Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 25: Mine Cart Madness



"If you need a break, that's fine. Go ahead and take one," Wolfman said to a Quester.

"I'll be around Moleville; the moles have offered a place for me there," he replied.

"Just be careful; while not everyone has multiple lives, you could easily lose one out there."

"I know Wolfman; thank you."

He left for his vacation, unaware that he won't be fully out of the job.

"There is a problem Questers; listen up," Wolfman told seven Questers on the 27th. This time, they were Digi, Nodal, Sally, Locos, Ely, Panzer, and Pat. "Are you guys aware of the Moleville Mines?"

Some responded yes; others denied knowing of it. "In any case, some enemies are located in the nearby area. I want you guys to go into the mines and take out the opposition."

Everyone eagerly went to the warp room...everyone except Sally. "I'm going to die! I don't want to go!"

The Questers managed to convince her that it's rare that their lives are at risk. Only one Quester--Sky High--has been unlucky so far, but he's still kicking. Sally joined the group after the pep talk.

The unknown Quester was outside at the southern end of Moleville when he thought he saw some figures...beam into the Mines. "Great...trouble." He started running towards the mines...only to find the entrance avalanched. "I guess I am getting a vacation...I hope those guys are alright."

Two Power Goombas, two Hyper Goombas, and three back-at-base Questers later, Panzer, Sally, Pat, and Nodal faced off against Croco. Nodal tried to gain some information about his supposed "sudden change of heart". Croco simply said that around "FIFTY YEARS AGO" (more like two), he found more entertainment in stealing and making others miserable. He showed that by taking Pat's Michael Jackson CD collection and eating the whole thing. Now, how Pat brought his collection with him during a mission is beyond this author, but it is this author's opinion that he got what he deserved.

Croco's weakness for fire stopped him temporarily, and he almost lost all of his health by a well-timed boomerang throw from Nodal. However, he endured and ate his patented Wierd Mushroom.

Reguardless, he still got warn down, and in desperation, he tried to pull a Punchinello and call upon his "giganto bomb". History repeated itself, and Croco got smushed under the bomb. While the four Questers did get some coins off of him, no "Star" was waiting. The bomb exploded, and Nodal and Pat retreated to get their bonus. Sally and Panzer opted for the mine cart path out.

"The mine cart is about to be heading this might want to be careful where you stand," one of the moles said to the Quester.

"I'll be fine," he replied. "It won't hit me."

"If you say so..."

Sally and Panzer learned that a new track was made, and that they each had to pay ten coins for the path. They paid up and heard of a special challenge. If they could pick up and keep at least 25 coins out of 50 located throughout the four sections, they would each win an item. They came out with 30.

Their cart was soaring through the air and was apporaching the house where the other Quester was vacationing. He chose to look up...and saw the mine cart coming down on him! Needless to say, he got crushed and lost one life. Panzer and Sally looked down...the Quester was Aribar!

"Can't I enjoy my vacation...?" Aribar asked. "I didn't ask to be a part of the ending..."

The mole ignored Aribar and focused on the coins gathered. "You have gained enough. These ? blocks are yours to hit."

Sally earned the Peach Hover. Panzer received a Wall Jumper. Since that was her fourth item on the field, she had to give an item up. She chose to offer her Smash Dex to Sally; she accepted.

"You three can head back to your base by jumping in the bucket."

They knew of the bucket in the southwest part of town. After thanking the mole, they went back to Melee Stadium for those awards.

The next day, Sour complained of wanting a vacation after going through two "shocking" trades with two Questers and one Pikachu. One such trade gave Sky the whole Falcon Set. However, he soon won't get a chance to use it much.