Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 20: Knight of Honor



"Guys, the lab is deserted. I am sorry."

Wolfman was talking to a variety of Questers--and some bystanders--through a communications system from Dr. Light's lab.

"I got here too late...however, I have new information. Light and Megaman have temporarily took shelter somewhere...the location of Breakman, Roll, and others are unknown. The security here was very tough, for I had to struggle with it. Simon probably wouldn't have had such a hard time. Mewtwo is gone, but I think there is a way for me to track him. Oak, I want you and Panzer to make a new type of Move Giver item called a "Move Stealer" to steal moves from those unwilling."

"Yes sir," Oak replied.

Some of the Questers were having regular chats with Wolfman when a guest came into the big room. The guest was...Mewtwo?

"Glad to have found my way back," he said. At that moment, communications were cut off, but not by anything Oak did. Wolfman had his side jammed...

"Who are you?" Wolfman asked.

"Light sent me to stop intruders. You are an intruder. Now be gone, either in one piece or in pieces."

"Sounds like something I would say...let's go!"

Mewtwo didn't seem to remember much from the time of him being taken hostage. However, when initiations and his Fighter Remote were mentioned, he promptly set up a force field that keeps intruders out--highly unusual for him.

Wolfman had at that time beaten his opponent, but now the Stadium side was cut off.

The next day, Cooper, Devo, and Bahamut were on errands when they returned back to the Stadium. However, a force field prevented their access.

Inside, Oak was talking to Bowler, Shane, Digi, and Sky. In the Item Lab. The power was out, but a few Pikachus managed to keep some running down there. "I think something is up with Mewtwo...the force field is now set to PREVENT passing through. I have already sent Simon, Samus, and Pichu out least, I think Pichu. I can't remember."

"You usually can't remember stuff Professor," Digi said. "You need a better tool."

An alarm sounded...the three Melee fighters got taken down, prompting the Questers to head towards the Big Room. They were also supposed to watch over some other fans that stayed late and Oak himself. Sky took that job personally...though Oak didn't like it.

After getting through the goombas easily, they were fighting Alpha Metroids on the stairways. Meanwhile, outside of the Stadium, two cloacked figures came. One through some device on the ground by the force field, causing a jam. The metroids couldn't handle it, Mewtwo didn't know what was going on, and a hole opened in the force field. The band of five went through.

Inside, the shorter cloaked figure revealed Meta Knight! "I will explain later," he said.

The two groups found their way in the Big Room eventually, with Meta's group being teleported by the taller cloaked guy and Oak's group opening the main door. The other cloaked guy revealed his identity...Wolfman!

"So a clone DID escape...Questers, time to stop the phony!"

Some were confused by his orders, but after Meta Knight reasoned with them and the fake Mewtwo tried to attack them with the bodies of unconscious Melee fighters, they woke up. Wolfman finally attacked in public for the first time, and showed a variety of different moves. Meta also used his skills he mastered since he last fought Kirby. Meta himself delivered the finishing blow by sending the head away.

After the awards were given (including to one Question who left just before the finishing blow--Wolfman was nice) by a slightly messed-up version of the Fighter Remote the real Mewtwo had dropped somehow, everything was explained. Light called Meta beforehand to watch over his place. Meta only did what was asked. Meta himself isn't a bad guy...he just have issues with Kirby for some reason. It was Meta that helped the Questers during the Dream Land--Dedede fiasco.

Meta said that he would rest at the Stadium, then he would donate his moves for use by the Questers. However, he would not be an official fighter. Now all that is left for now is to find a way to fix the Fighter Remote for initiation purposes, find Mewtwo, and stop the enemies once and for all.