Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 28: Aww Poo[p]!



Sky was trying to stay comfortable in the Sick Bay, the temporary name of the hospital Melee Stadium has. Peach tied him down on the bed and turned on the TV. A new program called "Mushroom Madness" had said that Bowser had kidnapped a boy with a red hat and a baseball bat.

Immediately, Peach called for the Questers. They quickly formed in, and Wolfman sent them to Dalaam. Immediately upon arrival, they marveled at some rabbit statues that even Aribar couldn't budge with the Double Edge Dance. While they were trying to figure out how to get in, a man "tornadoed" himself to the Questers. "Any of you who can jump off walls, please come with me."

The Wall Jumpers went with him to Poo's palace. "Poo is still a prince," the man said, "but he's almost ready for kingship. He had to leave here, though, because he sensed that his friend, Ness, was in trouble." Ness was the one that was captured. "However, if Poo is going to where I think he is, he forgot something that one of you will be getting..."

They all enter a dungeon type atmosphere with a tall, narrow tunnel going upwards. At the top was something slightly shiny...the old man knew what it was. "It is the Hawk Eye."

Kola, a new Quester, ended up getting it and keeping it. All of the Questers then used the tornado guy's powers to Teleport Beta themselves to the Deep Darkness, a swamp. They quickly ran into Bowser...and Master Barf.

Bowler was able to swallow Barf up and use his nausea power against made Sky sick back at base, who was watching via "Stadium Private Channel" (don't ask). However, Barf was still very strong (he started with around 1300 HP, according to Wolf). Ness somehow managed to join the battle and sent Bowser away, then Poo joined in and used his Psi Starstorm Alpha with Ness's Psi Rockin Gamma to stop Barf.

Poo joined the Questers back to the Stadium, where Wolf gave some stuff, but not all (for Barf was defeated by Poo). Some trades and purchases were later done, and Poo managed to get in after everyone left. Kola also had his Hawk Eye "borrowed" by Oak.

However, Poo still had doubts of the Questers' abilities...and rightfully so. They were overwhelmed on that last fight. So immediately after an initiation, he waited in the Final Destination arena for someone. That someone was Klumsy, who beat Demon in a little guessing game.

While Poo didn't have a Transformer, he had a technique just as crazy--the Mirror ability. The first few moments had Klumsy fighting...himself, until Poo chose to drop the morph--an ability the Move Giver allowed him to have. Klumsy then transformed into Zio, and the match was back and forth with Falcon Kicks and Starstorms. What neither combatant didn't know, however, was that that match was set on Stock TIME!

Lakitu stopped the match at the proper time and told Zio of his options. Since he was challenged by a new fighter and he accepted it, one of his lives were on the line. He could call it a draw now, keep the current stipulation for sudden death, or DOUBLE the risk/rewards on sudden death. Knowing that losing the Double sudden death would send him to the sick bay where Sky is residing, but curious as to see the reward, he chose the regular sudden death option. Both fighters got sent away by the sudden death bombs, but Poo, being lighter, got knocked out first.

Zio had won a very difficult match, and Poo recognized this one's strength. He even somehow formed a mental link and taught him Psi Starstorm.