Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 24: A Handy Fight



Wolfman initiated three new Questers (Sally, Roybert, and Markus) on the 22nd, and Markus was convinced to trade a move with Positron. Mark managed to not complain about the shocks, so Oak rewarded him with the Peach Hover.

The next day, Locos Docos also joined the team. With many Questers coming in, the main enemies--Bowser, Dracula, and Ganondorf--had good reason to be a little nervous.

However, this chapter doesn't involve involves the two hands.

Master Hand, a magical floating glove that appeared from who-knows-where, felt that some of these Questers weren't strong enough to defeat the enemies.

"Crazy, what do you think? Should they be tested?"

Crazy Hand is related to Master Hand; that relation is unknown, though. While he has similar powers to Master, Crazy is arguably the more dangerous of the two. His "Seizures" as they have been popularly called at Melee Stadium caused him to be banned from the original Smash Bros location. How he received permission to fight at Melee Stadium is beyond even this author.

"You are right...while their numbers grow, their individual strength weans."

"It's settled then...which one do we fight?"

"You mean ones, Master. I'm a little rusty myself, and I think fighting two Questers shouldn't be that hard.

"Perhaps you are right..."

Wolfman entered the hands' location at that time, wondering if they needed someone to challenge. "Two Questers?" Wolfman asked. "I thought you guys would only fight one...well, one besides the Ice Climbers."

"We'll make an acception for your group Wolf," Crazy commented.

"For that matter, you can power them up a bit...through specialized training. Basically make them only choose one fighter's set of moves and they will deal double damage."

"I can arrange a match date...good luck." Wolfman left.

That date was on the 24th. Plenty of Questers have formed teams to see which one would beat them and win the prize Wolfman has offered--two items that Game and Watch usually sells. Since he managed to sell a few items and earned reservations for more later, he felt he could spare one or two.

The first team to go was that of Digi and Sky. Ely was replaced by Digi due to dinner (Yoshi apparently reserved him first). Digi took advantage of the specialized training rule and brought his Pikachu set with helped him greatly. Various other Questers either watched the match from the Arena, watched from the Big Room screen, or chased after Zelda/Shiek in the library (and get disappointed).

Sky fell quickly after an Applaud attack, but Digi kept on going. He used & abused his Thunder Bolt to the point that the crowd booed him, but during his miraculous dodgings (without even using his Quick Attack as a booster), he got the crowd cheering for him. His extra critical hits also did wonders. In the end, Digi won the two items and four extra awards, while Sky lost another life and some coins for cursing.

After the match, G&W sold more items, Digi celebrated his victory, and a new Quester named Arcalis joined.

On the 26th, the hands were starting to think that the Questers' individual strength was returning to them...until ANOTHER one got in--this time it was a guy named Metal. "I guess this will take awhile..."