Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 16: Ridley's Race



"Are you sure we can do this?" One person said.

"He's right; is it a smart idea?" Said another.

"Why are you questioning the leader?" Said another.

"He's not the leader; HE is!" Said another.

"Stop it all of you!" Said the final. "I have become the leader of this squadron, and I am ordering you to do this!"

"I thought that lady-thing was the lea--"

"Not anymore! I have told you this many times...things have changed in recent years. Now, be gone!"

Fox and Falco were working with Captain Falcon in the underground garage. The garage is where all of the specially made vehicles are made...or being made, it should be said.

"Falco, I told you I need the socket wrench, not the screw driver!"

"Sorry Einstein, but I'm currently working on so many things that I can't give you anything proper!"

"That's a lame excuse. Falcon, tell him to shape up!"

"The both of you...we need to hurry up with these Convert-a-Cars quickly; I think the Questers will need them soon."

Sooner than they all thought.

The alarm sounded too quickly for a bunch of old and new questers on the 18th. Nine questers--Mr. T, Game Guru, Demon, Devo, Zenno, Bowler, Panzer, Cooper, and Trek--were waiting in the big room for Captain Falcon--of all people--to explain the mission. It would involve these new Convert-a-Cars that were made. They were roomy enough for three people--one driver, one navigator, and one shooter. Everyone got teamed up in groups of three; while not everyone was overly happy of their positions, they managed.

Their first driving/flying test took place in Corneria, where the navigators managed to hack into a communication by Star Wolf. Two cars (T, Guru, & Demon in one; Devo, Zenno, & Bowler on the other) had to go from flying mode to driving mode on a racetrack and fire from below, while the third car (Panzer, Cooper, and Trek) managed to stay in the air. Devo's car had the most trouble, and everyone was complaining about it. It somehow got to move again, and get stuck again.

Eventually, 4 Star Wolf went to three, to two, to one--Wolf (not related to Wolfman). However, before anyone could finish him, Ridley appeared. He didn't seem very strong, for Devo and Bowler managed to combine their attacks. Wolf also took the blow. Zenno wondered what happened to Ridley, who he considered his brother.

While they managed to work together at the end, Mewtwo was VERY disturbed at Devo's team, and split all of their coins among the other six! No awards were given either. However, all nine got the usual rewards.

Panzer and Cooper also had a talk with Dr. Mario. The Doc proved to be not as evil as Panzer thought; he even mentioned a name that might help her: "Dr. Right".