Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 21: Forgotten Friend



"Six hundred coins please." Jay Resop and Bowler Dude paid the coins to Game and Watch, who gave them all Zora Breathers in return. Devo gave G&W his stash of coins for a Magic Mirror, but got turned down by having too few.

Everyone else was elsewhere when they were called down to the item lab. Apparently, with Panzer's help, the Move Stealer was built. Panzer was doing other errands at the time, so she wasn't here now. However, Meta Knight was.

"Fire when ready," Meta said. Meta had volunteered to donate copies of his moves to the Questers--an act that some questioned. Sure, he fights Kirby many times, but apparently, those two are just rivals for some reason. However, none could question that fact that new sets of moves could help in the future.

For once, an invention that did NOT involve pokemon worked for the Professor. He kept on shouting "It works!" like no tomorrow while showing the technical stats on the left screen of a two-screen computer and the move stats on the right side.

After they all left, though, the data was gone, thanks to a glitch in the Move Stealer...a glitch Oak thought was gone. It got fixed up quickly, and Meta left.

Rumors spread of Aribar, a former Quester who caused problems in the sleeping quarters, wanting to return. Wolfman chose to set up a meeting for everyone available in the Conference Room on July the 2nd.

Aribar explained his side, and the few Questers there--Shane & Digi were the two Wolf remembered--11 of the Melee Fighters went off to discuss the events witnessed. They returned and gave Wolf an envelope. Before he could open it and read the verdict, Mario interuppted the whole procedings.

"We've got-a trouble, Wolfman!"

Wolfman pounded his gavel. "This better be important, for you are in contempt of court.

"I don't-a think you got-a your words right-a this time, but-a I'm-a serious!"

The Questers already left to go to the Big Room. The jury of 11 other Melee Fighters went off. Wolf had no choice but to pound the gavel and say "Meeting ajourned."

An anonymous letter came from Sky Land...a warning about a Dark World. The Questers--Bahamut, Bowler, Devo, Digi, Shane, & T--went off. Wolf pulled out a device for Aribar that let him have his stuff back...Wolfman sensed that Aribar would be needed. Also, Wolf joined them.

The group appeared on the ground, with three Giant Green Koopa Troopas in front of them. They were quickly sent away, and 8 P-Wings were earned. Devo's Doubler clone couldn't get one, so it rode on Wolf's back.

After dodging a Bullet Bill barrage, the group ran into Maple, a witch from the islands of Holodrum and Labrynna. She was the one who sent the letter, and also mentioned about a missing Lon Lon Egg. It was agreed that they would journey together to the Dark World of Sky Land...Digi ended up not following us for some reason.

Once there, the P-wings were lost and forms changed again. This time, this book won't go into them, but let's just say that some were not too happy with their change. Some chose to abandon the mission after entering the Dark World, probably too scared of their new forms. They made it back to safe ground with Digi. Maple somehow avoided changing forms, even though she didn't seem to have a Moon Pearl.

After leaping a few pits, the group rested for the night. However, the next day, only Aribar, Maple, and Wolf were there...and a bunch of other Questers took their place! Digi, Devo, Demon, and Sky High replaced Bahamut, T, Shane, & Bowler. After everyone got used to their forms and chose to forget about how the teleportation happened, they moved on.

A few Octo-wings were in the way; they were beaten. More pits followed; they were jumped over with little effort. Finally, Maple saw her egg, and touched it...only to vanish. Sky got sent in the egg as well...Dracula & Bowser were there, but not Ganondorf; he was somewhere else.

While the shape-shifted Questers fought the enemies, Maple and Sky managed to overpower Sky's Moon Pearl to get out of the egg and send the enemies away. A warp tile appeared that brought them back.

After awards were given, Wolf FINALLY got to the verdict passed by the jury earlier. Five said for Aribar to be a Quester again, 5 said no, and 1--er, 2 couldn't agree (the Ice Climbers). The remaining Questers voiced their opinion, and it was agreed that Aribar was back. However, since Wolfman didn't have his gavel, Aribar teamed with another Quester to be the gavels...on Sky's head!