted. "Besides, you are not referring to enemies...rather, my former co-workers."

"You mean those Super Powers from the Super Smash Stadium?"

"Yes; I'm not the one for firing. Well, there was that one..."

"He doesn't count; someone else would have fired him."

Wolfman had worked at the Super Smash Stadium long before the Melee Stadium was even conceived. It proved to be hectic there. While he was a "softie" more or less at the SSS, Wolfman at least knew when business had to be done. He had another identity while over there...and a different body to boot.

Their argument was interuppted by some of the Questers meeting in the Big Room. A new face was with them.

"Well, if it isn't Senor Resop," Mewtwo commented.

Jay Resop came from the land of Neglected Characters. It's a special getaway for those whose status is usually neglected for a "better" sibling. Luigi helped organize the movement. Now, a pidgit runs the place, a tweeter is the head scientist, and a spanyard has the best attack moves...since they all involve death.

Jay got initiated without much of a hitch...which was a good thing. Ness came in and told of the troubles in Onett. The Questers--Aribar, Jay, Positron, Sky, Game Guru, and Panzer (the late one this time)--went with Ness. Jay spotted a Runaway Dog immediately and stopped it while Ness was explaining the situation.

Eventually, the group ran into a gang called the Sharks. These teens didn't prove to be much trouble. The trouble was keeping them organized...Jay was having a little bit too much fun. Ness and Mewtwo (via telepathic connections) got them straight.

After taking out some more dogs along with evil cops, a new foe surfaced. Ness recognized it as Starman Jr. Starman Jr. said that the real enemy was not Frank, the original target. It was obviously this new foe. The questers gave him a run for his money, with Jay giving the final blow.

While all of that was going on, Mewtwo had to work with Peach on a mute spell so that only certain people could speak at a was getting rowdy at the Stadium with some of the "too-late" Questers.

The mission proved to be successful, but more business had to be taken care of. Klumsy appeared, knowing he had a match against Panzer and Sky. Mewtwo proved to be a nice pok�mon and didn't force him to use his Teleport move. The battle raged on. Klumsy gave it all he got, but his opponents kept on using the same moves over and over. The crowd booed them and cheered for Klumsy. Unfortunately, 2 on 1 isn't his specialty, as he went down.

Everyone kept up to their end of the bargain, but Mewtwo then threw a twist. Since Panzer & Sky were booed by the crowd, they would be penalized in coins. Klumsy, for fighting with honor, earned two new moves to replace the four he lost. Mewtwo then initiated Sour Surfer, the 19th Quester.

Aribar then started causing trouble by trying to break into rooms again. While he still proved unsuccessful, he tried to say that he wanted to quit. The next day, he did. Mewtwo then set up a barrier to hopefully prevent him from returning...the other Questers were overjoyed.