Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 18: The Variety Chapter



"Now look here," Game & Watch told some Questers. "I know that you got your paycheck of 100 coins last midnight; I know you have enough for some more items. I know that you want them! So please, someone buy one!"

Demon, Sky, and others were listening to G&W rant on in the big room immediately after the Dream Land mission. Sky, hearing enough, gave G&W 750 coins. "I'll take the Moon Stone."

"It's Moon Pearl," G&W replied. The coins and pearl were exchanged. "Pleasure doing business with you."

"You know why I want to talk to you Jay," Mewtwo said. "You were trying to be your own team and do your own thing when you couldn't."

"You are right; I was not focused on this mission. Forgive me please; I don't deserve any rewards."

"Since you were being honest, you are getting them reguardless." The move he got was Super Jump Punch, a Mario move.

"Thanks for the irony lesson," Jay said.

"Don't mention it."

"Come on sucka," T complained in the Item Lab. "I don't got me all day in here you know."

"Hold still while I apply the Move Swapper helmets," Oak replied to T and Sour, the other person in the trade business this time.

The helmets were set up, and Raichu came forth. Normally, Pikachu does the honors, but since four moves were being swapped, the big guns were brought. All that was needed was the inevitable "Rai........CHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!"

The brains were stimulated as the proper moves were being swapped from one owner to the other. Eventually, a ding was heard, and everything was alright.

"Thank you Oak; I have a fight against Sword Blade in five minutes!"

"Well, hurry up to the arena...and be careful; I heard not all arenas are fully working right now," Oak said.

"100 coins says Blade wins Mewtwo."

"Cooper, you really want that money back..."

"I'm fine with my punishment Mewtwo; I just want to see how much betting I can do."

"Fine; be lucky I'm in a good mood."

Blade and T had to fight in Poke Floats, for the other arenas were having a tuneup. While damage dealt was low, T failed to get up towards the Onyx. That took him out, for Squirtle already left. T lost 100 coins, Blade gained 100 coins, and Coop gained 100 coins.

"Can I get initiated now?"

"You can Darken; Simon just said yes."

Mewtwo, Darken, and another new person named Shane, were in the big room. Mewtwo initiated both, then got called away by Dr. Mario.

"We have a little problem and Wolfman have a mission."

"This won't be good...I'll bring him in."

With a flick of his hand, Wolfman was teleported to Dr. Mario's office. "There has to be a good reason for me to be here if I was trying to update the website."

"It is...look."

"Oh boy...just what I needed. A visiting session near enemy territory."

"This has to be done...I'm sorry, but the Questers aren't ready yet."

"You are right on that Mewtwo...time to prepare to leave."

Wolfman went into the Holo Training Room for more practice, while Mewtwo packed a suitcase. For some reason, he also sent his Fighter Remote into the case. Without it, no one can be initiated. But Mewtwo didn't notice it.

On the eve of the 24th, Wolfman and Mewtwo gave their temporary good-byes. Prof Oak was named in charge of security; Mario in charge of match setups. The journey went off without a hitch until about two hours later, when Wolfman called in during what seemed like an ambush fight. Panzer got communications set up (Oak still needs to learn the equipment better), and through the static filled message, Panz and Klumsy determined that Mewtwo was kidnapped.