Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 22: Freaky Fixins



Kevin (BigKev) returned after some time, and it was revealed that he didn't get a fair compensation of his stolen Max Up unlike Devo. So, Wolfman managed to fill up his item slots...thanks to one of the items, Kevin also gained another move in the process.

However, the Fighter Remote could only give moves...not new Questers powers. After a botched mission by Mewtwo and Wolfman, the remote got damaged somehow. Oak has been trying to fix it, but never can get it right. Then again, it's not his fault his specialty is Pokemon.

Then Link entered the room, and told Oak something that made him happy and angry at the same time. He only replied with this: "Do it."

Aribar, Bowler, Demon, Devo, Jay, Kevin, Panzer, Sky, and Sword Blade met with the Ice Climbers and others in the Big Room. They had to rescue a guy named Mr. Patch in one of the mountains in the Ice Climber's real territory. They understood and went to the Warp Room, Ice Climbers following.

After walking and scaling a cliffface, Sky and Jay separated from the group for no good reason. They got surrounded by 8 Tokis; Sky ended up reflecting the ice blocks back at them for a multi-kill. The others caught up after that and went on.

Eventually, they reached a humongous valley with a pool of water right by it on the side. It was magical least at the surface. After Jay jumped in, everyone got splashed, and all wounds got healed. It was after the water splashing that three Questers ended up retreating back, for they didn't like the cold. Jay went in the depths and activated a switch that made a bridge across the ravine. However, he had to destroy a polar bear--not the endangered species polar bear, but one with glasses and pink shorts.

On the other side was Patch, who was properly untied. He explained how he got up there, and told them of a warp right by there. Everyone went into it, and entered Labrynna's past. They entered his cave, and went down to the basement. Patch explained to the Questers that his fun--er, delicate trap--er, ceremony could get the Fighter Remote working. Some of the Questers recognized him too late; others learned of his...trickiness.

The Questers managed to divide the work properly, and send the turtles into the holes during the Crazy Cart Ceremony. The remote got fixed--how was unknown--and everyone went back to the Stadium. However, Panzer chose to hurt him a bit before returning for that little challenge.

Lynk came in and wanted in. After using the Fighter Remote for initiations, the tests proved it worked.

It still worked the next day, July 10th. Three more new Questers--Ely, Spikey, and Ark--joined in in time to help stop a minor security problem outside the gates. Aribar joined them and saw two Bonkers, and a Knuckle Joe behind them. Wolfman was also there, and used the Move Stealer on the Joe.

Unfortunately, the three new guys got a little fright during the battle, requiring the reserves--Lynk, Panzer, and Sky--to help Aribar and Wolfman defeat them. It was a Final Cutter wave from Panzer that send them all away.