Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 19: Wolfman's Mission



"Can one of you two help me over here?"

Professor Oak was trying to work the communication systems in the Big Room. He was put in charge of that by Mewtwo and Wolfman yesterday, who left for an emergency. Mewtwo somehow managed to get caught, leaving Wolfman to go at it alone. And now, he was trying to contact Oak.

"I'm busy right now," said one Quester that Oak didn't recognize. "And he isn't awake either."

"Fine," Oak said, "I'll do this myself." He was frantically pushing buttons, trying to get something. He eventually pushed three certain buttons to hear Wolfman...static free. However, he couldn't speak to Wolfman.

"These machines...where is Panzer when you need her?"

Later that night, Panzer showed up.

"Panzer, come here for a second please." She did. "Somehow, I managed to hear Wolfman static free through the communication systems. However, I couldn't speak to him."

"It's possible that you hit different buttons than me; I'll show you which ones I hit to activate both ends, but not the static part."

Panzer showed Oak, and to their surprise, both sets were right next to each other.

"If we sync up our button presses at the same time on each step, we might be able to contact Wolfman without a problem!"

After a few tries, they did it. Oak managed to record a macro of the function so as to not have to do that again. Wolfman received the transmission, and was able to call back.

Cooper and Sour Surfer eventually joined in on the conversation. Many things were learned: Wolfman's destination of Dr. Right/Light, Mewtwo's definite capture, possibility of a "Move Stealer" (variation of Move Giver), and more space/time continuum stuff. Before Wolf could give Cooper an assignment, the static returned somehow, causing the line to go dead.

The next night, Wolfman reached his destination and told those at the Stadium--including a new face--that Dr. Light's lab...was deserted.