Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 12: VHe're All Gonna Die!



Game & Watch was still trying to sell some of his wares after the fight of Klumsy vs Panzer & Sky High. Panzer was around, and so was Positron. "I see you have enough for the new Spike Protectors."

Demon was also in the room, and asked to double check the prices. Panzer & Posi quickly confirmed what Demon meant; 600 coins was enough for the OTHER new item--the Zora Breather. "Well, excuse me! I'll give you both the Spike Protector for free!" Panz and Posi got their items. "Panzer, this is your third item. If you get another, you can store any unwanted items in your vault. If you find another on the battlefield, you can get rid of another item that way as well."

Panzer started thinking. Though he earned his Smash Dex, he felt it was more of a burden. Somehow, he chose to say: "No thanks."

That ended the early morning of June 6th, when everyone got their pay. Well, almost everyone. One Quester requested it held back.

"Are-a you sure you are-a okay?" Dr. Mario asked this Quester.

"I am ok you quack!" he responded. "I just don't know whether I want to be with these other guys."

"I thank you for addressing us on the matter," Wolfman said. All three of them were in Wolfman's office. "Is there any way I can help?"

"You can't sir," he responded. Then he left...though he fell on the ground first.

It was the eve of June 7th when Link contacted the Questers. He, Mario, & Donkey Kong were sent to try to find the "N-Team", a band of heroes that fight evil on all realms. However, Link was alone.

"Attention Questers! Simon Belmont, one of the N-Team, has supposedly been kidnapped and taken to Dracula's castle! I need a team of about five or six to join me!"

Of course, it wasn't five or six. After various arguments ensued, the final count was Bowler Dude, Cooper, Demon, Klumsy, Panzer, Sky High, Sour Surfer, and Sword Blade.

The group of nine, headed by Link, went into the castle. They reached the center area without problems. However, Dracula was waiting!

"Well, VHis will be good," Drac said. "I get to send you all to the Catacombs!" A magic bat appeared from him, which crumbled the floor. Everyone fell, except for Sword, who glided down with the Parasol Uppercut.

Bowler tried to get ahead. He thought he saw one thing, but his comrades saw the real thing; plenty of Skeleton Bombers. Bowler somehow got teleported out in mid-fight while the others stayed and fought them. The bombers fell quickly.

The group went through a zig-zag type room without a hitch. However, the next room had creatures Klumsy somehow recognized--the Earth Demon. Actually, it was Earth Demons, for there were two of them. The fight proved to be tough, but the Questers managed to stun them and defeat them on the ground. Sour earned a bonus move after that fight--Agility.

After awhile, they ran into a blue door. A scream was heard from the other side...the scream of Simon. Everyone rushed in, which was followed by the doors shutting and locking, and Sky's Smash Dex beeping. The creature they had to face was Cerebrus, a monstrous 3-headed dog with 600 HP--at least two to three times more than Bowser! To quote Sky, "We're all gonna die!"

Cerebrus only had two attacks, but those attacks were plenty powerful. Sky himself actually lost a life during the fight. Link couldn't help much either. However, during the fight, he rescued Simon by shooting an arrow at either a switch or his bonds--it was hard to tell what Link noticed. However, it did the job, and Simon helped out in the fight. It ended with Link and Simon performing their own versions of Smash Attacks on Cerebrus, knocking him out.

Everyone made it back safely--Simon and Link included. Awards were handed out. Moves were swapped. The one who didn't want pay earlier got it. Simon was starting to recover.

Later the next day, Link, Simon, Mewtwo, and Wolfman were talking in the Conference Room about the latest mission...

"I don't get it! I was just fixing my own hair and whip, when suddenly a black-armored thug used some magic to transport me to Dracula's Castle!"

Wolfman and Mewtwo exchanged glances. They knew he was referring to Ganondorf.

"It seemed like Dracula gained new servants overnight! I have never seen skeletons that can throw bombs, worms that can poison you at the slightest touch, or even this 'Cerebrus' creature!"

"Simon, things have changed," Mewtwo said. "This isn't the year 1691."

"It was when I was on the N-Team!"

"Actually, Mega Man could have argued it was 200X," Wolfman said. "I mean, think about it! Were there REALLY any robotic helpers in Romania during your time?!?"

" are right. But then I don't get it..."

"I think I do," Link finally spoke. "This Melee Stadium somehow connects to various parts of Space and Time. I mean, how else could I have fought Mario--or even a younger version of myself for that matter--in a fighting contest?"

"Actually, time doesn't have much of a meaning to anyone...except Wolfman," Mewtwo said. "His time standard seems to have been the only consistent one."

"Actually, I know of two reliable time standards. However, I will mention the year of the more common standard. It is the year 2002 C.E. Technically, it could also be 200X, but I'm not keeping track of variables," Wolfman said.

"That could make sense...after all, Captain N had--" He stopped short.

"I forgot...he and the others got kidnapped as well. They have to be rescued as well!"

"Are there others?" Link asked.

"That's actually a funny question...I thought I saw ANOTHER Belmont in that castle during my carting away. However, I couldn't get him to come to my attention."

"Any distinguishing features?" Mewtwo asked.

"He was fighting some skeletons and chose to pull out some cards. He put them together, and he started glowing. He then pulled out a lightning-fast whip that kept them at bay."

"Simon," Wolfman started speaking, "That person you are describing...I do not know if he is a Belmont."

"Then...who was he?"

"Like Captain N, I know a lot about these worlds. I have gained the knowledge of this person through my own means. He's a fine vampire hunter, trained by one of your decendants, the Baldwins. At least, I'm sure it's one of your decendants. He--"

"Just say the name already!"

"Fine. His Nathan Graves."


"You didn't hear the 'trained by one of your decendants' part obviously. Nathan, like that castle you got caught in, is from your future. I can't guarrentee what will happen, but most likely all of the known Belmonts and decendents are going to have to join hands to stop Dracula now. After that, you and the Belmont clan can possibly help our cause of stopping Bowser, Gannondorf, and whoever else is out there."

"Wolfman," Mewtwo spoke, "I think Ganondorf got Dracula out of that sleep this time. Simon, I think we are going to have to work together sooner than later. I just want to know one thing...can you spare your backpack for a few days while you rest up here?"

"Uh...sure; why?"

"If we can possibly make more of that sack, it might help the Questers that helped rescue you," Mewtwo responded.

"Just let me empty out the stuff in...where is my room, anyway?"

"I'll show you," Wolfman said. "Let's call this meeting off; it is getting late."