Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 13: [Both] Kevin's Bad Day



"Why are you doing this? There is no point; you will just get beaten again & again!"

"You have REALLY got to shut up! If only I knew--" Quickly, Bowser pulled out a belt that had a nintendo controller on it. He hit the start button.

"No, not tha--" the victim got paused.

"Well, that's one Kevin to get that other one!"

"Before you go, King Dad," Ludwig entered, "Ganondorf and I have made a new invention that will help you to stop those Questers!"

"Even more so than this Necklace?" Bowser held up the Koopa Necklace, a special necklace that allows him to perform any special move that the Melee Fighters can do.

"With this new invention, it won't be needed!"

"Then let's do this!" The Koopas laughed as they head towards the spot where the invention is located.

"Come on Simon; you have to learn how to use your special items without the need for jewels, hearts, or any other item like that," Ness said.

"And I thought fixing my face would be harder..." Simon mumbled. Simon was being trained by Ness, the boy wonder, on performing moves without the need for items.

"Listen Simon. Mario can throw a fireball without a fire flower. Link doesn't need magic for a spin attack. You can certainly throw special weapons without extra stuff."

"It doesn't work that way...not for me at least."

Prof. Oak entered the area at that time. "You should be lucky you had a supply of hearts with you when you were freed from Cerebrus. However, I think I managed to tinker with this necklace some Questers brought in so that it can help you." He pulls out a new object, which looks like a fancy toy gun.

"This is called the Move Giver. While still in beta stages, this will allow new fighters to be "given" four moves of their specialty. In your case, it would be four of your special weapons--dagger, cross, axe, and holy water."

"What about the stop watch?" Simon asked.

"I'm seeing if I can turn that into a battle item or something of that nature."

"Are you saying that by zapping him with that gun wannabe, Simon can throw his weapons without a problem?" Ness asked.

"Yes," Oak replied. "I am also making a new item that will help Simon, since he won't be getting a comeback jump out of any of this. It's not fully ready, though."

"Well, what are you waiting for? Zap me!" Simon said.

"Very well..." the trigger was pulled. Simon was covered in a new light. Eventually, the light show ended. Simon reached into his pocket, threw out a cross, and caught it on its return.

"Well, I guess it works." Simon replied. At that moment, the lights in that room--actually, all over the Stadium--were flickering.

"Great; I knocked out some of the power," Oak noticed. "It will take me awhile to fix this mess. I hope trouble doesn't start until AFTER this gets fixed."

"You were right, Ganondorf," Bowser said as he approached the Stadium in stealth. "That Oak DID mess up the power!"

"As usual, he's a klutz," Ganondorf replied. "Now let's hurry! This potion won't last long!"

Oak managed to get a Raichu running the base power temporarily. It allowed Mewtwo to get started initiating Devo, the newest Quester. However, Oak had to give Mewtwo a message. "Mewtwo, we have a problem--the Max Ups are all gone!"

"This can't be good..." Mewtwo said. "Where are Bowser and Ganondorf? I know they are behind this!"

"I think the Arena. It looks like you are initiating someone; finish that quickly and get the Questers out there!" The connection was cut off.

"Devo, you earned a Max Up as well...can you handle the Doubler for the moment then?"

"I can," he replied.

The rest of the initiation went smoothly. Mewtwo sent out Devo, Panzer, Klumsy, Cooper, Demon, & Bowler to the arena. Simon met up with them and joined as well, probably under orders of Ness to see if his skills will work on the battlefield.

The team of seven made it to the Arena. The battlefield chosen for them, Final Destination, looked much bigger than usual. They made it up, and heard Ganondorf and Bowser enter. First, they said that they don't need the necklaces anymore to unleash all of the moves. They also revealed that they snuck into the Melee Stadium, got Ganondorf's Max Up back (from Kevin's vault), had DK's Max Up for some time (Bowser's), and brainwashed the two hands. They were brainwashed, since Klumsy's Smash Dex said they were friends. The field was split up, leaving one group against the hands and one group against the real bad guys.

Positron came in a little late, and for once, Mewtwo was glad. "Come with me," he said. Mewtwo and Positron went to the control room of the Arena, took out an Onett Cop blocking the controls, and destroyed the mind-controlling device. It was just in time, for the two hands were about to sandwhich some of the Questers. The hands regained their freedom back, and sent the two real antagonists away. Awards were given properly.

The next day, June the 11th, Nodal Whisk joined the Questers. A training session was being conducted when Nodal left and Luigi stopped the session. He said that Simon was considering joining the Melee Stadium staff in some way. Klumsy jumped high in the air, for he believes that new moves will soon be available.

We'll see if he's right.