Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 29: Double Oh Stealth



Wolfman took a little trip over to a remote part of the universe...a part that has become a giant landfill. Ness accompanied him. "This place stinks...why are there landfills?" Ness asked Wolfman.

"People don't care for their belongings, so they call it trash and just... toss it out."

"You mean similar to the garbage cans?"

"Somewhat...only this place has no lid."

Ness and Wolfman were hoping to find some raw materials for some newfangled invention that Prof Oak wants to make. Unfortunately, none of them know of what it is. However, they did find something...or rather, Ness found something.

"Wolf, look at this...does this look familiar?"

Wolf takes a look at it. "Hmm...not to me; all I see is a message about an Ode."

"I know who it belongs to...but I can't get there."

"Why not?"

"I tried to visit Paula a few days ago, but I couldn't seem to teleport myself there. While she later contacted me via telepathy saying she was alright and not in any harm, there is something going on."

Back at base, Kazerb joined the Questers just in time for a mission. This one, though, was one of stealth, or so Wolfman claimed. He handed Demon the device found in the junk pile and asks him and four others to deliver it via world hopping.

The five started out in Ice Land and explored it a bit. They found a wall with an eyehole that goes through. On the other side was a warp pipe. Ely and Kazerb used their fire moves to melt the ice wall, and they entered the pipe.

They emerged at Lavender Town, where the Name Guy spooked them a little bit, but offered help and a path. They went south to the docks, where it was guarded for some reason. They were forced to swim WITHOUT ZORA BREATHERS to another warp pipe that leads to Twoson, the destination for that trip. Only Metal lost a life due to drowning.

They reached Burglin Park at the other end. An Unassuming Local Guy disguised as a worker for Mach Pizza gave them the Mach Pizza phone number and then chose to attack the Questers! Even the Name Guy tried to help out by calling him names...which didn't work. The ULG was defeated.

They journeyed south of town and saw two houses. One belonged to a guy named Apple Kid; the other to Orange Kid. They had heard of Ness's encounters with both, so they went into Apple Kid's house. However, Orange Kid was there! He took the device Demon had and became very was HIS Suporma machine! Now that he had it, he was determined to actually get it working right...hopefully.

At that point, the Questers ran into a portal created by Wolfman (who managed to work around the teleportation difficulty) and they were brought back to base. A purchase or two later, many Questers poured into Oak's room and engaged in a big move trade.