Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 14: A Dark Legacy



Quiet. That's how the Melee Stadium was June 11th. It wasn't quiet for long, though. Somehow, a warp was made in the Stadium. Mewtwo asked Sword Blade & Nodal to investigate it.

They got sent to the Dark World of Doom Mountain, where Mewtwo's telepathic powers can't contact them. Nodal became a bottle with hands, while Sword became a dog. They ran into the bully and round ball, who told them that the Dark World has somehow come back. Some things have changed during its revival, and some enemies are planning on expanding it to other realms.

While Nodal was still able to talk, Blade somehow lost that ability, and so Nodal had to do the navigating up the newly-revived Spectacle Rock. They made it up, crossed a bridge, and got caught by a spider-type creature. Blade ran and picked up a speherical shape, which changed him and Nodal to their regular forms. Now back to normal, they could use their special moves to drive back the spider. Nodal picked up the other item, a mirror. That brought them back to the Light World, and Mewtwo brought them back to base. He took the items and gave them to Oak for study.

Two new guys watching the action (somehow), Mr. T and Smasher, chose to join the Questers. With this many Questers, is there an end in sight?

The end was not in sight. A few days later, the world of Kanto needed a quick scout. Panzer, Cooper, Sword Blade, Klumsy, Game Guru, and the two newcomers--Mr. T & Smasher--went at it. Four pokemon blocked the way to the SS Anne in Vermillion City, and only two were defeated before Dracula came. He made a warp to the Dark World and sucked them all in.

Once in, again Mewtwo tried to contact them, but to no avail. Blade was a dog, just like last time. Game Guru joined the canine crew. Klumsy turned into a dodo bird. Cooper, with the transformer item, became a canary on Coop's side and a gecko on the other. Smasher was (word blacked out). Mr. T turned into the letter T. And Panzer...this book must say now. She became a kitty.

Panzer REALLY hated it. Not only does she not like kitties, but she doesn't like water. The Questers ended up on a boat that was sailing away from Dark Vermillion Docks. The crew met with Bowser, Ganondorf, and Dracula--all unchanged--and had to fight a Blastoise--also unchanged. Without the ability to use special moves, the Questers used their "animal instincts" to head towards victory.

Klumsy tried his break dance, but still wasn't used to the dodo legs. He broke a hole in the boat and fell through a warp. The others entered it. They made it back to the light world.

While everyone got their heart container and moves, Mewtwo took away all of the coins earned in the mission because they "complained too much". Mewtwo also told Panzer that a visit with Dr. Mario would soon be in order.