Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 23: More Car Craziness



During Wolfman's vacation, Captain Falcon was practicing his F-Zero racing skills with three of his buddies: Dr. Steward, Pico, and Samuria Goroth. They managed to pull off respectible times before pulling in for a break.

For some reason, Falcon chose to head to his own "pit stop". When he returned, he found that his buddies were gone. He also found a letter...saying that they were kidnapped!

Somewhere out of view, Bowser was chuckling. "That REAL Zero fell for it! For once I didn't have to capture anyone to cause to get those Questers involved."

Wolfman returned to Melee Stadium late on the 21st. He was able to get a full rest...which he needed. Once he woke up, many Questers were surrounding him, each having their own requests.

Bowler managed to get through to Wolfman, saying something about Devo wanting to leave. Devo eventually appeared, and it apparently was true. He gave a speech saying that he appreciated helping, but couldn't stay for some reason.

"One thing I wish to do, though," Devo said. "I wish to donate all of my moves and items to various Questers...including some that aren't here."

"I'll here your requests, but I can't guarentee that it's possible--or if I will allow it. What is your charity list?"

Devo gave off his list, saying that Aribar would get the Charge Shot, Jay the whip, Digifanatic the Doctor Tornado and Luigi's Cyclone, Panzer the Fire Fox and Hypnosis, Sky High the Toad Counter (which Devo considered useless), and Bowler getting not only Agility, but also Devo's item, the Doubler.

While Wolfman did decide to see about the gift giving later, Falcon rushed in at that time. He showed Wolfman the notice from Bowser that his friends were kidnapped. Wolfman pushed some buttons on the Big Room computer that also revealed a similar message.

Since there is supposed to be an F-Zero race, six Questers would take the Convert-a-Cars to the race, while the others would go on foot to investigate the control tower of the race.

The drivers were Positron, Panzer, and Sky High. The navigators, respective to their drivers, were Pat, Spikey, and Kev. The ones on foot were Aribar, Bowler, and recently-initiated Green.

The destination was the Rainbow Road racetrack. Falcon, Posi/Pat, Panz/Spikey, and Sky/Kev were starting from the back of the 30-racer pack. Bowler was enjoying the race, when he tried to get some popcorn. The vender chose to attack him, which prompted him to say: "All I wanted was some popcorn..."

The racers chose not to attempt the shortcut across a quarter of the field, except for Panzer. She ended up hitting the wall, thus preventing the jump. Then the racers had to avoid some Chomps left over from the Mario tourney. However, this was an F-Zero race, so F-Zero rules would apply.

The crowd started throwing stuff at the foot Questers, who chose to fight it out for a bit. It proved futile, so Green managed to spot the tower and bring the others inside.

At the end of the first lap, Panzer got blasted by a foreign projectile. She was being sent on the shortcut path, and had two booster shots available to try to make it to avoid losing a life. She only had two because the boosters cut into the car health, and more than two would bring the health down to less than half. She made it safely across the void. Captain Falcon, though, got sent down into the pit.

Wolfman managed to contact them through the transmission system. He said that Falcon was alright...just out of the race.

The three foot Questers eventually became one foot as Aribar had to face two "Mr. Hugs" as he called them alone; Green had first missions fright while Bowler got scared of the Huggies.

With Pat and Kev sleeping on the job (literally), Positron and Sky had to handle both driving and occasional navigational tools. They did so without much problem. The end race result was Panzer's car taking first, Positron taking second, and Sky taking third.

All of the remaining active Questers somehow heard Bowser screaming, saying that that wasn't supposed to happen. His screaming scared the Huggies, allowing Aribar and the others (who got out of the cars) to follow.

They reached a door they could not open, but could overhear a converstaion between Bowser...and Kevin the Game Master! Kevin managed to break free of some bonds and paused the whole place, including the Questers. He then left through some warp that closed behind him.

Bowser complained, then heard voices through the door. He opened it, and got tackled. He told the Questers that Kevin was gone, and that he'd take them out another time.

Back at base, moves and heart containers were given, with an extra 100 coins going to Panzer and Spikey for winning the race. Immediately after that, Falcon's buddies arrived, saying that he got duped and that they were fine.

While Wolfman finally got to relax, Oak had to deal with many traders the next day. He needed a Raichu for a 10-move trade and shocked everyone.