Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 26: The Sky is Falling



"Welcome to the Super Smash Quest," Wolfman told the newest member.

"Thank you sir," Nightwing, the latest one, said. "However, I have some other things to take care of right now; I'm sure we'll meet again." Nightwing left for his own business.

Meanwhile, Sky High chose to initiate another trade...this time with a recent member, Metal. The trade was approved; Stone Drop (Sky's) for Judgement. Oak set everything up. Pikachu got in the center. Pikachu did his thunder shock, which activated the Move Swapper helmets. Metal was acting like most people, having trouble with the shocks. Sky, though, was acting unusually cool...and with an attitude.

Oak heard that as well...and after he checked out the computer screen, he knew something was up. Sky then admitted to taking an aspirin right before the trade. Oak realized what happened, and sent the two--and all other available Questers--to the Big Room.

"You are not going to like this..." Wolfman was telling Sky. "That aspirin has effectively created a sort of shield around the spot of your brain where skills are learned. Judgement is right now floating around the area, waiting to get in."

"So what can be done?" he asked.

"What you can do is conserve your strength...your power and focus has decreased (-4 on all attacks)."


"Yes...and that's not the worst of it. You have to go to Dr. Saturn in Saturn Valley; he can cure you for free. However, if you lose your final life, Judgement will be lost and so will your fighting chances."

"I'll get this fixed..."

Wolfman turned to the other Questers--Digi, Locos, Green, Metal, Bowler, Sally, Roybert, Ely, and Nodal. "You guys are in charge of getting Sky to Dr. Saturn at all costs. Now go for it!"

As they went into the Warp Room, Panzer entered and heard of the mission. She immediately left, saying something about "someone that can help".

The group emerged near Grapefruit Falls. At that point, Wolfman somehow contacted the group through the Smash Dex. After giving them a quick tour of the area and water (those with the Zora Breather were told not to enter it since the water was "stinky"). Immediately after the quick talk, a Farm Zombie came from the earth...and gave Sky a cold. Now the time limit has been reduced.

Panzer had left for a remote part of Dark Land, where she knows that some enemies are still around. However, she didn't run into any. However, she did run into a certain Koopa...

"Pleasure to see you again," he told Panzer.

"Not now; where is Cooper?"

"Somewhere else...can I help instead?"

"You'll have to do...if I know what the Questers are about to go through, they are in trouble!"

The Farm Zombie got defeated, but Ely wasn't there. He managed to gain a few coins, but left after getting scared of the zombie. Everyone managed to find the tunnel that lead to Saturn Valley. They still had to hurry, though, for Sky's cold wasn't helping much. Metal hoped that he could turn that cold ability against the next creature; he stole it via Inhale.

They heard the familiar saturn language at the other end of the tunnel and ran towards the city. However, to the surprise of their eyes...and noses (even Bowler), was Mini Barf.

After the Smash Dex revealed that he had over 600 HP, everyone got serious. However, after gaining a cold, Barf caused everyone to cry, causing more focusing problems (-2 to everyone; -6 to Sky).

"Wolfman, open the warp room immediately!"

"It's not--woah...surprised to see you here Klumsy."

"I'll explain later; just open the room so that Panzer and I can help."

"Let me try this..." Wolfman presses a few buttons, and manages to gain a lock. "Hurry in there!"

Panzer and Klumsy appeared in the fight, so Barf repeated the Stinky Breath attack. Panzer and Klumsy were now affected, but the extra fighters helped out. Barf got defeated, Dr. Saturn cured Sky, and everyone got rewards.

However, Sky apparently had issues with Klumsy. He kept on causing trouble right after the mission; Wolfman told him to stop. He wouldn't after many times, and so all of his coins were to be taken away.

Klumsy chose to purchase a transformer after the mission, and scared quite a few people by changing into Zio, a supposed dark wizard from another realm. However, nothing would change his mind.

Oak then came in. He gave some news that the Move Swappers still need some time to fix, but he managed to make another item in the back log...the Magic Backpack. It's basically a "Melee Item Carrier".