Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 2: The Twenty-Five



Mario followed the map with a sense of determination. Many of the people he passed by knew something was up, for Mario usually talked to the locals--if not tried to find a ? block inside their houses. One citizen, a reformed Koopa, attempted to follow, but stumbled and fell. Mario didn't notice that, either. Mario could only focus on one thing--being the best.

Mario arrived at the entrance gate, and noted the others that were there. The other eleven combatants from the previous Smash Bros Tournament--Luigi, Link, Donkey Kong, Samus, Captain Falcon, Ness, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox, Pikachu, and Jigglypuff--were all there, waiting for him. Mario obviously learned that this would be a LONG visit...

He went to the main office of the new Stadium, and asked the boss, who was facing away from him in the big chair, for a fight with Bowser for the championship.

The creature turned his chair; the face frightened Mario for a bit. "But-a but-a but-a but-a......." That was all Mario could stutter. The face Mario was looking at was that of a wolf. He didn't notice the rest of the body, he could sense it was heavily armored.

"You must be Mario," the creature said. "The overalls fit the description. As for your question...very well. However, you must go through ALL of the Adventures Tournament before you can face Bowser."

"I'll-a do it, Wolf-a Sir." Mario leaves and heads to the "Stadium" Stadium, which is now called the Arena.

"To quote Mario...'It's-a Wolf-a Man, not-a Wolf-a Sir'," Wolfman said when Mario couldn't hear him.

Mario went through the Adventures Tournament. While he was surprised at seeing Peach, Zelda/Sheik, the Ice Climbers, and a metaled version of both himself and his brother, he managed to defeat them all. When Bowser came, he was quickly defeated...or was he?

Bowser became very enraged, and somehow went through a transformation. He became bigger than he normally would if he ate a Super Mushroom. The fans watching from a safe distance in the stands started gasping. What was this new Bowser?

Lakitu pulled out his microphone and explained to the fans. "Well, ladies and gents, this is something not even I expected. Bowser was beaten so fast, that he is basically mad and will do anything to keep his title. THIS is that anything--ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Giga Bowser!"

Some fans applauded. Some fans booed. All were scared. Even Mario and Lakitu were scared.

The fight was an exciting one--Mario ended up being reduced to his final life when he finally sent Giga Bowser out.

And he became the champion...for one day.

The next day, Ganondorf took the title away from Mario in [surprisingly] a fair match. Link offered to team up with Mario to stop Ganondorf and Bowser in a Melee tag team match, and they won. However, 2 new opponents--a Doctored version of Mario and a Younger version of Link--whipped their butts. Pichu started to fight Jigglypuff. Falco was getting revenge on Fox. Luigi took on Mario. Samus and Falcon were being beaten by foreigners Marth and Roy. Just about everyone had an opponent to go against all at once. It became a true Melee.

Mewtwo, one of the founders of this new Stadium, announced in front of everyone that he would have to keep these guys in check--by fighting them himself! The 23 fighters (25 if you count Nana and Sheik) were all too tired out to fight, but a surprise entry, Mr. Game and Watch, came in and used Judgement to win.

Needless to say, the fans were cheering for the action and the suspence that was going on. They somehow knew that these 25-ish were going to keep them entertained for quite awhile.

And indeed, they did for awhile.